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Free Spins No Deposit Canada

When it comes to online casino bonuses in Canada, the free spins no deposit bonus is arguably the most popular of all. The general idea behind this casino bonus is very simple, in fact, bonus spins are part of the game mechanics of almost all online slot games released over the past decade, and it is this simplicity that leads to its popularity. 

But like all casino bonuses, free spins bonuses are not exactly as they appear on the surface. Going into the fine print of it can reveal a few not-so-fun surprises lurking behind the glittery headline of that free spins offer. Our experts at Inside Casino show you how to get the most out of these free spins offers and we have reviewed the best free spins bonus casinos in Canada.



What is a free spins no deposit bonus?

In Canada, free spin bonuses are promotional offers from real money online casinos that provide you with free rounds that you may use to play online slots without having to put up any of your own money to make the wager.

In spite of the numerous variants of this bonus offer (which we will discuss in greater depth later), all free spin bonus offers that you will come across will all follow the same general pattern: after fulfilling all of the requirements needed for the for the free spins offer, you will be awarded the free spins, which you may use to play your favourite slot games. Below are some of the most popular free spin bonus offers that you may encounter while online:


  • No deposit free spins: For just about all Canadian players, this is the most sought-after variant of free spins. This is another type of casino no deposit bonus offer, so you don’t need to spend anything to claim the free spins offered by the casino here. Most likely, the player will only need to provide their personal information, in order to be made eligible to collect the free spins. It is also worth noting that, because of the value of this bonus, no deposit free spins offers are very hard to find at online casinos in Canada; however, our list above will help you in your search for the best casino that offers this highly valuable bonus.


  • Match bonus free spins: This is the typical alternative for online casino operators who don’t offer free spins on their online slot games with no deposit requirement, which makes it vastly more common as a result. This type of free spins offer, as the name suggests, is often combined with a casino match bonus and requires the player to deposit a certain amount of real money into their online casino account in order to be eligible to collect the free spins. 

  • Welcome bonus free spins: This type of free spins offer is typically offered by casino operators to players who register an account at a new casino online. The new player typically receives their free spins when they complete the registration process or after they make a deposit into their casino account, by which point it would technically count as a deposit bonus. 


How to Claim a Free Spins Bonus?

The process of claiming a free spins bonus from an online casino promotion is fairly simple, although there is a slight variation in the process depending on whether the bonus requires a deposit or not. We have accounted for both variations in the four easy to follow steps below:


  • Choose the free spins offer that’s right for you. Different online casinos across Canada will have different free spins offers, so it is usually a good idea to compare what each casino has to offer – not just in terms of the bonus but in terms of the quality of the casino experience – before settling on one that you will inevitably put your money into.


  • Register for an account. Your casino account serves as your ticket into the online casino’s games, services, and of course, your bonus spins. Depending on the online casino site, the account registration process may need you to provide a few of your personal details such as your name, age, and address in order to ensure that you are a legitimate player of legal age. 


  • Deposit money into your account. If the online casino that you chose has a no deposit free spins offer, and you can skip ahead to the next step. Otherwise you will need to deposit money into your casino account using a supported casino payment methods. Any of the casino sites recommended by us here at Inside Casino accept all of the major bank cards, e-wallets, and bank transfer options, so you should have very little trouble if any when getting your money into the account.


  • Claim your free spins. Once you have completed all of the casino’s requirements, you should now be able to claim your free spins. Depending on the online casino’s policy, your free spins will either be credited directly to your casino account, or it may be redeemable through the use of a bonus code that will be sent to you through your email address. be sure to read the instructions for claiming these free spins carefully so you don’t end up losing out on the free spins offer.


The True Cost of Free Spins

At this point, you might be asking, “Why would online casinos be giving out free spins casino bonuses? Aren’t they effectively giving out free money to their players?”


And the truth is, for the most part, the casinos actually are doing this – especially in the case of no deposit bonuses. This marketing technique is what is known as a loss leader, which is a product or service that a business produces at a loss in order to gather customers who will be enticed and encouraged to spend more on the businesses’ other products, which not only recoups the initial loss but even helps turn a profit.


And turn a profit the casino does, with the free spins and other perks coming together to keep players playing and more importantly, to keep them spending. This is the true cost of free spins.


Free Spins Terms and Conditions

Despite being a loss leader, online casino operators have come up with a variety of ways to make even no deposit free spins a bit less valuable than the front page headlines might suggest. These are typically hidden in the casino terms and conditions of their free spins offer.  The long and complicated fine print of which is almost intentionally designed to be confusing and difficult to read for most players. 


We at Inside Casino have gone into the fine print and made a relatively detailed (but  not exhaustive) list of some of the common traps and pitfalls online casino operators work into the terms and conditions of their free spins bonuses.


Free Spins Wagering Requirements

The first major trick that online casino operators like to work into their casino bonuses is the ever common wagering requirement. Free spin wagering requirements are, simply put, a condition that prevents players from withdrawing any money that they may have received from landing wins with free spins unless they have wagered a minimum amount of money. 


While this seems fairly innocuous on the surface, the real trick comes into play when you realise that most wagering requirements are set at several times the actual value of the free spins that you are given, which means that players will need to actually deposit a sizable amount of real money before they can withdraw any winnings from these supposed free spins.


To put this into perspective, a typical wagering requirement for a free spins bonus is usually set at 5x. This means that, for a bonus that has an overall value of C$50, the player will need to have wagered at least C$250 before they can withdraw any bonus winnings. 


Spin Value

And it is at this point that we have to consider the value of the actual spins that you are getting from the bonus offer. When you are calculating how to win at slots, each slot game gives you the option to place different betting values on each spin. Because of this range in potential values, online slots sites simply give you a bonus in which each free spin is set at the lowest available value on the slot games that the bonus spins can be used on. 


Obviously this isn’t exactly desirable by most metrics, but this is unfortunately the state of the game when it comes to online casino bonuses in Canada. As such, it is very important to read up on the value of the free spins that you are getting, since that 100 free spins bonus may actually turn out to not be worth much by the time you claim it.


Now, to actually calculate the monetary value of any given free spins bonus, all you need to do is to multiply the number of spins in the bonus deal by the value of each free spin. For example, a bonus with 50 free spins set at a C$1 value would give the bonus a value of C$50.


Free Spin Game Limits

Aside from the other two types we have discussed so far, arguably the most important restriction that you do need to know about when it comes to free spins bonuses is the limits on what games the free spins can be used on. 


After all, the main source of value for these free spins in the first place is that the player gets to use them on a slot game that they enjoy; for this reason, then, it can be quite frustrating to realise that the free spins bonus that you actually deposited money for doesn’t give you any free spins for the games you want to play.


Payout Limits

Payout limits are also another fairly common restriction that is worked into the fine print of free spins bonuses. As its name suggests, the payout limit imposes a maximum amount of real money that you can actually withdraw from the casino, regardless of how much money you actually won from the free spins.


Free Spin Time Limits

The last restriction that we will cover is the time limit, which simply places a restriction on when the free spins bonus can be redeemed by players. This is often done by online casino operators if they want to run a promotion frequently over the course of a year, or if they want to eat these promotions at certain peak seasons in which online traffic tends to spike.


Now, it is worth noting at this point that free spins bonuses, or any online casino bonus for that matter, will typically have more than one of these restrictions established in the fine print. For instance, a typical bonus offer may give out 50 spins at a fixed C$1 value that can only be redeemed over the course of one week. 


As we touched on earlier, these casino bonuses are by no means an act of goodwill from the online casino operators; they are instead marketing tools employed by the casino to encourage players to spend just a bit more time and money playing on their site instead of leaving for a competing casino.


Wrap Up

Free spins bonuses are by far the most popular promotional offer that you will find in the Canadian online casino industry. With online slot games continuing to not only retain players but also attract new gamblers year over year, it should be no surprise that many of the best online casinos in Canada will offer this in one form or another.


But as with anything involving real money, these bonuses should not be taken lightly. Our experts have conducted countless Canada casino reviews and we have seen the many ways that online operators diminish the overall value of their free spins bonus to the player, and it is by approaching these bonuses with a clear and analytical mind that we can find the bonuses that give players the most enjoyable slot gaming experience.


We hope that this guide has given you an important peek behind the curtain of these fun bonuses, and that our list of the best bonus offers in Canada has guided you to an online casino that you can enjoy for many play sessions to come.




How do you get free spins no deposit?

A player can get a free spins no deposit bonus by completing the requirements laid out in the terms of the online casino’s offer. While the exact requirements may vary from casino site to casino site, a free spins no deposit bonus is typically attached to a welcome bonus promotion, giving new players free spins upon completing their registration process. 


What are the best free spins no deposit casino?

The best free spins no deposit casino will mostly depend on two things: the terms of the free spins offer and the player’s personal preferences on the online slot games they want to play. Our review of free spins casinos here at InsideCasino should help you narrow down the exact gaming experience that you are looking for. 


Different casinos will, due to a variety of circumstances and general business decisions, end up with different catalogues of online slot games. It is this range of variation that makes finding the best free spins casino sites rather difficult as certain players may be looking for specific games. 


Can you win real money on free spins?

Yes, you can win real money on free spins. Any spins that you claim from free spin offers count as legitimate wagers on the slot games that you use them on, which means that any bonus winnings that you get from landing a win using a free spin will count as real money.


However, it is important to take note of the fact that this bonus money might not be so easily withdrawn. Of particular concern are free spins wagering requirements that are commonly attached to these free spins offers, which will require players to wager pretty exorbitant amounts of money at the casino just to withdraw a much smaller amount they got from winning some bonus spins – that is, of course, assuming there is actually anything left that can be withdrawn. 


How do casinos do free spins?

Online casinos in Canada typically do free spins as part of a promotional offer that they are running on the site. As a way to attract new players to the site, some online casinos will give out free spins through a welcome bonus offer that players can claim by signing up for a casino account.


In other cases, the free spins are given out through a special bonus package along with other perks, or through bonus codes that are distributed through social media platforms or other promotional events and advertisements.


What do I do with free spins?

The free spins you can get from these offers can be used on participating online slot games to effectively give you free wagers. These free spins are still counted as legitimate wagers as far as these slot games are concerned, which means that each free spin has the same chance of actually landing you a real money win.


What are the best slots for free spins?

Simply put, the best slots for online casino free spins are whatever slot games you can actually use your free spins on. Most online casino free spins bonuses tend to restrict the range of slot games that will accept these bonus spins, so it is usually a good idea to read through the fine print to make sure that the slot games you want to play will actually take your free spins. 


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