Best low deposit casinos (December)

Why are we the experts on casino deposits?

The size of the casino deposit allowed and the payment methods available for those deposits, have become an important factor nowadays for players who are looking for new casino sites to join. This is why our team at InsideCasino analyse and tests this on every casino we review in Canada. We have seen every option available in the market, so we know what works best and what Canadian players want.

What is a minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is the lowest amount that a casino site will accept as a deposit into a player’s account. For most casino sites in Canada, a typical lowest deposit is usually set at C$20 or C$30. However, there isn’t a set standard when it comes to the minimum deposit for these sites and the trend among most casinos is set at C$20.

While the casino operator has most of the say in what they want the lowest deposit amount to be, they don’t always have full control over this. The payment processors themselves (which are services run by separate companies) also have minimum and maximum transaction limits of their own. This means that a player who uses a payment method that has a C$20 minimum limit, would still need to deposit C$20 if that method was used at a $5 casino.

Another catch to this is a player’s casino bonus. 5 dollar deposit casinos may have a C$5 minimum under normal circumstances, but you might need to make a larger deposit to be eligible for a welcome bonus.

We have also seen instances of casino sites offering low minimum deposits, as the actual bonus iteself. In other words, a casino can normally have a high minimum deposit, but introduce a special offer that lets players get started with anything down to a $1 deposit.

Why choose casinos with a low minimum deposit?

Many players who are looking for a casino with a low minimum deposit will already have their reasons for why. We have found the most common these reasons is that a player is unsure about a gambling site they are signing up to. Having a low deposit amount like $1 or $5 is a much lower barrier to entry and gives players the opportunity of trying a site or a game out, before they commit to depositing more money.

Unbeknown to players, casinos have costs associated with players who register on their sites. These are for factors such as identity checks, security checks, game fees and payment processing etc. As such, on an initial $1 deposit, a casino will likely be making a loss. This means that the casino is so confident in their product and being able to offer a great playing experience, they are also sure the player will want to re-deposit again and continue playing.

The popularity of $1 and $5 casinos is fairly new in Canada and it is on a rise. So, as competing sites decide to start offering this, expect to see many more casinos regularly being added to our list of low deposit casinos.

Find casinos with the lowest minimum deposits

Even among the relatively small chunk of low deposit casinos in Canada, players can find several variations, that cater to different budget levels below the standard C$20. These low minimum deposit casinos typically fall into 3 categories: $1 casinos, $5 casinos, and $10 casinos.

$1 deposit casinos

Casinos with $1 deposits are for all intents and purposes, the lowest possible minimum deposit that a Canadian casino can accept. On the one hand, they provide the lowest barrier to entry for low-budget new players. However, very few operators are actually willing to offer this, making $1 casinos very rare.

$5 deposit casinos

Set at a relatively higher amount, casinos with $5 deposits ask for a bit more per deposit, but they make up for this as players can start spending their deposit on table games and bigger bets on online slots. Although a $5 casino is a pretty good sweet spot between 1 and 10, there have been some instances in the past of lower minimum deposits as well. Some casino sites have offered minimum deposit amounts such as $2, $3 and $4, but at present these are even harder to find.

$10 deposit casinos

While some people consider casinos with $10 deposits to still be a bit of a high ask, the 10 dollars is still half of the 20 dollars that is the norm. As such, you still get a lot of the affordability, but the extra money lets you play a lot longer than the lower deposit options. $10 also allows players to redeem many of the bonus promotions on offer, which aren’t available for the lower amounts.

Get a bonus with a $1 and $5 deposit

Even though low deposit casinos are already hard to come by, it can be possible to get a bonus from with a $1 or $5 deposit. They are difficult to find though and when they do become available, the bonus is often restricted to less popular games. That said, now the popularity of these minimum deposit options is on the rise in Canada, casinos are listening to what players want and it will only be a matter of time, before $1 bonus and $5 bonus options become more common.

Best banking methods for low casino deposits

Each of the banking methods available in Canada sets its own limits for the minimum deposits or withdrawals accepted. A lot of this is dependent on the processing fees that the casino has negotiated with them. Some banking methods have a set % fee, while other methods have a fixed fee regardless of the transactional amount. Gambling sites in Canada generally allow minimal $1 transactions, with many of the popular banking methods. Here are some of the methods you can use to play at a $1 deposit casino in Canada:

  • Interac: As the largest interbank network in Canada, Interac is the payment method most Canadians likely already have and use for their everyday online purchases and transactions. The service has a minimum transaction amount of C$0.01 which means casinos accepting Interac can also facilitate $1 deposits with no issues.
  • Gigadat: Gigadat is one of the largest payment service providers in Canada, and is most well known for being integrated with Interac’s e-Transfer online payment system. Gigadat’s services allow transfers as low as C$1, making casinos with Gigadat a great option for players on a low budget.
  • Instadebit: Instadebit is one of the most popular banking methods for players in Canada and is hot on the heels of Interac. They are especially liked for their convenient mobile app and transactions can be as little as C$1. The casinos accepting Instadebit have extra low fees, helping players get as much value as possible on their betting deposits.
  • Paysafecard: Paysafe is a prepaid card, that is popular for doing transactions online in Canada. It is available in almost 50 countries and is popular for the extra layer of security it adds for players, who are cautious about doing transactions at new casino sites. The minimum denomination for loading funds onto the card is C$10, but casinos using paysafecard allow players to deposit into their casino account with transactions as low as $1.
  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest and the most popular cryptocurrency, that has taken the finance world by storm. Being a virtual currency, it operates on a blockchain, which is completely different to the CAD transaction systems you are used to. Casinos accepting BTC via the blockchain, benefit from deposits being done instantly, with minimal transaction fees and 100% security. This makes it a popular deposit method at $1 dollar casinos.

Low deposits and responsible gambling

Regardless of how easy and accessible a C$ 1 casino can be, you can definitely still run the risk of spending more than you planned. As anyone who has ever taken out a loan would know, it is much easier to deal with many small payments than it is a single big payment upfront.

The exact same applies here to low deposit casinos, so it is important to gamble responsibly. If you don’t take measures to control your spending, you could find yourself making more and more 1 dollar transactions until you’ve spent just as much as you would have had you gone with a bigger deposit in the first place.

Regardless, it is important to remember that the top CA casino sites have tools like play limits and self-exclusion to help you control your gambling habits if you fail to maintain the self-control needed to do so, and we strongly recommend making use of these options whenever possible to keep your gambling spending within safe and manageable limits.

Our thoughts on low-deposit casinos

Low-deposit casinos are far and away the easiest and safest way for players to try their hand at gambling in Canada. With a barrier of entry as low as a dollar, playing your favourite casino games is now as easy as it gets.

Low minimum deposit pros & cons

Low minimum deposit casinos are currently considered to be a bit of a niche among cash casino players in Canada. Like many niches, these casinos have their advantages and disadvantages over the typical selection.

We expect this area of the market to improve and change a lot during 2023. From the testing & analysis we have carried out with min deposit options, here are the main pros & cons we have found:


  • Easy accessibility: For a lot of players, it is a lot easier to stomach paying C$5 dollars or even as low as C$1 dollar, to gamble online, than it is to pay the C$20 or C$30 dollars that the major brands will typically ask for.
  • Lowest barrier to entry: A $1 minimum deposit casino in Canada provides the lowest possible barrier to entry for players, giving one the privilege to play with real money, for what could just be pocket change.
  • Low budget casino testing: If you are on the hunt for the perfect casino site to play, low minimum deposit sites make the process a lot lighter on the wallet, since you can test the casino to make sure it is one that you like and can trust, prior to parting with more money.


  • Not very common: This is a new concept and there are fewer options available. Whether it's from the limits imposed by payment processors or the willingness of casino operators to offer it in the first place, a 5$ deposit casino or lower can be more difficult to find.
  • Doesn't get very far: Even on slot games that have minimum bets as low as 10 cents, a 1 dollar deposit will only get you 10 spins unless you land enough wins.
  • May not get what you pay for: Some payment processors in Canada (usually e-wallets) place fees on all transactions, which means your 1 or 2 dollar deposit casino will cost you a bit more than the sticker price suggests.


What is the smallest sum I can deposit at a casino?

$1 is the lowest amount that can be deposited at casinos in Canada. This minimum is imposed both by the casino operators and the payment processors alike, as the transaction fees incurred can sometimes be high.

Are there casinos without minimum deposits?

Technically speaking, there are some casinos without a minimum deposit. These are casino websites that offer new players a no deposit bonus for registering a new account with them. The minimal transactional amount currently available for a casino deposits is $1.

How many $1 casinos are there in Canada?

The concept of $1 casinos in Canada and they are rarely found. Our team at InsideCasino have created a list of the best $1 casinos for players to chose from.

What is the lowest deposit casino?

The best lowest deposit casino we have found is Jackpot City, that provides both a free bonus and an additional bonus that can be received by making a minimum deposit of just C$1 dollar.

Which banking methods can I use at a minimum deposit casino?

Minimum deposit casinos in Canada typically use banking like Gigadat, Interac, and bank cards.It is important for these methods to have low transaction fees.

What are minimum withdrawals?

Minimum withdrawals refers to the minimum amount that a player can withdraw from their casino account. This is often set higher than the minimum deposit amount to discourage players from quickly pulling their funds out.

What games can I play with $1?

You can still play a wide range of slot games online with a 1$ deposit. Many of the popular slots allow 10c spins, which will give you at least 10x spins on $1 even if you don’t win any rounds.

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