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What is a Casino Match Bonus?

A casino match bonus – also called a “deposit match bonus,” a “deposit bonus,” or just a “welcome bonus” (though that is a bit of a misnomer) – is a promotional offer provided by a real money casino that gives casino credit that matches the amount of money that the player deposits into their casino account up to a certain limit.

In simpler terms, it is bonus betting money you get in exchange for giving some of your real money to the casino.


How Do I Claim a Casino Match Bonus?

One of the main benefits of a casino match bonus is that it is incredibly easy to claim. All it takes is a few simple steps, which we’ve outlined for you below.


Parts of a Casino Match Bonus

To better understand how a match bonus actually works, let’s use an example of a typical match bonus that one might find out in the wild:

“100% Match Bonus Up to C$200”

Now, the wording might look a bit confusing at first, but it helps to isolate key parts of this phrase and identify how they affect the full terms of the match bonus.

The “100%” part specifies how much of the player’s deposit will be matched by the casino operator. In the case of a 100% match bonus, if the player deposits C$100 into their account, the casino will give the player an extra 100% of that deposit or C$100. As a result, the player will effectively have C$200 to use on the online casino’s games.

Although 100% match bonuses are the most common ones you will find, some casino operators are a bit more generous and may give 200% of your deposit or even more.

The “up to” part of the bonus, meanwhile, specifies the maximum amount of money that the casino is willing to give you as part of the bonus. Going back to our example above, if the player decides to deposit C$300 into their new online casino account, the casino will only give them C$200 because the bonus terms will only match deposits up to that amount. As such, the player will get the most value from this bonus if they only deposit C$200.


Variations and Gimmicks

Besides these two details, online casinos may have other gimmicks thrown in to make their casino match bonus more appealing to Canadian players.

For instance, some match bonus offers will match multiple deposits from the player.  A fairly common example of this is the match bonus applying to the player’s first three deposits into their online casino account.


Bonus Terms and Conditions

But as is the case with every casino bonus under the sun, the casino match bonus is often subject to a litany of casino terms and conditions that can make the shiny offer on the headline a lot less valuable.

One of the most common T&C traps that casino operators work into their match bonuses is the wagering requirement. This policy imposes a requirement on the player to wager a certain amount of money on casino games before they can withdraw any winnings earned from the match bonus.

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal on the surface, wagering requirements are often set at several multiples of the matched deposit, such as 5x if not more. This means that, for a C$200 match bonus, the player will need to wager at least C$1000 before they can withdraw any of that money.



What is a match deposit bonus?

A match deposit bonus is an online casino bonus that gives the player a certain amount of extra money to use on wagering based on the amount that the player deposited into their account.

How does a first deposit bonus work?

A first deposit bonus works by giving the player a certain amount of extra wagering money based on the amount of the player’s deposit money. For example, if a player deposits C$100 into their account, the casino will give them an extra C$100 or even more.

Which casinos have a match deposit bonus?

Some of the largest online casinos in Canada have a match deposit bonus, which are also home to large and varied collections of online games from the best developers in the industry. Learn more about these casinos through our database of online casino reviews.

What are the best deposit bonuses?

The best deposit bonuses are the ones that provide a lot of value for the player without incurring too many restrictions in the withdrawal of said bonus. You can find the Canadian online casinos with the best deposit bonuses through our online casino reviews here at InsideCasino.

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