List of VIP Bonus Casinos (September)

Learn everything about casino loyalty programs

Casino loyalty programs are some of the most varied types of bonuses in Canada, mostly because of the fact that casinos don’t really follow any sort of trend with the rewards that they give. Because of this, there is a lot to cover when we look into casino loyalty programs, such as:

  1. What is a VIP program?
  2. Why join a VIP program?
  3. What’s the difference between a VIP and a loyalty program?
  4. How does a loyalty program work?
  5. What are high roller bonuses?
  6. What does a high roller mean?
  7. Casinos with the best loyalty and VIP program
  8. VIP schemes and responsible gambling
  9. Our thoughts on VIP programs
  10. Casino loyalty pros & cons
  11. Casino loyalty FAQs

Why are we the experts on loyalty schemes?

Loyalty schemes are by no means easy to get into, often requiring players to spend thousands of dollars before a casino’s team even takes you into consideration. Our experts at InsideCasino have shared our knowledge with you in our guides and reviews so that you don’t have to – allowing you to save both time and money that you would have otherwise spent on a new casino website you ended up not liking.

What is a VIP program?

A VIP program is a special class of casino bonuses that are given out to real money casino players that have (for lack of a better term) spent a lot of money on the site. In a way, VIP bonuses are similar to casino welcome bonuses, as both types can have a range of different rewards and perks.

Watch out for fake high roller bonuses!

As with a lot of things relating to casino sites, it is always a good idea to stay wary of fake high roller bonuses you come across online. Unlike land-based casinos, it is not easy to verify whether or not a casino can actually stand behind their VIP programs and rewards. This leads to the possibility of gambling sites in Canada offering fake high roller bonuses that either don’t give VIP-worthy rewards or draw in players who otherwise don’t meet the typical requirements.

Why join a VIP program?

As mentioned, joining a VIP program can give a wide range of perks and rewards for players who manage to fulfil the requirements needed to get in. Of course, the real challenge is getting in and which casino site can be unable or unwilling to allow.

Now, if you do actually manage to clear the requirements necessary to become a VIP at a casino site, you can expect to receive rewards like:

  • Exclusive bonuses & promotions: Regardless of how many bonuses and promotions a casino already has on offer, you can expect it to make a few more specifically for their most valuable players.
  • Higher transaction limits: Since VIPs are likely the only real money casino players who are both willing and able to drop thousands of dollars in a single session, these casinos make sure to extend their transaction limits to let high rollers do their thing.
  • Fast lane for transactions: Being such esteemed customers, casino VIP programs will also move VIP deposits and withdrawals to a separate priority queue to process their transactions faster.
  • Dedicated account manager: Joining any VIP program in any of the top casino sites will get you assigned with a special account and a dedicated account manager, who will serve as a fast-lane for customer service and will be the first to notify you of special deals available only to fellow VIPs.
  • Offline event access: While this is not as commonly offered by online casinos as their land-based counterparts, the VIP programs at some of the larger brands in Canada may give out rewards related to offline events and activities such as event passes and plane tickets.

What’s the difference between a VIP and a loyalty program?

The difference between VIP and loyalty programs are often confused. This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise, though, as casino operators tend to use the terms almost interchangeably.

The key difference between the two programs really comes down to which players are allowed to join. As you can probably deduce from the names, loyalty programs are designed to be open to all players and often provide perks like regular free spin bonuses, while VIP programs are locked to the big spenders and high rollers.

The understandable reason for a lot of the confusion comes down to the fact that a lot of casinos combine both the loyalty and the VIP program. The typical scheme is that all players get to join the casino’s loyalty program, which has several levels and a progression system. The VIP aspect of this appears on the loyalty program’s highest levels, which is typically locked as an invite-only scheme.

How does a loyalty program work?

A loyalty program and by extension, a VIP program, operates on time and money. The more money and time you dedicate to a casino site, the more quickly you will meet the requirements to claim loyalty rewards and, at higher levels, maybe even be invited into the VIP club.

In most cases, progression through a loyalty program is done through comp points, which should be familiar if you’ve ever played at a land-based casino before. One of of the biggest brands using this system is 888 casino in Canada, where players spend real money wagers to accumulate points that can be later redeemed for free casino bonus money. If you accumulate enough comp points, you can reach a higher level of the system. In essence, the more you spend with a casino, the more they will reward you for your loyalty, which they hope will prevent you from leaving them.

What are high roller bonuses?

High roller bonuses are special variations of typical casino bonuses like the deposit match bonus and others, that have been tweaked to give big rewards to players who make big deposits. As you can probably imagine, the minimum deposit amounts for these bonuses are quite high, sometimes beginning at $100. On the flip side, a high roller bonus can often grant you perks up to as much as $10,000, just as a welcome.

What does a high roller mean?

At its core, a high roller means any casino player that spends large sums of cash whenever they play. For most intents and purposes, this description of what a high roller is is fairly accurate. However, this also mainly raises the question of how much money it takes to become a high roller, and in this respect, there is quite a bit of debate.

The general trend, however, seems to fall in the range of C$25,000. For land-based casino venues, the threshold for a high roller is typically set at C$100,000.

Players at King Billy casino are set a threshold of C$112,500 to be eligible for VIP status on their loyalty program. This sum is calculated from how much it would cost to rack up enough loyalty points. The lowest rung of their three-tier VIP ladder requires players to rack up at least 3,000 loyalty points, each point being worth C$75.


Casinos with the best loyalty and VIP program

In our experience, casinos with the best loyalty schemes or VIP program, are those that recognise and cater to multiple levels of players, especially when it comes to their budget. Some of the larger established gambling brands are only interested in VIP players, so even their most dedicated players at lower levels, are not recognised or rewarded for their loyalty. There are some newer casinos entering the market, that use a fairer approach and provide loyalty rewards such as cashback bonus play, for loyal players of all levels.

For our InsideCasino team, the honour of having the best loyalty program for casino players in Canada has to go to Red Spins. Their loyalty program does have a very strong value proposition that is also a lot more fair and forgiving than competing sites.

From the get-go, playing at Red Spins already gives you fairly good rewards through its loyalty program, including weekly cashback and special bonuses on most days of the week. Reaching higher levels on their loyalty program will put players on the VIP ladder, which unlocks higher percentages on the weekly cashback as well as more and bigger bonuses every week.

VIP schemes and responsible gambling

In some cases,VIP schemes can be the thing that tips players into irresponsible gambling pitfalls. The vast majority of VIP programs offered by gambling websites, give players access to a contact line with a dedicated VIP account manager. Their VIP manager serves as both exclusive customer support and provides players with great perks, such as VIP tickets to events, massive bonuses and sometimes, even free vacations. It is often the VIP manager’s own discretion, on how much to give their players and when to keep them playing.

While this is all well and good and keeps both parties very happy, it can also make players more vulnerable to falling into issues with problem gambling. For the most part, this doesn’t happen. However, if a player is vulnerable, being offered free perks for playing more, can easily tip the balance. When this happens, players should seek help from Canada Safety Council or other organisations that are available to players in Canada.

Our thoughts on VIP programs

As you can probably guess from the name, VIP & high roller bonuses are often for the whales and the big spenders. But it is that same rarity associated with big-spending Canadian casino players that makes so many casinos froth at the mouth and offer VIP perks in the hopes of attracting one to their casino site.

If you do happen to be that kind of player, we hope our examples here have caught your eye. As for the rest, there are a lot of other casino bonuses available to play with.

Casino loyalty pros & cons

Casino loyalty programs leave very little to the imagination when it comes to what it has to offer. As such, their benefits and drawbacks are fairly easy to glean once you understand how they work. We’ve laid these out for you to help you decide whether or not casino loyalty programs are worth spending.


  • Special status: Above all else, the biggest benefit of spending money on a loyalty program is the special status that tends to go along with it. With combined loyalty programs and VIP tiers being the norm, the "bragging rights" of reaching the upper tier no doubt has some value to some users.
  • Enhanced casino experience: Besides the "flex", the perks you get from a casino loyalty program do enhance your experience playing on it. This is especially true if you are the kind of player with the bankroll to hit the casino's limits.


  • Expensive: Reaching the required number of loyalty points required to claim rewards is incredibly expensive. Even on the lower end of the scale, you can expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars if you actually want to claim the more valuable perks of a casino's loyalty program.
  • Very low value: If you actually run the numbers, the kinds of rewards that you get from a loyalty program for the money that you spend to get said rewards is simply not worth it, even for the players that have the money to burn.

Casino loyalty FAQs

What do I get out of joining a casino loyalty program?

Joining a casino loyalty program puts you on track to receive various perks and rewards,, which you can get faster by spending more money. Players who have the funds to make it to the upper tiers can be treated to top-quality service and other perks.

How do VIP programs differ?

VIP programs mainly differ in the rewards that they offer to players and how much money it takes for a player to get in. For the most part, the best casino sites offer players far higher-quality and priority treatment once they become a VIP.

What is a high-roller?

Generally speaking, a high roller is any casino player that spends massive sums of money during their online gambling sessions.

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