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As a team that has been following the online casino industry since its early days, we are more than familiar with spending real money to test and review casino sites. This has not changed to this day and we test online casinos in Canada so we can get a thorough understanding of how the site treats its players. This way, you can easily find out if a given casino is safe to play for real money.

What is a cash casino?

To put it simply, a cash casino is any casino that accepts some form of real cash like Canadian dollars for players to wager on games and likewise win cash prizes.

It is fairly safe to assume that most casino players are after real cash casino sites to play on. However, online cash casinos do have an “opposite version”, so to speak; these are called “social casinos” that do not support playing for real cash and instead focus on interactions and social experiences with other players.

Real money bonuses

Players can find real money bonuses on many of the real money casino sites in Canada. These casinos offer real money bonuses and promotions in an attempt to both draw players and encourage them to stay and keep playing. Since these sites offer an actual real money playing experience, their bonuses also give players cash value that can be used to actually win real money. The best real money bonuses you will online in Canada are:

Now, these bonuses are not without their caveats, and indeed, they have many. We would advise going through our casino bonus guides in the list above to know what to expect when you claim them.

Real money banking methods

Anyone who wants to play online with real money will naturally want a real money banking method that they like and are familiar with, to make deposits and make wagers. Many of the top-performing sites in Canada accept payments through a wide range of banking methods so you can simply choose whatever is most convenient for you.

In Canada, there are currently four types of real money banking methods that are predominantly popular. These include:

  • Instant Banking: In this age of online shopping and digital payments, instant banking quickly rose to the occasion and became one of the dominant ways to make online payments in Canada. Options like casinos with Gigadat, Interac, iDebit or Instadebit effectively work as middlemen that connect your bank account to the online casino and fast-track deposits while keeping your sensitive banking information secured.
  • Debit / Credit Cards: Those that don’t want to use instant banking for whatever reason have an equally useful alternative in credit and debit cards. Unsurprisingly, Visa and Mastercard are the dominant card service providers in Canada and are accepted by most of the real money sites in Canada.
  • Prepaid Vouchers: All of the “standard” real cash methods don’t have much preventing you from depositing everything you have into your real money account. Prepaid options like casinos accepting Paysafecard vouchers offer a more old-school approach that forces you to make deposits in specific denominations but with all of the security features of any modern online payment method.
  • Cryptocurrencies: In an ironic twist, one of the biggest trends to enter into the real money gambling scene is cryptocurrency. There are fully digital asset options like bitcoin casinos in Canada that are, for all intents and purposes, a virtual currency method.

How to choose a legit real money casino

Choosing a legit real money casino has become quite tedious to figure out, what with there being so many sites and brands entering the Canadian market every day. The industry, however, has come up with a variety of ways to help players weed out the bad actors from the legit casino sites that can be trusted to handle your money safely and fairly.

We can do this by finding answers to three simple questions:

  • Is the real money casino licensed?

As Canada’s laws on online gambling are shifting towards stricter regulation, any site that wants to present itself as a legit real money casino in Canada must be ready and able to comply with the country’s legal requirements. This is achieved with a casino licence, which is provided once the casino operator has gone through a stringent review process.

  • Is the real money casino certified?

Besides regulator licences, casinos have the option to gain more credibility as reputable and trustworthy sites by seeking out casino certification. Instead of government bodies, these are given out by independent third-party testing firms that run their own gauntlet of tests and audits to ensure that the casino’s systems and offered games are working according to industry standards.

  • Does the real money casino have good reviews?

Even with these options available, a casino operator with enough cunning can cheat their way towards getting a casino licence and certificate. In these cases, reviews from casino experts and other players are one of your best bets to figuring out if an online casino is actually legit or not.

Although they seem simple on the surface, these questions are part of a much larger discussion surrounding real casino verification. If you want to learn more about how these systems work, you can check out our in-depth guide on how online casinos are certified.

Real money casinos and responsible gaming

Regardless of whether real money is involved, gambling games can be easy to get addicted to. For those that are vulnerable or already exhibiting a possible gambling addiction, the allure of being able to win real money makes it easier to fall in and even harder to climb back out.

Casinos that offer real money gambling will also advertise how you can win real money. It important to remember that it is very rare for someone to instantly win money online from a big jackpot. In fact, losing your entire bankroll is even more likely, and it is a good idea to keep this in mind to help you manage your expectations.

Real Money Casinos – Closing Thoughts

When it comes to gambling online in Canada, real money casinos are about as close as you can get to an authentic experience. While there are always risks associated with spending your cash online, if you have decided on playing with real money, you probably already understand and accept those risks.

The only thing you really need to worry about, then, is to make sure that the casino site that you play on is actually safe.

Real money casino pros & cons

For a certain set of players, gambling online with real money can be too much of an ask, and understandably so. Putting your money on the line for a game is not worth it for everyone. But if you have already checked out our list of real money casino sites and are on the fence about whether to sign up to play or not, we’ve laid out a few key pros and cons that you can take into consideration.


  • Real Wagers, Real Prizes: While wins are never guaranteed at any online casino, you can expect to get the chance to win real money if you bet online with real money.
  • Big Bonuses: Real money bonuses can be big and are quickly rewarded to players who spend their money on the site. Whether this is in the form of a welcome package or loyalty rewards, you can expect these casino sites to reward you well.


  • Real Risks, Real Losses: One should never forget the simple fact that real money games are designed to get you to lose money, if not in the short term, then in the long term. Putting real money to this will mean that you can lose your hard-earned cash.
  • Risk of Addiction: The gameplay cycle of casino games, from baccarat to slots and everything in between, contains many easy pitfalls for players to fall into. This can very quickly spiral into an addiction if players fail to see the problem and correct their course.

Real Money Casino FAQs

Is it safe to play casino games for real money?

As long as the casino site has been verified by our experts, it is safe to play their games with real money. Players can also look for third-party certification that casinos hold.

Do any casino apps pay real money?

Any mobile casino apps that are actually connected to a real money casino will pay real money. However, you should also be aware of "social casino" apps, which have gambling games but do not let you play with real money.

What can I play at a real money casino?

All of the casino games you know and love can be played online for real money. Blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, slots and roulette are just a few of the options you can find here.

Do I need to pay tax when I win real money?

In Canada, you don't need to pay tax on wins from real money gambling.

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