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Every good casino review you read online covers and assesses everything that the casino does and has to offer. As such, some of this may need a bit of prior knowledge that players completely new to online gambling might not be aware of. Our in-house experts carry out extensive checks on every gambling site they cover and we explain why they are important and give you our findings. 

Why read casino reviews?

Casino reviews are, simply put, the best way for players to learn about any casino site without needing to sign up or finding out the hard way. With so many new casino sites launching in Canada left and right, casino reviews can give players quick first impressions about the site so they can quickly decide whether to try it or not. 

Why trust our casino reviews?

Not to toot our own horn here, but we at InsideCasino do take pride in the quality and trustworthiness of our reviews. Part of this is made possible by our real money testing process, where we spend our own money to deposit, wager and withdraw on the site. This way, we can receive the exact same service as any normal player, which helps us to find the best available casinos then relay this, to help you make your own decisions.

Criteria for our online casino reviews

For every casino we review at InsideCasino, we put their website through a laundry list of tests and assessments to figure out how the casino treats its players throughout their journey. Each of the following criteria we look at are important to players in different ways, which is why we consider them all in our analysis, so players can get an accurate breakdown on the parts of the casino that matters to them.


The bonuses and promotions a casino site has are often the first thing that players see and are drawn to. As such, the variety and value these casino bonuses can offer are very important to a lot of players. The bonuses we review can come in multiple forms, such as:

  • No deposit bonus
  • Free spins bonus
  • Casino match bonus
  • Cashback bonus

But as casino veterans are likely already aware of, the number of cash or free spins that are shown on the offer pages are never actually what you get at the end. Because of this, we thoroughly analyse these bonuses to let you know how much you can realistically get out of them.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of every casino site we review are tedious and difficult to read. However, this crucial document does lay out most of the casino’s policies and rules on how they treat players, which starts to become a pretty big deal when real transactions are involved.

Our reviewers at InsideCasino dive headfirst into the terms and conditions of every casino site that we review to look for and dig up problematic clauses and lines that could cause some major misunderstandings or otherwise sour the playing experience.

Money Transfers

As the lifeblood of any real money gambling outlet, money transfers are incredibly important both for the players as well as the casino operators. Generally, players want to be able to make transactions with the casino quickly and conveniently with the payment methods of their choice. Casino operators are therefore expected to provide these payment options, which include:

  • Amex casinos
  • Gigadat casinos
  • Instadebit casino
  • Interac casinos
  • Bitcoin casinos

The subject of quick payments can also get quite sensitive as both sides have slightly conflicting goals. On the one hand, players want to be able to pull their cash out, on time when they want it. On the other, casino operators are financially incentivised to keep players within their system as long as possible. This difference has naturally resulted in some rather difficult squabbles.

In our casino reviews, we scrutinise the policies and payment performance of every casino we review (even using our own money to do it) to ensure players’ funds are handled fairly.

Customer Support

When player concerns arise, customer support is (or otherwise should be) the casino’s first response. As with any service industry, the support staff of casino sites in Canada should be timely, friendly and effective in answering questions and resolving issues.

Although customer support used to be done over the phone (and it still is with many of the largest casino brands), the further improvement of Internet services over the years eventually made live chat the cheaper and more popular option for both players and casinos.

Game Selection

Even with all of the additional considerations that come with casinos in Canada, no casino site worth its salt would neglect the fundamentals – specifically, the quantity and quality of the casino’s game selection. Most of the top rated online casinos boast a very solid range of games, which include:

  • Popular table games
  • Live casino games
  • Poker
  • Slot games
  • Sports betting

Aside from the actual games a casino has on offer, we at InsideCasino also take a look at how easy it is to search and find the specific games you are looking for. Gambling sites today boast of having thousands of games in their portfolio, especially when it comes to offering slot games online. it is important that players are can filter the options. It is also important that the casino’s platform is stable and the games do not hang or crash while you are playing.

Mobile Usability

Gambling on the go is common nowadays, so a casino site’s mobile usability on devices like smartphones or tablets is another key factor. With this in mind, mobile-friendly casinos are the norm and some offer mobile casino apps. Exactly how mobile-friendly a casino site or an app is, is another factor and these results can vary greatly. The best-rated online casinos we review go all-out on their mobile experience, while others appear to treat it as an afterthought.

Many of the casino website tests we carry out are on a smartphone, so we get to see how the site performs on a typical mobile device.


The basic requirement for any casino is, of course, having a valid licence to operate in the first place. Canada has recently started rolling out new gambling regulations nationwide, which means operators have the choice to be licenced offshore and operate in the grey market, or apply for a licence from regulator like iGaming Ontario and operate in one of Canada’s shiny new regulated provinces. In either case, our casino reviewers make sure to check for the validity of the casino’s licences and the stature of that license, which can vary.


Last but certainly not least, we also look into the security measures employed by a casino to keep elements like player information and money safe. Sophisticated security has to be present for a casino site to obtain a gambling license and most sites are required to have their own appointed security officers. While we don’t have the resources to perform full-on security audits, we still look into the history of any breaches and check for certain security indicators, which we report on in our casino reviews.

How to choose the best casino for you based on reviews

Although casino reviews try to be as informative as possible, you should use them alongside choosing the casino based on its face value. This is because every casino review is carried out by an expert who might miss out on some points that are important to a particular player.

There are, of course, a lot of elements that only expert reviewers have the knowledge and experience to test, so their opinion on a casino rating is a good indicator. The final choice is down to the player and here are four steps to help your decision.

Casino review pros & cons

A casino review is generally intended to give an honest opinion and be as helpful to the players as possible. However, they are not without their flaws and pitfalls, which players should be aware of before relying on them too much.


✔️ Quick impressions: Casino reviews, especially those from review sites like InsideCasino, are very useful for getting a quick impression of how a casino website feels to play at without needing to spend money to experience it yourself.

✔️ Early scam alerts: Even if the greater gambling industry is doing its best, bad apples can and do still find their way into the online casino barrel. Casino reviews are often the first thing that can sniff scam sites out and guide players away from them.


🚩Opinions, not facts: No matter how objective or empirical casino reviews claim to be, it is still the reviewer's opinion at the end of the day. This means that players shouldn't take any one review as fact, as two different people can have entirely different opinions on the same topic.

🚩Reviewer biases: Casino reviewers can sometimes be susceptible to their biases, which can be affected by external factors just as much as internal ones. One way that this is done is if the reviewer was paid by the casino to write a positive review. 

Casino reviews and responsible gambling

Casino reviews can help players avoid websites that have bad practices or are not trustworthy, but they are also intended to point players towards the casino sites they will like. Knowing this, it is important for all of the top-rated casinos to uphold responsible gambling tenets to at least remind players of the risks of playing online with real money.

What we think about casino reviews

Reading casino reviews is by far the best way to find accurate qualified information instantly. Given the sheer size of the gambling market in Canada, being able to quickly get an idea of what a casino is like from a review gives you massive savings in both time and money.

But like a lot of things in life, casino reviews are not something players should trust blindly. As we have covered in this guide, there are ways to use them to help find the best site for you.

Casino Review FAQs

What are the best-rated online casinos in Canada?

The best-rated casinos we have found in Canada are from operators licensed in Kahnawake or other Canadian provinces. This demonstrates their commitment to local Canadian players.

What are online casino reviews based on?

Our online casino reviews here at InsideCasino are based on a long checklist of visual and technical checks, as well as the usability, reputation and history of the casino.

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