How do Progressive Slots Work?

The best casino game developers serve their progressive slots to a massive network of online casinos. These include partner operators as well as third party, white-label platforms located throughout the world. The jackpot prizes are accrued from a small percentage of every single bet placed, from every single game on this global network.

This is siphoned off into one large pot and gradually increases over time. This is why the jackpots paid out by progressive online slot games are often life-changing. All that’s required is a single spin of any amount to randomly trigger this jackpot – previous winners of progressive jackpot slots have wagered as little as $2. However, the chances of winning the big one are slightly improved with larger bets.

The popularity of these types of online slot games has not been lost on the major developers. There are now numerous progressive slot variants that also contribute to the prize pool, such as the IGT slots game series for a prime example.

Progressive Slots Timing

Because the progressive jackpot trigger is random, the size of the pot varies significantly and depends on the time that’s elapsed since the last jackpot win. This lottery-style format makes for a compelling and exciting game experience that can help build interest and intrigue. Indeed, the potential blockbuster jackpot serves as the proverbial carrot on the stick

Top Five Progressive Slot Games

Today, the real money casino industry in Canada is flooded with all manner of progressive online slots. Some are worthy of your attention, others most certainly are not. With this in mind, we’ve shortlisted the five most highly-rated progressive jackpot games that captivate players the world over. Here they are:

  • Mega Moolah – Microgaming
  • Mega Fortune – Netent
  • Divine Fortune – Netent
  • Mega Jackpots – IGT
  • Hall of Gods Mega – Netent

Most Lucrative Online Progressive Slots

Netent and Microgaming’s slots feature the most widely-played progressive online slots. In addition, their games are considered the most generous in the industry, paying out the largest prizes of all time. Mega Moolah by Microgaming held the record for a long time. However, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune has since broken the record with a payout of over €17 million. At one time, NetEnt also held the Guinness World Record for the largest mobile payout at €8.6 million. Anyway, here’s a quick run-down of the biggest ever progressive jackpot winners.

John Heywood – Mega Moolah –£13,212,882

In 2015, the Mega Moolah slot paid out a whopping £13 million jackpot to soldier, John Heywood. His win was all the more remarkable because he played in 25p increments As well as this, Mr John Heywood wasn’t the most experienced gambler and only played the game on impulse after seeing it advertised online. Until fairly recently, his £13 million mega jackpot was the largest ever won on a progressive slot game.

Marcus Goodwin – Mega Moolah – $11,633,898

Marcus Goodwin (yes that really is his surname) was another lucky so-and-so who walked away with a big bonanza – in this case more than $11 million. Once again, his fortune was generated by Mega Moolah which Mr G played at Yako Casino. When told of his winnings, he informed those willing to listen that he intended to buy a mansion and travel first class to Africa.

RawiriPou – Mega Moolah – $10,143,123

RawiriPou’s life was never the same again following a rather extravagant session playing Mega Moolah. In contrast to 25p player John Heywood, Pou thought it prudent to stake more than $200 on Microgaming’s classic progressive slot. He then won $1500 which he also staked, this time on the jackpot round. The rest as they say is history. However, history was briefly interrupted by New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs who launched an investigation following pressure from an anti-gambling lobby group. Despite the pathetic intervention, we understand that Mr Pou got to keep his winnings.

Alexander – Mega Fortune – €8,577,104

The man with the single-barrel name from Sweden won his millions on Mega Fortune. Yes that’s right, Mega Fortune, not Mega Moolah. Alexander was actually a pretty stubborn, dare we say it relentless, player of Netent’s famous progressive game. After spending untold sums on this popular slot, he finally hit a jackpot approaching 9 million Euros, which will no doubt keep him in flat-pack furniture for the rest of his life.

Georgios M – Mega Moolah – €6.3 million

Greece can also boast a big jackpot winner called Georgios M. With a name more akin to some synth-pop solo act of the late 1980s (presumably accidental), Mr M managed to trigger a tidy sum of €6.3 million. Following an up-and-down year in which he won a few Euros here and lost a few there, he finally received his big pay-out. Once again, Mega Moolah was the culprit. Today Georgios M lives in an exclusive suburb of Los Angeles. By a strange quirk of fate, his neighbour is Kenny G (neither of the last two comments are true).

How do I Play Progressive Slots?

Well, you just deposit money into a progressive slot game, cross your fingers and away you go. No, the point of this last paragraph is to remind everybody that the chances of winning a major jackpot on a progressive online slot game are minuscule to say the least. While we appreciate that most of you are well aware of this, there remain a small percentage of adult gamers who probably need some reminding and/or a box of crayons to play with instead.

Joking aside, progressive jackpots can be extremely addictive for many. So instead of spending your bankroll like a drunken sailor, a degree of restraint and common sense is strongly advised to make the best our of these slot games in a progressive way.

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