What is Online Bingo?

To start with, we’ll assume that you’ve never heard of bingo. Here goes. In a typical game, you’re presented with a bingo card(s) that feature a collection of numbers. These are also known as tickets. Numbered balls are then drawn and announced by a caller. As these balls are called, you’ve got to daub (mark) off numbers if they match any on your card. The goal is to call bingo by completing a set of numbers in a line, pattern or full-house. These will depend on the version of that you’re playing.

Online Bingo Prizes

If you’re playing bingo online the prizes tend to vary according to each variant. A typical game of 90-ball bingo will often include prizes for marking off 1 line, 2 lines and a full-house. For real money bingo games like the ones played at traditional halls, the money spent on tickets goes into a prize pot that’s paid out to the eventual winner(s). When you play bingo for money, you’ll also find that some feature guaranteed jackpots. This basically means that a pre-specified sum will be awarded irrespective of ticket sales.

Advantages of Playing Bingo for Money Online

Playing bingo for money online is easier and far more convenient than visiting your local hall or club. One of the reasons can be found in the auto-daub feature. This basically allows web-based players to sit back and relax while the numbers are called, safe in the knowledge that they won’t miss the numbers being announced. With offline play, it can be quite easy to miss a number given how rowdy clubs and bingo halls can be. Auto-daub is also kind of important when you want to play bingo online, especially when it comes to the speed and stability of your connection. Sometimes poor connectivity might prevent you from seeing a number being called.

However, if you prefer playing with manual daub, then you’ll be able to find plenty of websites that offer this feature. Unfortunately in Canada, those that do aren’t able to pay out real money prizes – something to consider when you’re looking to play bingo online.

Finding a Site on Which to Play Bingo Online

Ok, so there are plenty of advantages for those of you looking to play bingo online. There are a few things to keep in mind though. First of all, you’ve got to choose between hundreds (yes hundreds) of platforms. Then you’ve got to work out how to sign up, how to make a deposit and which bingo room to play at. To help, here’s a guide.

Choosing the Best Online Bingo Site

There are easily more than 500 online bingo sites out there. This of course makes choosing one pretty difficult, particularly if you’re a noob. But there are a couple of networks that you should like out for that offer a superior gaming experience. Dragonfish and Virtue Fusion are excellent examples because their sites often include generous welcome offers. Anyway, here are some of the question you should consider when searching.

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