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Live Dealer Casinos Canada

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In this section, we review the best live dealer casinos of 2022. Live Dealer gaming is of course where it’s at these days for millions of gamers around the world.

To meet this burgeoning demand, and to ensure that they can provide a fully-rounded gambling experience, online casinos need to include live casino games more than ever before.



live dealer casinos canada


Live Dealer Casinos in 2022

Since its inception, the ultimate goal of the online casino has always been to emulate the brick-and-mortar casino experience. As of 2022, though, there’s still quite a way to go before that happens, even for the best online casinos in Canada.


Those who have played in a land-based casino before will wax poetic about its beauty. The kaleidoscope lights, the cacophony of sounds from slot machines and table games, the unmistakable texture of playing cards, poker chips, dice, and table felt—all of them are qualities that playing online just can’t replicate. 


But online casinos are catching up in other ways. Online slots are one of the best examples, taking full advantage of their digital platforms to create unique and engaging gaming experiences that would otherwise be impossible to pull off in an analog machine. And for players who are looking for that authentic casino gaming experience, live dealer games are the next best thing.


So what are live dealer casinos, and how do they work? We’ll be answering all of your burning questions and more in our introductory guide to the best live dealer casinos.


What is a Live Dealer Casino?

Live dealer casinos could be thought of as a sort of compromise between online casinos and their land-based counterparts. These casinos make use of modern technologies to deliver all of the authentic action of a physical game with all of the convenience of playing online. This unique combination is one of the driving factors behind the skyrocketing popularity of live casino games in recent years.


Another major factor in the success of the live dealer casino can be found in its namesake—that is, the dealers themselves. These live dealers are trained croupiers with professional experience dealing with games in real land-based casinos. Their ability to maintain the pace and flow of games exactly as they would be in physical venues makes the experience of playing with a live dealer highly sought after by both players and casino operators. Knowing this, one could reasonably believe that live dealer games are the next logical step in the evolution of the online casino.


Live dealer casino games

Generally speaking, live casino dealers are used in just about any game that requires a croupier to facilitate gameplay. As such, one can reasonably expect live dealer casinos to offer tables on some variants of the following games:


  • Live Dealer Poker: Featuring strict pacing and a wide variety of complex rulesets, live dealer games provide the most accurate poker experience on the Internet. Serious poker players need not look any further to get their fix of live Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Stud poker, and many of its other variants.


  • Live Dealer Roulette: Although digital roulette continues to improve in terms of graphical fidelity, pixels still don’t hold a candle to the sight and sound of a live roulette table.


  • Live Dealer Blackjack: This timeless casino card game has already been well-understood and accurately translated into online and mobile games. However, live blackjack still holds the edge in terms of offering often-missed features like higher betting limits and the ability to interact with the other people on the table.


How do live dealer games work?

Live dealer games are about as close as it gets to playing a physical game from the comfort of your home. Conceptually, the way it works is pretty simple—casino players join a game through the provided live casino software, and interact with a human croupier through a video livestream as they facilitate the game’s progression. However, getting all of this to work in practice is incredibly complex, and requires the effort of entire teams to develop and maintain the systems that make live dealer casino games possible. 


The exact process and equipment needed to set up live dealer games vary depending on the developer behind it, but we can explain it in simpler terms by breaking the process down into three distinct sections: the dealer side, the middleman, and the player side.


On the dealer side, the live dealer moves the gameplay along based on actions taken by the players. All of the dealer’s movements are sent to the players as a live video feed, which may or may not be viewable from multiple angles depending on how many cameras are available. On the player’s side, they are able to see the video feed of the live dealer and make betting decisions and other game actions when given the prompt to do so. 


But all of the magic that makes this possible is handled through the live casino software, which deals with all of the interactions between the dealer and the players, the latter of which can come from anywhere in the world. Sophisticated sensor systems are integrated into the table and/or cards used to play the love games, and allow game information to be seamlessly delivered to the players so they can play the game just as they would at a real table.


Live dealer game developers

Now, our explanation of how live casino games is fairly simplified, and for good reason. As we touched on earlier, there are a lot of components and systems that let people play live casino games smoothly. And all of this comes at an enormous cost, which isn’t exactly something that online casino operators are willing to stomach.


Thankfully, that is not how it works in the online casino industry. It is very rare for even the top live dealer casinos to host their own live dealer games with their own software setup, due mostly to the costs we mentioned earlier. As such, most live dealer online casinos get their games from third-party software providers. These developers are responsible for hosting all of the hardware and software needed to publish and play live dealer games, which are then licensed out to online casino operators.


Just like online casinos, software providers for live dealer games also compete fiercely to provide the best live casino experience. This competition can be seen in the continuous improvement of their live dealer games, from studio lighting and cameras to the efficiency of the software that streams this information to live casino players around the world.


Arguably the most well-respected of these live dealer studios is Evolution Gaming, a developer headquartered in Sweden that’s known for always being at the cutting edge of live dealer software. With high-definition video feeds, advanced card recognition technology, and some of the smoothest software experiences seen in live casinos, it should be no surprise that Evolution Gaming is partnered with some of the largest live casinos on the Internet today.


Why choose live dealer casinos?

Combining the best of both land-based casinos and online casinos into one convenient online platform, live dealer casinos are the near-perfect middle ground for players who want the live casino experience but without the hassle of having to travel out to a physical venue. While the main drawback of live casinos really is that they can never truly replace in-person games, casino players both new and old will probably still find something to like in live casinos. Here are a few:


Privacy and Security: One of the biggest perks of getting to play live dealer games is that all of your interactions are done from the comfort of your home (and even on the go with newer mobile live dealer games). This means you can avoid all of the security concerns of being in a completely different place.


Stakes and Betting Ranges: To help gather in new players, typical online casino games offer relatively low stakes which are more palatable to casual gamblers who don’t want to spend too much real money. However, this does come at the cost of alienating more experienced players who are used to playing live casino games with higher stakes. Live dealer games provide the perfect solution with real money betting limits that are more in line with their land-based counterparts.


Ease of Use: While the land-based part of live casinos is what draws most people in, the digital aspect of it provides its own benefits—particularly in terms of ease of use. Since all of the player’s interactions are handled through the live casinos’ software, players don’t necessarily need to learn all of the little things that are done at a real table like hand signals in blackjack, turn order in poker, or the positions of roulette bets on the table. All of it is done through the software and by the dealer, making the gaming experience easier and more relaxed.


Extended Control: Another major benefit of playing in a live online casino is that you have full control over your play sessions. You decide when you want to play and when you want to stop, and the best part is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding your way back to your hotel room at the end of a long night.


Social Interaction: One of the biggest reasons why more and more Canadian players want to play live casino games is because digital casino games just don’t give them the social interactions that make the real casino experience so memorable. Live dealer games solve this by allowing the


How do I play at a live dealer casino?

If you’ve been convinced of the benefits of playing live casinos, then you’re probably wondering how to play it at this point. Thankfully, we are still interacting online even though we are playing live games, so entering a live dealer game is only a few clicks away. The general process goes like this:


  1. Sign up for an account in a live online casino, or log in with your account if you already have one.
  2. Download the live casino’s software if the casino requires it.
  3. Make a deposit into your live casino account to get credits to play.
  4. Look for the live casino game of your choice.
  5. Choose from a list of live dealers that are hosting the game that you want to play. Pay particular attention to the language that the dealer speaks—this is usually marked clearly on the live dealer’s profile.
  6. Start playing!


To get the best experience playing casino games live with a dealer, it’s important to also have a few things on your end. If you have a phone or a laptop that runs well, then you should have everything you need; but we’ll list down these requirements so you can make sure for yourself:


  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or phone with good specs. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something that works well.
  • A strong and stable Internet connection. This is crucial to getting a great live online gambling experience, as all of the interactions happen over the Internet.
  • Optional: A webcam and/or a microphone. While these are not necessary to start playing online live dealer games, they do allow you to talk to the dealer just as you would in a land-based casino.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are live dealer casinos safe?

All of the top-rated live dealer online casino sites are generally safe to play at, as these sites are typically set up to comply with the strict requirements of online gambling regulators. 


But of course, every player has every reason to be skeptical nowadays, especially when it comes to gambling with real money. To help assuage concerns of security, players can try to look for recommendations from firms like eCOGRA, which are third-party agencies that specifically research and audit online casinos—live dealer or not—for their adherence and commitment to providing gaming experiences that are both safe and enjoyable to play at. 


Do live dealers rig games?

While it’s always reasonable for players to be skeptical, it is very unlikely that a live dealer would rig a game in anyone’s favour.


As a professional croupier, the live dealer only really has one job—to keep the flow of the game going. Knowing this, it’s quite difficult to imagine that a live dealer would have any reason to cheat or rig a game, especially as live dealer casino sites are already under very strict regulations as it is. As long as you stick to casinos with a solid reputation, it is basically impossible to find any instance of cheating when you play with a live dealer.


Play the Best Live Casinos in Canada

Live dealer casinos are becoming more and more popular among Canadian players, and for good reason. Live casinos are the culmination of decades of online casino technologies, coming together to create an experience that’s as good, if not better than playing in a physical casino.


We hope you enjoyed reading our introductory guide to the live dealer casino. This new segment of the market shows a lot of promise for the future of the online gambling industry, and we hope that this information has allowed you to better appreciate the many details that allow you to experience the biggest technological leap in online casinos.

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