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VIP & High Roller Bonuses Canada

Our team of experts have found and tested the best online casinos in Canada, that reward their High Roller players with high value welcome bonuses and exclusive VIP Programs.



What are High Roller Bonuses?

VIP, or as they say in Spanish, “Beep,” is a lifestyle. It connotes unfettered wealth, 5*s, palm tree pool parties and being on “the list.” You are bestowed with special privileges.  A VIP is more important than the randos, the reggos and the norms. On a flight, in a club or at the restaurant where the manager greets you by name and shows you to “your table,” everybody likes to feel more important than everybody else. It speaks to our basest human pathologies. Casinos have glamourous connotations; this, often, is perception not reality. People tend to think James Bond at the Casino Royale in Monte Carlo, rather than grey-haired Americans in tight shorts and visor caps sitting at slot machines in Vegas’ Golden Nugget. So it is no surprise that online casinos want to tap into people’s perceptions, roll out the red carpet and try to make them feel special. So who is a VIP? And how high is a high roller?


High Roller VIP Bonus Programs

The first thing to know about online casino VIP programs is that anyone can achieve VIP status.  You don’t have to be born into the “right” family or run in “certain circles.” It is, in fact, a rather meritocratic system. In many casinos, every time you wager money, you will earn something called “comp” points (or an equivalent). Some casinos will tell you how many of these points (ie. how much money you have to wager) you’ll have to earn before you become a VIP. Others have a rather more opaque and mysterious system. One day, out of the blue, you may find yourself receiving an email or a phone call letting you know that you are now VERY important.


Perks and Recreation

The sort of perks you can expect once you have become a VIP include: The services of a personal account manager:

  • Specialized and personalized bonuses, curated by the said account manager
  • Higher deposit limits
  • Faster Withdrawals
  • More lenient wagering conditions (Potentially – see caveat below)
  • Miscellaneous Perks (eg. Tickets to a Sporting Event)

However, the thing about these bonuses is that, often, they are not made public. A personal account manager will have a fair amount of leeway in terms of the sort of bonus packages he or she can award to high rollers and VIPs. Even though I just said that anybody can attain VIP status, the same cannot be said for a High Roller. There is no concrete and consistent definition, but the consensus is that the player must have an exceptionally high bankroll and wager a lot (really a lot). They are equivalent to the Vegas Whales where the casino flies them in via helicopter and puts them up in the swankiest penthouse suite.


VIP Bonus

A VIP Bonus may also be equivalent to a welcome bonus or a first-time deposit bonus with a major difference: the minimum deposit will be higher. Much higher. Sometimes up to $1000, and the casino will match it 50%.  As always, be aware of the wagering requirements – they can sometimes be even higher with a VIP/High Roller Bonus. These bonuses are also not particularly common compared to other welcome bonuses. We will have the best ones we can find on this page, but don’t lose sleep over it. If you attain VIP status, then, in the eyes of the casino, you truly will be VERY important.


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