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Best Online Casinos in BC

Is online gambling legal in BC?

We will give you a tour of the BC gambling scene to help you find the best gambling experiences in the province. We will go through some of the best online casinos BC has to offer, and also examine the laws in the province so you are aware of how to play safely and legally.

Like most other provinces in the country, online gambling is legal in British Columbia; however, this is restricted to real money sites that are licensed by the BCLC. And, as you can probably expect, there is only one such site that is licensed to operate in the region. In the case of BC, that site is PlayNow.CA.

Although PlayNow is a provincial-run online casino (which does have a bit of a stigma among gamblers for being relatively lacklustre), it is no slouch by any means. This official British Columbia casino offers a huge assortment of online casino games that rivals some of the best offshore sites. Players can participate in lottery, keno, many of the best live casino games, and even sports betting, so one is never lacking in terms of gambling options. The online sportsbook section of the site used to be restricted to parlay betting only, but recent changes to BC gambling legislation allowed it to evolve into a fully-featured online sportsbook that rivals its competitors in other countries.


Best Online Casinos British Columbia

If what PlayNow has to offer isn’t quite up to your expectations, you are always free to play at any of the many dozens of offshore top online casino sites. Because these websites have their operations established in different regulatory jurisdictions, they are able to bypass the licensing requirements needed to operate within British Columbia.

Our team of casino reviewers here at InsideCasino have passed a growing list of BC casinos through our stringent review process to filter out the best from the rest, which you can read all about in our casino review section.


History of Gambling in British Columbia

Like most other provinces in Canada, the history of gambling in BC is lost to time, and much of what we know is mostly speculation based on tangential historical evidence. As far as we know, gambling landed in British Columbia through any one of its major port cities (most notably Vancouver). From here, gambling activities spread throughout the province, although naturally this mostly happened underground as gambling was outlawed throughout Canada for most of its history.


What payment methods can I use?

With no special restrictions in the province when it comes to making transactions for gambling purposes, you can expect to move funds into and out of your BC casino online account through all of the major payment methods available nationwide, which we’ve handily listed for your reference:

  • E-Wallet: As the de facto standard for most online transactions nowadays, e-wallets are arguably the most convenient way to deposit money into your online casino account, especially considering the fact that you likely already have and use one. Gigadat payments and iDebit payments continue to be the dominant options here.
  • Prepaid Card: While they are widely considered to be unusual for most purposes. Prepaid cards like Paysafecard and the Neofurf card are actually a very convenient option for those who want a simple, banking-free way to put money into their casino accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency: A new and secure payment processing system, crypto casinos are quickly becoming the hot new thing for online casino transactions thanks to their unique functions, high security, and almost complete anonymity.
  • Bank Transfer: Barring everything else, transferring funds into your online casino account through your bank can and does still work as a simple and reliable option. The only main requirement here is that your bank itself has to be pretty friendly when it comes to gambling-related transactions, some of them can block fund transfers to casinos in the interest of compliance with anti-problem gambling policies.




What is the legal gambling age in British Columbia?

At the time of publishing this guide, the legal gambling age in British Columbia is 19 years old, one of the few provinces in the country with this requirement. The rest of the country, notably, has their gambling age set a year earlier.


Are online casinos in British Columbia legal?

Yes, online casinos in British Columbia are legal, so long as they are licensed by the province’s governing body, the BCLC. To this end, only PlayNow.CA has such a license to operate in BC; but offshore sites are outside of the province’s jurisdiction and are also technically legal.


Can I gamble online in British Columbia?

Yes, you can gamble online in British Columbia. From online lotteries and sports betting to online slots and live casino games, the gambling options available in the province cover just about everything you could possibly want, and the list is only expected to grow in the future.


What is the best online casino in British Columbia?

PlayNow is widely considered to be the best online casino in British Columbia, but only by virtue of the fact that it is the only one that’s licensed to operate in the province. When we look to offshore casinos, however, we are more likely to find a lot more in the way of bonuses and the like because of the more intense competition in these regions.


Can you win real money on British Columbia online casinos?

Yes, you can win real money on British Columbia online casinos— just make sure that the online casino you play at accepts real money in the first place. Check out our reviews for these online casinos right here at InsideCasino to help you find the real money online casino that fits your gambling needs.

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