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Best Casino Bonus Canada

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Casino bonus offers and promotions are the life-blood of all online casinos in Canada. In 2022, an operator that’s able to treat both existing and new players to the best deals is going to have a head-start on its competitors. This is huge these days, especially when you consider how competitive the industry has become.

Casino bonuses are pretty important to players too. Gambling can be a fun but unforgiving business at times. So it follows that bonus offers which help minimize a player’s losses and boost their chances of winning something is going to be received very well.

best casino bonus canada

Best Online Casino Bonuses

The best online casino sites, therefore, recognize the importance of including free spins, deposit bonus deals as well as other perks – they do their best to come up with compelling deals that are not only good for them, but for players too. In fairness to even the most established online casinos, this can prove quite a difficult balancing act.

Casino operators obviously want to protect their bottom line. At the same time, they also want to make sure they don’t put off players. Unfortunately, a miserly casino bonus will often speak volumes about the site peddling it.

We’ll now consider what constitutes a worthwhile deal, while taking a closer looks at some of the most common promotions offered by casinos. These include deposit bonuses, welcome offers, free spins deals and even bonus allurements attached to payment methods. Before you do read on though, checkout the sites listed on this page – all offer competitive Canadian casino bonuses.


Types of Casino Bonuses

In our view, the best bonuses are those that provide players with a decent amount of funds with which to try out an online casino. It also helps if the wagering requirements are kept to a minimum. What follows is a run-down of the most prolific bonus deposit offers, free spins deals and player perks that you’ll find at a lot of casinos – the first couple fall under the heading of ‘welcome bonus’.


Welcome Bonus

The casino welcome bonus also referred to as a sign-up deposit bonus, is offered by a casino for one purpose alone: to attract new players. As already touched on, the iGaming industry is fiendishly competitive, with new casino operators emerging on a constant basis. To set themselves apart from their many rivals, online casinos try to come up with the best bonuses.

In Canada, as is the case with all countries where foreign-based operators are allowed to offer their wares, this can spell good news for players. More often than not, welcome bonus deals will require some sort of deposit. However, this isn’t always the case. Anyway, read on for some typical examples of casino bonuses.


The Deposit Match Casino Bonus

The ubiquitous deposit bonus graces the promotional sliders on thousands of casino front pages and usually forms part of a welcome offer. This kind of bonus matches a portion of a player’s opening deposit and is expressed in a percentage.  An example of this offer would be 100% Bonus up to C$1,000 – If you deposit C$1,000, the casino will match it with a C$1,000 bonus.

In addition to 100% bonus offers, some online casinos feature 200% bonus matches as well. So, if the maximum stands at C$1,000 and you deposit C$500, your account will be credited with C$1,.00 bonus money. 100% bonuses and those pledging 200% matches will often include free spin deals as well.


How to Activate a Deposit Bonus

100% bonus offers (and above) can be activated via a number of payment services including debit cards as well as specialist services widely used with online casino sites. Neteller and Trustly are among the most well-known examples. Much will depend on the casino at which you choose to make a deposit. However, some of the best bonuses requiring a deposit can be unlocked using multiple payment options. The amount that you’ll need to spend in order to activate a deposit bonus will of course depend on the operator – but it’s usually in the range of C$10 to C$20.


Deposit Bonus Offers – Things to Consider

While deposit match bonus offers can look rather generous at first glance, they’re nearly always subject to wagering requirements and other sneaky little caveats. Some of these stipulations can take the sheen off of your typical 100% bonus in a big way while others aren’t that draconian. Therefore make sure to check the terms and conditions – we’ll be looking at this and other types of casino bonuses later on. Before we do, let’s evaluate no deposit casino bonuses.


No Deposit Casino Bonus Deals

Unlike 100% bonus matches, the casino no deposit bonus is one of the most highly sought-after promotions of all. For such a bonus no payment is required whatsoever. This of course means that players don’t have to risk their cash when playing the casino games that have been included as part of the deal.


How No Deposit Casino Deals Work

No deposit casino bonuses are offered either as a fixed cash sum or as part of a free spins promo – we’ll go into free spins allurements a bit later on. No deposit deals are expressed like so:

250 Free Spins – No Deposit Required

$20 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

$10 – No Deposit Bonus – Play for Free!

100 Bonus Spins with No Deposit

100 Bonus Spins at XXX Casino – No Deposit

$100 Bonus – 400 No Deposit Free Spins


Financial Risk of Offering No Deposit Bonus Deals

For a lot of casinos, bonus promos that don’t require any kind of deposit are financially risky – to keep afloat, operators obviously need their players to deposit cash at some point. So don’t expect to find many that are all that generous. Keep in mind too that an online casino with bonus no deposit schemes, isn’t likely to operate the deal for very long. This means you’ll have to look long and hard for bona fide deposit free offers.

When you do find them, try to think of them as small perks that will allow you to sample an online casino before shelling out the big bucks.


Tiered Casino Bonus Deals

A lot of deposit match bonus promotions are tiered which means you’ll need to make additional payments on top of your first deposit. So a casino bonus that promises a ‘Welcome Offer of up to $2000’ might be structured the following way:

First Deposit: 100% bonus match up to $400 +100 Free Spins

Second Deposit – 30% bonus match up to $400 + 100 Free Spins

Third Deposit – 30% bonus match up to $400 + 50 Free Spins

Fourth Deposit – 30% bonus match up to $400 + 50 Free Spins

Fifth Deposit – 30% bonus match up to $400 + 50 Free Spins

Sixth Deposit – 300% bonus match up to £300 + 50 Free Spins

As far as casino bonuses go, this above offer is actually pretty generous – it’s also entirely fictional – don’t expect to be given so many free spins with a genuine one.  Be aware that for such bonus deals, you’re going to have to make multiple deposits in order to extract the full value. It’s almost certain that time limits will be imposed for each stage, not just the first deposit. So it goes without saying that players need to make sure they’re fully aware of the terms and conditions for these types of casino bonus deals.


Free Spins Casino Bonus Offers

Free spins bonus offers are attached to welcome bonuses by online casinos, although in some cases they serve as stand-alone incentives. Free spin bonuses are naturally very popular because they allow both seasoned and new players to try their hand at online slots without having to part with too much money. Like welcome bonuses though, they tend to be subject to wagering requirements. The free spins bonus promotions are usually expressed thus:

‘Claim up to 100 Bonus Spins’ with Super Casino

‘Register with SoAndSo Casino Today – Play with 50 Bonus Spins ‘

‘Sign up with Casino Thief Today and Receive 50 Bonus Spins’

‘100% Match of up to $500 plus 50 Bonus Spins’

Register at Crook Casino and receive 200 bonus spins

Claim 200 Bonus Spins with Casino Wagering Arcade

Claim your 200% Casino Bonus match as well as 200 bonus spins

Free spins bonus offers are available in a variety of forms. These include deposit bonus free spins deals, no deposit bonus deals, free spins with no wagering and ‘real money’ free spins. We’ll be talking about no wagering free spins later on. For the time being let’s take a look at no deposit and real money casino bonus variants.


No Deposit Free Spins Bonus Offers

As already mentioned, some online casinos will include no deposit casino bonus schemes, often with free spins attached. While these sound rather exciting, the amount of free spins that you’ll receive is going to be kind of limited. Around 10 to 30 free spins is the going rate with most online casino operators these days, although some offer as many as 100 bonus spins. Even though a majority of no deposit casino bonus deals aren’t all that generous players tend to like them because it’s possible to win money without spending a dime.


Real Money Casino Free Spins Bonus Offers

‘Real money’ free spins offers are just the same as wagering free deals – any winnings that you accrue will go straight into your account and may be withdrawn without having to satisfy wagering requirements. Other online casino review sites imply that these free spins offers are incentives in their own right…but they’re not.


‘Bonus’ Spins v ‘Free’ Spins

For free spins casino bonuses, Canada-based operators are able to describe the spins as being ‘free’. This practice isn’t permitted in the UK though because of the Gambling Commission – this famous regulatory body quite rightly recognises that most free spins offered by casino sites are anything but. Why? Because of wagering requirements – something we’ll look into later on.


How do Free Spins Bonus Offers Work?

Free spins included as part of the ubiquitous 100% bonus match welcome deal will be available for specific games only – sadly, it’s up to the casino to decide precisely which slots will be eligible. Irrespective of the number of free spins that you’ve been awarded, you’ll be able to use them when you’ve accessed and opened the slot games to which they apply. Once activated, your precious bank-roll will remain untouched as the free spins play out. Happily, most casino games make it clear that your free spins are being used, usually via a counter.


Games used for Free Spins Bonus Offers

In promoting free spins bonuses, casino operators tend to stick with slots that are extremely popular among players, but which are also cheap to play. For instance, a game like Starburst costs just $0.10 per spin. So offering 100 free spins with this tiresome title (IOHO), is a mere trifle for most casino operators. What’s more, the slot is of a low volatility which means big wins are going to be few and far between – accordingly, a casino won’t have to pay out much bonus money, even when they throw in free spins. Other casino slot games used to promote free spins bonus deals include Aloha: Cluster Pays, Twin Spin and Warlords Crystal Powers. To find out which casino games count towards a bonus, look in the casino site’s terms and conditions.


Cashing out a Casino Free Spins Bonus

Sadly, most free spins bonus offers are beset by wagering rules. So in order to lay your hands on any sort of bonus amount left in your account, you’ll have to play through these requirements. But once you’ve managed to do so and assuming you’ve actually got any money left, it’s just a case of selecting your casino withdrawal method.


Casino Bonus Codes

Casino bonus code deals are usually exclusive to each player and can be used to unlock all manner of incentives and promotions. As well as being included with welcome bonuses, they can be applied to free spins and deposit bonuses. While not quite as popular as they once were, they’re still used by some of the best online casino operators. So how do these casino bonus offers work?


Casino Bonuses – Codes in Practice

In Canada and abroad, casino bonus codes are described as ‘promo codes’, ‘casino bonus codes’, ‘coupon codes’, casino player codes’ and so on. In practice, these code offers might be expressed thus:

Welcome Bonus – 100% Bonus Match of up to $6000 – Use Bonus Code: InYourDreams

New Casino Player Bonus – Claim up to 4000 Free Spins with No Wagering – Use Bonus Code: FantasyLand

Deposit Bonus: Deposit $10, Claim 100 Bonus Spins – Use Bonus Code: FarMoreRealistic

Play with up to $50 and 15 Free Spins – Use Bonus Code: Average-Code-Offer

Claim your No Deposit Bonus Codes – Use Bonus Code: Deposit-With-Caution


How/When do I Receive Bonus Code Offers?

To receive bonus code deals, you’ll obviously need to be a registered customer. You should then receive them periodically via email. In certain instances, casinos will send out bonus code offers on your birthday or on the anniversary of you registration – others sent them out to reward loyalty. But like welcome bonus promos and free spin allurements, you’ll only be able to use them within a set time scale. If the conditions aren’t set out in the actual email relating to time limits, head over to the casino’s terms and conditions page.


How to Activate Casino Bonus Code Offers

To activate a casino bonus code, you merely need to enter the code along with a deposit (if required) after registration. Instructions should be included in the actual bonus code email explaining precisely how you go about doing this.


Why Do Casino Sites offer Bonus Code Deals?

Many online casinos will use bonus code deals to track certain offers – this is especially useful for a casino that’s running multiple casino bonus deals. A casino will also use them in conjunction with its affiliate partners. But like all bonus offers, they’re primarily intended to attract new players and keep existing ones engaged.


Cash Back Casino Bonus Offers

Sometimes online casino bonuses include cashback bonus offers. These bonus deals are usually calculated as a percentage of players’ net losses and can range from 5% to even 30% in some decidedly rare cases. They can apply to daily, weekly and monthly losses and are occasionally without any kind of wagering requirements. Also known as insurance bonuses, these deposit-based incentives are designed to encourage loyalty among players while also ensuring that they spend their money all over again, albeit at the online casino offering the bonus deal – obviously, these can’t be used at another casino. In keeping with other casino bonuses, conditions are applied such as time limits, wagering requirements and maximum win caps.


Refer a Friend Casino Bonus

Casinos offer these types of bonuses because they’re constantly on the lookout for new victims, sorry players. So keen are they to attract fresh-faced innocents ready to make the first deposit that they’ll also reward existing players who refer their casino gaming friends. There are a few things to keep in mind though about bonus offers involving another party.


How Refer a Friend Bonus Offers Work

A casino that operates a friend referral bonus scheme will award the referrer with a fixed bonus, or an amount that’s calculated according to the real money sum that the referred player deposits – these are kind of like indirect deposit bonus offers for the referrer and are employed by a fair number of casino operators.

However, an online casino may only credit a referrer’s account with the actual bonuses after the person they recommended has played through their deposit as many as 40 times. Classy. As you can see, wagering conditions are imposed for all manner of bonus promotions.


The High Roller Casino Bonus

High-roller online casino bonuses are aimed squarely at players that aren’t too shy about parting with their dollars. In most scenarios, the high roller bonus is reserved exclusively for VIP players.


Fake High Roller Casino Bonus Offers

With that being said, some online casino sites will claim to offer VIP bonus deals to rank-and-file gamers. But in actual fact, they’re merely standard bonus schemes that have been dressed up to look generous and exclusive. Lurking underneath are often eye-watering terms and conditions including wagering requirements and laughably unrealistic time limits with which to satisfy them.

Without looking at the terms and conditions, it’s quite difficult to spot these pseudo bonus deals. But it’s often something of a giveaway when an online casino uses indeterminate wording to describe its VIP bonus offers. ‘Generous bonus deals’, ‘bespoke bonus gifts’ and ‘exciting bonus offers’ should raise alarm bells purely because they’re so vague.


Bona Fide High Roller Bonus Offers

So players should look for VIP promotions, of which each bonus or benefit is described explicitly. Caution should also be observed should you come across a ‘VIP’ bonus that’s available for all players. Genuine high roller bonus deals tend to be by invite only or require you to deposit a certain (large) amount of money in order to qualify. Nevertheless, the bonus rewards are often considerable. They’re usually structured exactly the same way as standard promotions and take the form of deposit matches, free spins bonus offers and such like.


Live Casino Bonus Offers

A lot of the best online casino providers will try to entice players by offering live casino bonus deals. As with standard deposit bonus promotions, these can be used at live tables. For some players, bonus offers for live casino games constitute more value for money – this is because some table games require a certain level of skill which of course lowers the house edge…ever so slightly. Despite this, live casino promotions aren’t anywhere near as popular as standard casino bonus offers.


Other Types of Casino Bonuses

In addition to live casino deals, many online casino operators include extra on-site elements to encourage both existing and new players. Some of these are as follows.


Online Casino Tournaments

Tournaments are another extremely popular casino bonus incentive. The best ones manage to infuse the fun of game-play with the tantalizing prospect of winning big money. As with most online casino bonuses, they come in a variety of formats. Scheduled tournaments are the most widely played and start at a fixed time.

They often require a deposit entry fee, of which a percentage is fed into a prize pool. Sit n’ go tournaments are more casual affairs and will only commence once enough players have joined. Then there are re-loader tournaments that enable players to play casino games repeatedly. These formats usually comprise leader-board competitions.

Because so many people join these casino game tournaments the bonus prize money offered by the online casino host is often pretty substantial. In addition, some bonus tournaments offer extra prizes for players who finish in specific positions on the leader board. These can include free spins bonus deals as well as other incentives designed to keep players spending their money.


Gamification Bonus Prizes

Adventures and campaigns are another popular promotional method, employed by online casino sites. Known also as gamification, they take some of the best aspects of video games and apply them to casino gambling. Casumo was one of the first to employ this strategy, although many new casinos have now followed suit.

In most instances, players are rewarded with points, trophies, free spins bonuses, deposit bonuses and/or credits for performing certain actions on a site such as logging in, reaching a new level and staking real money on specific casino games. Some casinos will only reward points – however, these points can then be exchanged for free spins and other bonus prizes.


Casino Bonus Wheel Promotions

Casino bonus wheel promotions are another method used by operators to draw players in – the Mega Reel allurement is a pretty typical example. Sometimes, these casino bonus schemes are included with a welcome package, other times they’re made available once a player has already registered. The wheels often include some extremely generous bonuses such as free spins. The aforementioned Mega Reel promo includes up to 500! However, to offset the risk casino operators usually limit the number of spins quite dramatically. Still, these types of casino bonuses offer a welcome departure from the usual incentives that dominate the industry.


Mobile Casino Bonus Deals

Mobile-only bonuses follow the same format as standardized casino bonuses and tend to include the same kind of incentives including free spins, first deposit bonus deals, welcome offers and so on.

They’re often deployed by a casino whose sole focus is to attract players preoccupied with gambling away their money while on the move – a strange little pastime in our view, especially when you consider that most casino games look far better on devices with more processing power – remember PCs? Ok, rant over. Anyway, mobile casino bonuses are legion these days and are mostly dependent on you making a mobile deposit of some kind. Go figure!


Casino Bonus Deals for Payment Methods

It doesn’t matter if you’re a British, Dutch, American or Canadian casino, bonus offers attached to payment methods tend to be very welcome among players. This is because a lot of financial companies will add extra fees to online casino transactions.

To get around this, a few operators encourage their players to deposit their money using alternative payment methods. How? By offering the proverbial carrot on a stick. This particular vegetable is represented by a percentage bonus that’s sometimes added to welcome offers. Such casino bonuses may be offered to players only if they make their first deposit with an online transaction service like Neteller or Trustly.


Casino Bonus Deals and Wagering Requirements

Ok, so we need to talk about wagering requirements and how they’re applied to bonuses, given that they can have a major impact on any kind of casino bonus. Basically, a wagering requirement is a multiplier that signifies the number of times you’ll have to play through a bonus before you can withdraw any winnings. They can be attached to match bonus offers, welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses and many other ‘perks’ besides. But how is a wagering requirement applied to standard welcome bonuses?


How Casino Bonus Wagering Works

Say you’ve been offered a $100 match of up to $100 plus 200 bonus spins (For time being, let’s leave the 200 bonus spins out of the equation). The terms and conditions reveal a wagering rate of x40.

So you make a deposit of $100. As per the wording of the casino bonus, you’re then rewarded with another $100 to play casino games as laid out in the terms and conditions. But because of the wagering requirement, you’ll need to play through your $200 bonus money forty times – this also applies to the 200 bonus spins.

Only after you’ve done this will you be able to get your hands on the winnings.  We won’t do the math here because it’s pretty depressing. But it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you’ve got to spend a lot of money.

These inconvenient caveats aren’t just imposed by spiteful casino operators though. Many of the best online casino sites include them. It stands to reason then, that you should make sure to check the terms and conditions of all casino bonuses – especially if you factor in the weighting rule that’s applied to games for which a deposit bonus can be spent.


Reasons for Casino Bonus Wagering Conditions

Casino operators use the rights reserved to them under gambling laws to apply wagering to free spins and bonus offers for two main reasons. First, they want to take as much money from you as possible. Secondly, they need to protect themselves from casino bonus abusers and criminals.


Casino Bonus Abusers

Casino bonus abusers are players that try to claim ‘free spins’ offers and other casino bonuses by opening multiple accounts and then claiming the same casino bonus over and over again. Obviously, online casinos don’t allow this, but players get around the problem by using VPNs. In an effort to guard against casino bonus abuse, operators include wagering conditions that tie their customers in. Although unpopular, they’re pretty effective at protecting the casino.

Then there are bonus abusers that will target certain types of bonuses that allow for large stakes. Their main aim is to clear the wagering conditions quicker. This is how such a casino bonus scam works.


Big Bet Bonus Abusers

A casino gamer decides to take advantage of a $100 bonus offer that’s subject to wagering conditions of 30x – if we multiply the $100 bonus amount with the 30x play-through rule, it’s clear that the player will have to deposit and then wager $3000 before he can withdraw any winnings. So to shorten the entire process, he chooses a slot that allows for $500 maximum bets. As a result, he’s only got to place 6 bets ($3000 / 500) to be in a position to withdraw his winnings, thus making a mockery of the wagering conditions. This is why maximum stake casino bonus limits are often used.


Money Laundering Criminals

Casino bonus wagering conditions are also deployed for free spins and match bonuses in order to protect the operator from money-laundering. As mentioned, bonus wagering ties players in to a deposit/win loop – this means that any disreputable actor looking to launder his ill-gotten gains would probably have to deposit a large proportion of his booty before being able to withdraw anything – an expensive and rather pointless enterprise whether you’re a criminal (or indeed a casino gamer).


Casino Bonus Deals – Key Terms and Conditions

As well as wagering, casinos employ additional terms and conditions to protect their bonuses as well as their financial solvency. Head over to our terms and conditions page for more detailed information about these. In our present context though, here are a few examples of some key conditions to look out for.


Key Conditions – Max Bet Bonus Limits

To prevent the kind of big bet bonus abuse mentioned above, casinos almost always add a caveat in their terms and conditions prohibiting wagers over a certain threshold. Even if such conditions aren’t included in the small print, a casino will often nullify a bonus if large bets have been placed.


Key Conditions – Time Limits

You’ll be hard-pushed to find any online casinos that don’t include time limits as part of their casino bonuses or free spins promotions. They’re usually applied to the period of time that you’ve got to spend your free spins bonuses and/or satisfy wagering rules. It’s therefore crucial that you familiarise yourself with the specific terms and conditions relating the time limits of any bonus incentive. This is especially the case for tiered bonuses.


Key Conditions – Maximum Withdrawal Limits

The terms and conditions of all online casino sites will very likely include maximum win limits. These too are there to protect the casino operator from casino bonus abuse. Oftentimes, you’ll be restricted from making withdrawals in excess of say, $5000 over the course of a single week.

For casino gamers with limited budgets, such conditions shouldn’t present too much of a problem. However, they can prove something of a hindrance for big budget players – this is understandable given that most high-rollers who deposit larger sums, expect higher withdrawal thresholds. To address this problem a lot of casinos offer higher withdrawal limits for VIP players accustomed to shelling out the cash on casino games.


Key Conditions – Weighting Rules

Game weighting conditions indicate the extent to which casino games will contribute to a wagering requirement and apply to all kinds of casino deposit bonuses. They’re expressed as a percentage and will tell you precisely what proportion of your bets will count towards satisfying these rules.

Slot games usually contribute 100% although certain table games such as blackjack may only contribute around 70% – this means that for every 10 credits you spend, only 7 will count.

If you’re looking to avoid the dreaded wagering requirement, not to mention other conditions such as game weighting and time limits, you’ll probably want to do some research. Because believe it or not, there are both well-established and new casino operators that offer bonuses that are completely free of wagering. Let us elaborate.


Casino Bonuses without Wagering Requirements

Yes, such casino bonuses do actually exist. Sure, these deals aren’t peddled anywhere new as much as other bonuses in Canada (or anywhere else for that matter). Nor are they all that generous. But if you can lay your hands on a bonus without wagering, you’ll be able to make a deposit and play casino games without the worry of time limits, game weighting, and other such dastardly conditions. These types of casino bonus offers will often be included as part of deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and free spins promotions.


Where do I Find the Best Casino Bonuses?

Where indeed. Well, Google is a good place to start. Typing in ‘best casino bonuses’, ‘best casino bonus Canada’ or ‘casino bonus ca’ is going to reveal many of the most established online casinos – a lot of these are operators are trusted and well thought of within the industry. You can of course make full use of Inside Casino – we only feature licensed casino operators on our pages.


Big Brand Casinos v New Casinos

Just because some of the big-brand casino sites have polished reputations doesn’t necessarily mean that their casino deposit bonuses are going to be the most generous. In fact, it often works the other way around. Casino sites with larger budgets are often able to chance their arm by offering unfair deals that are beset by a high wagering requirement or unrealistic time-limit conditions.

Conversely, a lot of the best online bonuses in Canada are sometimes offered by new casino sites. While this isn’t always the case, it’s well worth checking out a new casino when searching for bonuses. They’ll likely be trying very hard to make a name for themselves among players by offering competitive bonus deals. Like any site though, be sure to check those terms and conditions!


Things to Consider Before Accepting a Casino Bonus

Right, so you’ve finished your search for a worthwhile casino bonus after scouring through hundreds of online casinos promising to offer the best bonuses, the most free spins as well as thousands of dollars worth of bonus money.

Because of your sustained research, you’ve now found what appears to be an attractive bonus offer. But before you deposit any money, there are a few things you should consider.  Read on as we now highlight some key conditions that you’ll need to keep in mind, drawing on a few of the elements already mentioned on this page.


Choose Trusted Online Casinos

We’ll assume that you’ve found a couple of trusted online casinos at which you’re ready to deposit your funds. When we say trusted, we don’t just mean pedigree though. To ensure your own safety when playing casino games, your chosen casino operator should offer a secure connection and adhere to recognised regulatory bodies such as the Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. While these organisations don’t protect players based in countries like Canada, every single casino that abides by their rules and conditions will have been thoroughly vetted and appraised. They’ll also be expected to observe a specific code of conduct.

It’s also important that the casinos that you’ve chosen to deposit with are able to offer clear and transparent information about their terms and conditions. Disreputable casinos will often besmirch their small print with ambiguous or confusing wording with the goal of misleading players about their deposit bonuses – this is often a red flag for seasoned casino games enthusiasts.


Casino Bonus Offers – Final Thoughts

You may think that we’ve been kind of harsh in our evaluation of casino bonuses. And it’s certainly true that many free spins bonuses, welcome deals and deposit matches are beset by some pretty mean terms and conditions. But we should also stress that there are loads of casinos out there that offer competitive bonuses. It’s merely a case of shopping around until you find them. When you do, be sure to check…yep, that’s right the terms and conditions. You’ll then be ideally placed to extract their full value.

The alternative is of course to opt out of casino bonuses altogether. This isn’t necessarily easy when you’re constantly being bombarded with 100% bonus deposit deals and free spins. But there are plenty of players who forgo these ‘perks’ so as to avoid becoming trapped in the endless deposit/wager/withdraw chain. If you’ve got a low budget, this may in fact be the best option.

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