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Bingo Canada 2023

By Dale Shelabarger, Updated:

Bingo is proving kind of popular with gamblers in Canada. It’s easy to pick up, fun to play and gives you the chance to win some money. What more could you ask for, right? Because of this, many operators will include bingo to complement their portfolio of slots and table games. These days, there are all kinds of bingo variants available to play online. So to get you started, we review and show you the best bingo sites in Canada.

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90-Ball Bingo

This version of bingo is widely available across a massive range of online casinos. As the name suggests, it’s played with 90 balls which means that sessions are longer. Virtual 90-ball cards feature 27 squares organised in 9 columns and 3 rows. In each of the rows are five numbers and four empty spaces. So each card comprises 15 numbers.

How to Win at 90-Ball Bingo

To win at 90-ball bingo, you’ll need to mark off a single line pattern, cover all the numbers in any two rows or score a full-house. The latter is achieved by daubing every single number on the card.

80-Ball Bingo

This particular bingo variant hasn’t been around that long but is very popular. The game is played with a card consisting of four columns and four rows that are filled with sixteen numbers.

How to Win at 80-Ball Bingo

For most versions, there are four ways to win: a ‘single’, ‘any line and house’, ‘any line, column and house’ and a ‘full-house and pattern’. A ‘single’ win is possible by getting fours numbers diagonally, vertically and horizontally, either in the four central squares of the card or in the four corners.

To score an ‘any line and house’ win, you have to daub four numbers in the lines already mentioned but also mark all sixteen numbers.

The ‘any line, column and house’ is awarded when you get a line of numbers, two columns as well as a full-house. And finally, the ‘full-house and pattern’ is achieved by marking off every single number in addition to a specific pattern.

75-Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo is real popular with our neighbors to the south of Canada. In fact this version of bingo originated in the US way back in the 1940s. Because it makes use of fewer balls than its 90-ball cousin, games tend to be quicker. The cards comprise five rows and five columns with a blank square smack bang in the middle.

How to Win at 75-Ball

In order to win some money playing 75-ball bingo, daub five numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

30-Ball Bingo

Also known as speed bingo, the 30-ball interpretation is aimed squarely at players who are either pushed for time or enjoy fast and furious online gambling games - play tends to last just a few minutes. Game cards feature a three row, three column configuration and therefore contain just nine numbered squares.

How to win at 30-Ball

There’s not really much too it. Just cover all nine squares and you’ll be declared the winner. This version is more suited to casuals as well as mobile gamers looking for something to keep them occupied during transit. Those of you that prefer more elaborate play should probably direct your attention to the 75, 80 and 90-ball games.

5-Line Bingo

Five-line bingo is very similar to the 75-ball game. In fact the only difference is that the 5 x 5 card doesn’t include any blank squares. Atop the five columns are the letters B-I-N-G-O.

How to Win at 5-Line

There are five ways to win 5-line bingo: a ‘single line win’, a ‘double line win’, a ‘three-line win’, a ‘four-line win’ and a ‘full-house’. Single line wins happen when you get five numbers in a line. Double line wins are possible when you daub 10 numbers in two lines. Three line wins are awarded to players who daub 15 numbers in three lines and four line wins are achieved by daubing 20 numbers in four lines. To get a full-house, you’ll have to mark off every number in all five lines.

50-Ball Bingo

50-ball bingo is another fast-paced version that’s played with a card made up of five columns and two rows. As with its 30-ball counterpart, every single box is populated with a number.

How to Win at 50-Ball

In order to win a game of 50-ball bingo, you’re going have to land a full-house by daubing all 10 numbers. Not easy but by no means impossible. Some versions also allow you to score a win by daubing a single line.

Roll on Bingo

Roll on Bingo follows the same rules as standard versions of bingo but with one key difference. The game carries on until a set number of players win. So don’t expect to be declared the outright winner, even if you’re lucky enough to achieve a pattern or full-house. Those balls will continue to roll until every single pre-specified prize has been won.

How to Win at Roll on Bingo

It’s possible to win at Roll on Bingo by landing a full-house or by marking of as many as 20 pattern coveralls. So there are plenty of ways to bag some kind of prize.

That pretty much concludes our guide to the most common versions of bingo online. But there are plenty of others that have been introduced in recent years, of which some are kind of unconventional. Although a few of these might not yet be available in Canada, we figured we’d mention them anyway.


Cinco is a weird mix of bingo and cards that was created by Tombola. To play, you’ll be presented with five rows of cards. The dealer then draws additional cards from a pack and turns them over, one by one.

How to Win at Cinco

The aim is match your cards with the ones from the pack. As you do so, a gaming chip is placed on each matching card. You’ll win the game if you’re the first to pair five cards with the dealer’s deck.

Flash Fives

Flash Fives is also known as Bingo Vegas at some websites and has been around for a couple of years now. Like Cinco, it fuses card game-play with bingo and includes a progressive jackpot. If you decide you’re going to play, you’ll be dealt five cards that are chosen randomly from a deck of 52 cards.

How to win at Flash Fives

To get lucky at Flash Fives, you’ve got to match your cards to those from the dealer’s deck. When one matches, it gets covered with a gaming chip. Cover all five and you’ll be declared the winner provided you’re the first to do so of course!

Housey Bingo

This is another card game-bingo hybrid that bares a very close resemblance to Cinco and Flash Fives. But instead of traditional bingo numbers being called, you’ll be dealt cards. To play, just purchase ‘tickets’ or rows of cards. Every game features five with a maximum of 10 rows.

How to Win at Housey

To win, you’ve got to mark off all five cards in a single row. In addition to a standard prize, the game includes a progressive jackpot. To win this, you’ve got to make a ‘bingo’ in seven calls.

Cashpot Bingo

Cashpot Bingo is for all intents and purposes a 90-ball game with a bonus wheel thrown in for good measure.

How to Win at Cashpot

You win by landing a full-house, one line, two lines or a pre-specified pattern. Should you manage this, you’ll also gain access to the bonus wheel for the chance to spin for an extra prize.

Blox Bingo

Blox Bingo is another re-imagining of the standard 90-ball variant. There’s also a bonus round where you’ve got to arrange blocks to win prizes. A progressive jackpot has been included too.

How to Win Blox

You can win a game of Blox Bingo by marking off a single horizontal line, two horizontal lines or a full house (every number on your ticket). To try your luck at the Blox bonus game, you’re going to need to purchase at least six tickets. Then you’ve got to create lines of three or more ‘blox’ by arranging colored squares. The highest scorers are awarded more tickets for the next game – not the most imaginative prize in our book but what the hell.

Cash Cubes

Cash Cubes is based on 36-ball bingo and was developed by iGaming giant Playtech. The game area features 12 numbers that are arranged on the outside of four joined cubes.

How to Win at Cash Cubes

To win a prize, you have to achieve a full-house. This is possible by drawing all numbers on a cube. Each completed cube also counts towards a bonus which is banked and then saved to your ‘Cash Cubes collection’. When you’ve collected 50 cubes of one color you’ll win a special bonus.

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