Best Casinos in Quebec (December)

Is online gambling legal in Quebec?

Like all other gambling activities in the province, online gambling is legal in Quebec if it falls under the regulatory oversight of Loto-Québec. Espacejeux is currently the only official online gambling portal operated by Loto-Quebec, that has a license in the province. Of course, this does not stop players from simply playing on online casinos that are licensed in offshore jurisdictions. And from here, your options for Quebec online casinos broaden massively.

Loto-Quebec is a crown corporation that is mandated by the provincial government of Quebec to manage and provide responsible gambling products and services to its residents in a safe and secure manner, lessening the incidence of gambling-related criminal activities while doing so. Like other provinces across the country, the gambling industry in Quebec operates on a charitable business model, in which all profits collected from all gaming activities in the province are used to fund philanthropic programs and government projects.


Best Online Casinos Quebec

When you look at the big picture, there are a few things casino operators need to have in order to compete with the best Quebec casinos in the business. For one, they are expected to have excellent customer service staff and systems to address and resolve gambler issues quickly and satisfactorily. This is in addition to a well-designed website interface that is easy to navigate, that works well for both computer and mobile casino playing. And of course, we can’t go without including the actual games that the gamblers will be spending most of their time in.

In our quest to find the best online casinos in Quebec, we at Inside Casino assess all of these qualities and more in all of our online casino reviews. And thanks to our dedicated team of expert reviewers, we have compiled a handy list of excellent online casino sites that you can join in and play right now.


What online casinos can I play in Quebec?

When it comes to online casinos in Quebec, you generally have two options: going local or going offshore.

The Montreal online casino Espacejeux is really your only option if you only want to play at a local casino site. As the official online casino of the provincial government of Quebec, Espacejeux does have a feature set that has been able to hold its own against the extremely fierce competition of the offshore online casino market.

And it is when we look offshore that we get to find the better online casino options for players in Quebec. One of the reasons for this is that the gambling markets in certain countries have had looser regulations for a longer time. The maturity of these markets means there is a lot more innovation and competition in the space, resulting in a lot of desirable qualities and perks for gamblers.


What payment methods can I use?

Payment options for online gambling in Quebec are generally fairly broad, which means that players shouldn’t have too much trouble getting their money into and out of their online casino accounts.

Of all of the payment processors accessible to you in the province, you’ll find plenty of casino sites with Gigadat using Interac, which continues to be the most reliable option. There are other E-wallets like Neteller and Skrill that are excellent options if you need to have an additional layer of separation between your personal bank and your online casino account. Quebec online casinos may also accept paysafecard and other prepaid cards as an alternative mode of payment.

Arguably the most interesting of these is, of course, crypto online casinos, which boast safety and security features quite unlike any traditional payment method while also being generally faster than the rest of the competition.


Quebec Online Casino FAQs

What is the legal gambling age in Quebec?

The legal gambling age in Quebec is 18 years old, by which point gamblers can participate in land-based and online casinos and lotteries, as well as place bets on horse races and other sporting events.

Are online casinos in Quebec legal?

Yes, online casinos in Quebec are legal so long as they are licensed by Loto-Quebec, the crown corporation that oversees the gambling industry in the province. At the time of publishing this guide, however, Espacejeux is the only online casino that has this distinction, which also happens to be directly owned and operated by Loto-Quebec itself.

Can I gamble online in Quebec?

Yes, you can gamble online in Quebec at any online gambling outlet that provides its services to players in the province. These gambling outlets don’t necessarily need to be operating within Quebec to be accessible. There are many excellent online casino sites that are based outside the country, most often in countries with gambling regulations like Malta.

What is the best online casino in Quebec?

Arguably the best online casino in Quebec is Espacejeux, but only because they are technically the only online casino that operates inside the province. Of course, this quickly changes when we start to consider online casinos based offshore, so do check out our Quebec online casino reviews to help you narrow down the site that offers the gambling experience that you are looking for.

Can you win real money on Quebec online casinos?

Yes, you can win real money on Quebec online casinos the same way you would at any other online or land-based casino. The only differing factor is that, at least in Quebec, a part of the money that you lose from your real money wagers goes to funding the provincial government.

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