New Canadian online casinos (September)

Why trust us with new casinos?

As the name implies, new casinos are untested casinos. While there are some of you that are willing to take the risk and wager at a new casino that isn’t yet widely trusted, most players are less inclined to do that.

We at InsideCasino take that risk so that you don’t have to. As casino experts, we keep track of all of the newest casinos in Canada to review and find out which sites are worth your consideration. We spend our own money on each new casino review to get the most authentic experience of how these sites handle players’ money.

What are new online casinos?

New online casinos are casino sites that have been recently opened for Canadian players. Saying this, however, immediately opens up questions about what counts as new and what does not.

For instance, casino sites are brands that are run by operators. Knowing this, is a casino still considered new if it is operated by an old operator? More importantly, how “new” does a new casino site have to be before people stop considering it as such?

To set the record straight on our reviews here at InsideCasino, we consider a new casino site to be new if the site is less than 2 years old, regardless of the age of the operator that runs it.

What’s so great about new online casinos?

Whatever your initial assumptions about new online casino brands, there is no denying that they have their quirks that make them worth trying over big-name casino brands.

For one, many new online casinos in Canada have a bunch of new site features like gamified rewards and support for cryptocurrency gambling that larger casinos are either unwilling or unable to get for their sites. Canadian players looking for fresh gaming experiences are also likely to find new casino games from up-and-coming developers featured on new online casinos as larger brands are more inclined to push the games that their player base already knows and loves.

Play the Top New Online Casinos in 2023

On that note, now would be as good a time as any to actually reveal our picks for the top new casinos for 2023. Each of these sites has passed our thorough review process and should offer most Canadian players an excellent online gaming and betting experience.

Sunpura – The Casino Crowd Pleaser

Sunpura casino features an extensive casino neatly packaged into a sleek platform. Sunpura was launched in 2021 and immediately impressed with its broad selection of games and account features that gave Canadian players maximum control over their gaming sessions.

Kryptosino – Crypto Enthusiast’s Playground

Kryptosino has launched predominantly as a crypto casino. Even though the technology has been around for over a decade at this point, cryptocurrency has only recently found its way into the iGaming industry. And of these new sites, Kryptosino has one of the most thorough implementations of crypto gambling we’ve seen in 2023, making the tech accessible even to complete newbies.

LegendPlay Casino – Great On-the-go

LegendPlay casino launched in August 2020, with a strong emphasis on mobile-friendly design. To most Canadian casino players, the mobile gaming experience has become just as important as playing on the computer. To Legend Play’s credit, playing at the site on-the-go has proved to be quite impressive.

New casino trends and innovations tend to follow the growth and evolution of the market. Never is this more true than in the Canadian gambling market, which has gone through a massive shift in the past few years. In this very exciting time for gambling in Canada, we’ve listed a few of the most notable trends we’ve seen that will carry over into the future of online gambling in Canada.

As mentioned, Canada’s gambling market is going through a major shift. This shift started early in 2021 when the Canadian federal government signed Bill C-218 into law, which legalised single-event sports betting. This effectively opened the floodgates for the Canadian gambling industry, with the biggest move in 2022 being Ontario establishing a regulated iGaming market that welcomed overseas casino game developers and operators.

iGaming Ontario, the province’s regulator, revealed in their first quarterly report that players had placed over C$4 billion in real money bets on online casinos and sportsbooks, with C$162 million in revenue earned by licenced sites in the three months since the market opened in April 2022. Given that most of this cash flow was largely in the grey market until recently, Canada tapping into iGaming is a huge boost to the C$15 billion dollar land-based gambling industry.

New casinos for mobile00

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have jumped massively in performance over the past few years, enough for them to rival actual laptop and desktop computers. This has resulted in the ability to play on mobile casino apps, either with a casino site or casino app, the later becoming a much more viable for Canadian players.

New sites with crypto

Real money is the lifeblood of all online gambling activities. However, cryptocurrency technology, which is responsible for Bitcoin and Ethereum, is attempting to change that. The recent rise of crypto casinos, is proof of it’s popularity.

Moving into virtual reality

Realistic interaction has been one of the goals of online casino games, especially table games like poker and roulette. While live dealer games have been a major step forward for live casinos, it still misses out on player interactivity. This is what VR or virtual reality aims to solve, placing players in crafted videogame worlds in which they can directly hold, place, and interact with cards and chips.

New Vs. Old Online Casinos

There is always a constant debate over whether it is worth playing at a new casino over a brand that is older and more established. We’ve laid out a few of the highlights of each in the pros and cons section above; but in short, new casinos tend to offer more value while old casinos have more extensive and more reliable services.

As for which one you should pick, it really is a matter of personal preference in the end. Thanks to casino reviews like ours, trying a new casino online is not as uncertain as it used to; our review already tells you whether or not the casino’s services are reliable and fair. The majority of best casinos in Canada have something to offer that brings value to the player.

New online casinos and responsible gaming

Of course, it is very important to understand that, despite their advantages, new online casinos are for-profit businesses and should be treated as such. Always remember to gamble responsibly and keep your spending in check when playing at any online casino, and make use of any account controls (deposit limits, play session limits, etc.) if they are available.

Our thoughts on new casinos

With many of the big-name casino brands being set in their ways, new casinos are the ones picking up the slack and introducing fresh ideas and innovations into the online gambling space. While they seem a bit risky to bring your money here (which, in some cases, is true), reading casino reviews online quickly gets rid of the guesswork, so you can hop into a new casino site that has already been verified to be safe.

Find new Canadian online casinos

New online casino pros & cons

Choosing a casino site to stick around on is never simple; and while new online casino sites no doubt have their benefits, they also hold drawbacks in equal measure. Before you settle on your decision, we’ve made a list of three of the biggest pros and cons of playing at a new online casino that you can use to consider your final decision.


  • Generous Welcome Bonuses: In an attempt to attract new players, new casino sites offer very generous casino welcome bonuses such as high deposit percentages and lots of free spins to outdo bigger brands on how much value players can get out of their deposits.
  • Loyalty Rewards & Gamification: To encourage players to stay longer than the validity period of their welcome bonuses, new online casinos implement a wide range of loyalty rewards. These are enhanced further with gamification schemes that have players coming back every day or every week to claim extra rewards.
  • Advanced Technology: From a general standpoint, new online casino sites will expectedly make use of fresh and advanced technologies that larger casino sites do not have. Among these include cryptocurrency support, gamification features, VR and AR support, and many more.


  • Limited Games Catalogue: It costs money to host games on an online casino—even more so if they come from big-name developers. As such, it shouldn't be too big of a surprise if a new casino site doesn't have a very large selection of games to play (although this mostly depends on the budget of the casino operator)·
  • Customer Service: Another aspect of online casino service that is hampered by budget constraints is customer service. Many new casino sites are quite lacking in both the availability and quality of their customer support, often not having any phone hotlines and live chat representatives that aren't very proficient.
  • Security and Credibility: The test of time is one of the strongest validators of any online casino. If a site can prove itself to be secure and credible over a year or two, then it gains a reputation that is difficult to deny. New online casinos simply do not have this and will have to fight to earn that trust from sceptical players that already have dozens of safer options.

New online casino FAQs

Why play at new online casinos?

New online casinos can often offer more value to players than older and more established brands. This value can come in the form of more generous bonuses, innovative features and fresh games.

Are new casinos better than old ones?

New casinos are not necessarily better than old ones. All casinos can be built on practices and policies that are unfair or otherwise not fun for casino players. What is ultimately important is that players find a casino site that offers a great experience, regardless of how old it is.

Where can I find the newest casinos?

A great way to find the newest Canadian casinos is to follow reviewers like InsideCasino that already keep track of the newest launches to write reviews on the casinos.

Are new online casinos safe?

New online casinos are generally safe as long as they are appropriately licensed. Of course, they will still need to stand the test of time with players before they can be fully trusted, but most sites can be expected to be safe.

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