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Many things in the free bingo world are not totally free, especially when it comes to free playing credits. As such, it can get quite difficult to figure out which free bingo site in Canada does actually offer the kind of free bingo that you expect.

We have gone ahead and done the due diligence for you on dozens of Canadian bingo websites to help you find free bingo on sites that are actually free. Besides that, we also perform detailed reviews of these games and sites so you have a solid idea of what to expect before you drop. This allows players to get easy-to-understand impressions of a bingo game without paying, prior to parting with any money on the website.

Free Bingo vs. Real Money Bingo

Although both free and real money bingo are mostly the same from a gameplay perspective, there are many more differences between the two when you consider how you play the game and what aspects of the gameplay you prioritise. We break this down in more detail with a comparison of both below.

Why play free bingo?

Start playing in minutes: Since you don’t have to actually pay any money to play free bingo, you can get started playing in just a few minutes by signing up for a free bingo site.

  • No barrier of entry: With the removal of a deposit requirement to play at a free bingo site comes the removal of any barrier to entry, allowing just about anyone with a device that supports a modern web browser.
  • More relaxing gameplay: By having no deposit at stake, takes a huge mental load off of a lot of players. Of course, by not having this added risk, it also means you lose out on the chance to win the biggest rewards. The choice to take this risk or not, ultimately depends on the players’ intent and mood.
  • Better social features: Many of the best free bingo sites you will find on the internet can actually offer more substantial social features to compensate for not having real money gambling. This can make free bingo more enjoyable if landing the jackpot isn’t your first priority.

Why play real money bingo?

Chance to win real money: The main counterpoint to free bingo will always be that real money bingo will actually give you the chance to win money from playing the game.

  • More common: Because of the intense and growing competition in the bingo industry, there is a much larger selection of these bingo sites to choose from compared to their free-play counterparts.
  • Greater variety of games: For most of the same competition revolving around competition and rising player demand, Canadian players will have a much easier time finding bingo games that are played with funds.

Types of Free Bingo Games

Not all free bingo games are created equal and we don’t just mean this in the sense of the type of bingo game it is. Different operators can have vastly different ideas about the way they offer their bingo games, and depending on what you’re expecting, you might be getting something other than what you expected.

Generally speaking, these free games typically fall into one of two categories: truly free bingo games and free bingo earned from bonuses. We will go into more detail on them below.

True Free Bingo Games

Arguably the most accurate form of free bingo games that you can play are the ones that only deal with virtual currency. These games are typically referred to as social bingo games and are named such because of their emphasis on social features. Because they do not involve any money, social bingo games also have the unique advantage of being more commonly available as mobile apps.

You can find these free social bingo games within the bingo area at Red Spins. Red Spins offers a bingo section in Canada, which features free bingo games from Pragmatic Play, that allows players to win in-game bingo credits that can be used to buy in-game cosmetics and make further wagers inside the game.

As mythically rare as it appears, some online bingo games have existed that you can play for free but actually win real money prizes. Just as proof of how rare these games actually are, we don’t currently know of any such free bingo games being offered.

Free Bingo from Bonuses

As you look through free bingo sites, you may notice that many of the best sites that have free bingo actually turn out to be real money sites that just offer some form of free play option from bonuses. These free play bonuses can, like any other gambling game bonus, come in a variety of forms, which we’ve listed below.

  • Welcome Deposit Free Bingo: Being the for-profit businesses that they are, bingo websites in Canada are more inclined to offer bonuses as an incentive for player deposits. This is especially true in many cases that have a free bingo offer that gives players say$50 if you make a deposit of at least $10.
  • No Deposit Free Bingo: For those that want to play with money without having to pony up a few dollars, there are some bingo sites that have a no-deposit bonus for new players in a similar vein to no deposit casino bonuses. Bingo Billy in particular gives players $30 in bingo credits completely free, all they need to do to claim it is to sign up for an account.
  • Limited-Time Promotion Free Bingo: Another variation that operators like to give out free plays for bingo is to offer these players or credits for a very limited time. Some websites do give free bingo offers every so often, but you will have to act fast to actually claim them.

Free Bingo FAQs

Can I play free bingo on websites?

Yes, you can play bingo for free on various bingo sites in Canada. Many free bingo sites are money bingo sites that offer free play options, while others are purely free game options that focus on social features.

What is the best free bingo?

We have listed the best sites with free bingo. Our No 1 choice is currently Bingo Cafe, not that they have launched their shiny new website.

Where can I play bingo for free?

You can play bingo in Canada for free on games like Bingo Bash and sites like Red Spins, where you don’t require any real money commitment to claim. You can find more info about these games in our bingo site review.

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