Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Review
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Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Review

By Betty Cherotich, Updated:

Ozwin’s Jackpots is a brand-new 5-reel, 20 pay-line from Swedish mavericks Yggdrasil. This magical, medieval universe boasts a free spins game and a separate bonus round as well as 5 thrilling jackpots, which can be attained by collecting orbs. With its crisp graphics, adventurous gameplay, and breath-taking ambition, Ozwin’s Jackpot has set the bar very high right at the beginning of the year. Right now, we’re comfortable in declaring it the Best slot of 2018. That, of course, is easy to say in January when this review was written. But mark our words, it will be tough to dethrone.

Jackpot Win
12,000 Coins (not including Jackpot)
Scatter Symbol
Wild Symbol
Quick Spin
Bet Value
Max Bet

What Features Does Ozwin’s Jackpots Have?

On Ozwin’s Jackpot, there are 8 regular symbols. These include Ozwin the owl himself, the handsome prince, a sundial, a phial, and four bejewelled symbols to cap it off. If three or more symbols align, then you’ll be in the winning.

When betting, there is 1 coin per payline. Players can toggle the coin value worth which informs the overall value of the bet. It may depend on the operator, however, players can usually bet between $0.20-$40 per spin.

The most important symbols that you’ll come across while playing Ozwin’s Jackpots are the Free spin scatters symbols and the Spellbook bonus symbol.

Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Free Spins

In the regular game, if 3 or more free spin scatters appear anywhere on the reels (not necessarily in order), then players will receive 10 jackpot free spins. However, it could be even better! If you have 4 free spin scatters, then you’ll receive an extra 1,000 coins, and if you have 5 scatters, then you’ll get an extra 10,000 coins.

You can also win free spins by collecting crystals. If you collect 5 crystals of the same color, then you’ll receive an orb, which in turn will provide you with free spins. During the free spins, you’ll therefore only need four more orbs to receive a jackpot!

During the free spins, the same bet size applies as it was in the regular game. However, winnings during free spins are multiplied by 3!

Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Jackpots

There are 5 jackpots that players have the possibility of winning, during the jackpot free spins rounds. There is the Novice, the Apprentice, the Mystic, the Wizard, and the Archmage. These are in order of the least valuable to the most valuable. They are attained by gaining 5 orbs of the same color, which unlocks the corresponding jackpot.

The jackpots are progressive; 3.4% of every bet goes towards building them. This is how the percentages break down:

1st Jackpot – 0.5%

2nd Jackpot – 0.5%

3rd Jackpot – 0.5%

4th Jackpot – 0.5%

5th Jackpot – 1.4%

There is no ceiling to the jackpots in Ozwin's Jackpots, they keep rising until a win is triggered. At that point, they will reset to their minimum value. These are as follows:

1st Jackpot – $40

2nd Jackpot – $200

3rd Jackpot- $600

4th Jackpot – $1000

5th Jackpot – $2500

Bonus Games

The Spellbook bonus game is triggered by gaining 3 or more spellbook bonus symbols. Likewise, with the free spins scatter, 4 and 5 symbols will trigger coin wins of 1,000 & 10,000 respectively.

All players have to do in this bonus round, is select spellbooks which will contain prizes – coins or crystals until a player find the hidden evil spell which ends the bonus game.

The prizes hidden behind the books are the following:

20 coins

40 coins

100 coins

200 coins

1000 coins

yellow crystal

green crystal

blue crystal

purple crystal

red crystal

Ozwin’s Jackpots Free Play

Players can find Ozwin’s Jackpots as a demo version at many online casinos. This free play mode allows players the opportunity to “try before they buy.” Even though the game functions in the same way as Real play, free play gamers cannot win prizes and are thus not eligible to win one of the five jackpots.

The RTP (Return to Player) of Ozwin’s Jackpot is 96.7%.

Our Ozwin’s Jackpots Review Summary

A scatter triggered free spins round? Check. A bonus symbol triggered bonus game? Check. Five possible progressive jackpots to be won? Check. An awesome Owl called Ozwin leading the proceedings? Check.

There’s really not much more to say. Click the “Play Now” button below to start your Ozwin’s Jackpot adventure today!



Ozwin's Jackpot FAQs

What is the Ozwin’s Jackpot game?

Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot is a video slot game that is played on 5-reel and 20 pay-lines. The game has a free spins bonus feature that awards up to 10 jackpot free spins.

What is the RTP of Ozwin’s Jackpot?

Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot is a video slot game that has an RTP of 96.7%

What is the Ozwin’s Jackpot max win?

Playing Ozwin’s Jackpots Pays can win you up to 12,000x your stake.

Can I play Ozwin’s Jackpot for free?

Yes, Ozwin’s Jackpots slot can be played for free on many of the best casino websites in our list

Where can I play Ozwin’s Jackpot for real money?

Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot can be played for real money at any of our recommended Yggdrasil casinos.

How do you play Ozwin's Jackpot?

Ozwin’s Jackpots is played by placing your bet using the +/- icons. Get the reels in motion by clicking on the Spin button or use the Autoplay button.

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