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Casino News

Stay abreast of the latest casino news as we provide regular updates about this volatile but fascinating sector. You’ll find articles, posts, player guides and in-depth pieces covering all facets of an industry that never sleeps. Want to stay informed about new casino game launches? We’ve got you covered. How about details of exciting industry events? Look no further.

Casino Industry News

In addition to the cool stuff, we also delve deep into the drier side of the industry, paying close attention to new gambling laws and regulatory changes – things that can directly affect you, the gamer. So we’ve got our finger on the pulse, as it were. Read on as we now provide further details of the type of casino-related content you’ll find in this section.

Major New Online Casinos

As part of the drive to reach new customers, new online casinos  launch on an almost daily basis. Some are standalone enterprises while others operate under the white label banner of a parent company. The vast majority of white-label and third-party casino launches are added straight to our casinos page. This is not because we don’t value such operators. It’s just that there are far too many to keep track of, let alone write detailed articles about. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to read about some of the biggest casino launches right here in our online casino news section.

Latest Online Casino Promotions

Promotions and player allurements are crucial for online casinos - without them, they don’t get new players. While many of the best ones can be found in our casino bonuses section, we occasionally offer details of major new incentives. But we’re not talking about free spin offers from your typical Gibraltar-based Joe Bloggs casino here. No. We’re talking about inventive, generous promos that offer bigger benefits to a larger range of players. These can take the form of time-specific offers, event tie-ins and online slots tournaments. Stay tuned to find out more!

Online Casino Strategies and Tips

Our online casino news section is also teaming with articles offering tips and winning strategies. Ok, so we can’t really tell you how to consistently hit the jackpot when playing online slots. This is, in fairness, an almost impossible task. But we can offer our advice about some of the best, most rewarding slot games to try your hand at. And thanks to our expert staff, we’re also well-placed to provide useful strategies for classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. Our game guides probably won’t make you a millionaire. But they should help you protect your gambling budget and may give you a slight edge over your opponents.

Casino Industry Events

Corporate events are a great way for companies to size up the competition, create new partnerships and, you know, actually meet their customers. They’re also the perfect excuse for all concerned to let their hair down and have a good time. The iGaming calendar is choc-full of these little get-togethers. Some of the most popular events include ICE, the EGR Summit, SIGMA and IGB, all of which provide revealing industry insights. Needless to say, our team covers all of the major conferences, offering our thoughts on how each one went, together with key information that players need to be aware of.

Casino Industry Developments

The online casino industry is exciting, controversial, constantly evolving and occasionally bewildering. Indeed it’s a bountiful source of newsworthy information for websites like Inside Casino. To keep up with the latest happenings, we make full use of our trusted array of sources to offer the kind of insights that you just won’t find with other online casino news sites. As well as considering the most pressing issues of the day, we also compose comprehensive thought pieces on a wide range of topics.

Corporate News

‘Cutting-edge’ is the word here. But ‘cut-throat’ comes to mind too. It is a turbulent sector in which kingdoms rise and fall on the back of mergers and aggressive takeovers. But it’s not always adversarial with exciting new alliances and partnerships forged with striking regularity. Thankfully, we’re mere spectators to this relentless upheaval. So we’re perfectly placed to inform you of the latest business and corporate developments.

Casino Game Development

Innovation is at the heart of the casino industry, both online and off. In fact, few sectors can boast such an expansive array of pioneers. To stay ahead of the competition, all of the main movers and shakers regularly introduce new cutting-edge casino games and online platforms. It’s the only way to satisfy an expanding and ever-more sophisticated gambling audience. It’s therefore little surprise that game development has become a very crowded area in recent years. There are now hundreds of providers all vying for the attention of floating gamers. Some of the most celebrated distributors include the likes of Netent, Microgaming, Evolution, IGT, Bally, NextGen Gaming, Blueprint and Yggdrasil. And these are just the major companies. For every big brand, there are numerous smaller outfits also striving to come up with ground-breaking online slots that can set them apart from their many rivals. Competition drives innovation as they say and this is most definitely the case here. Accordingly, you’ll be kept informed of the kind of game releases that are sure to cause ripples in the industry while captivating players at the same time. Good here, isn’t it.

Casino Bucket Lists

Ever wondered what the top 15 best gambling quotes are? As well as detailed articles, we also recognize that everybody loves a bucket-list. We also recognize that time is precious. Happily, we’ve populated our casino news section with top 5/top 10/top 20 articles aimed squarely at time-pressed scan readers. Is there any other kind online? They can be found across many of the categories already listed above and are primarily intended for players looking for bite-sized to speak.
Casino Website Guide
Although we provide detailed information about individual operators in our online casino reviews section, we occasionally include how-to guides in our articles/news area too. There are plenty of things that gamers should be aware of when playing at a web-based casino. This is especially true for the uninitiated or those visiting a new site. So we provide advice and help about interpreting terms and conditions, assessing the quality of customer support, deciding whether or not a casino is a white label operation and so forth. There are plenty of scurrilous operators out there. And we want you to be aware of them.
Casino History
The online casino sector owes everything to the iconic land-based casinos of years past. It as an industry built on the green-felt gambling games of roulette, poker and roulette, on the cumbersome countertop slot machines that once graced US grocery stores. If you strip away all of the online technologies and innovations that have made online gambling possible, iGaming would teeter and collapse without these bricks-and-mortar foundations. So, as a nod to this proud casino gaming heritage, we often feature articles about the history of casino gaming. Topics include the origins of the slot machine as well as the travails of traditional casino establishments in the UK.
Gambling Psychology
Flawed strategies can have a devastating impact on bankrolls. And it’s the same with flawed thinking too. Unfortunately, our brains are incapable of interpreting the enormous number of sequences inherent in gambling games. This means that we’re often susceptible to false notions that can put us at a major disadvantage. For instance, have you ever thought that you were ‘due some luck’ or ‘on a winning streak’? We’d imagine that your answer is ‘yes’. And there’s no shame in this. Everybody is vulnerable to this line of thinking irrespective of their chosen online casino game.  From slots to blackjack, millions upon millions of players lose out because of these false assumptions. To help you let go of these unhelpful delusions, our online casino news section also includes articles about well-documented psychological pitfalls. These include the gambler’s fallacy, the ‘hot hand’ phenomenon and the availability heuristic. Get a handle on these mental quirks and you’ll be better placed to protect your budget and play more sensibly.
The People Behind Casino Gaming
It’s always good to know the opinions of the people behind the best casino games. This is why we’ll be featuring articles from leading figures within the industry from companies such as Quickspin. You’ll be able to hear their thoughts on game releases, industry developments as well as the latest, most exciting innovations.
Land based Casino News
Whether a casino is land-based or virtual, it’s still part of the same industry. And it follows that bricks-and-mortar developments can have a direct impact on companies specializing in online casino gaming. It also works the other way on occasion too. A typical example can be found with online content distributor Nektan which recently introduced casino game streaming in land-based establishments. Our team, therefore, takes a big-picture approach that encompasses both verticals, allowing you to read up on the latest developments across the entire gambling industry.
Casino news about Gambling Regulations
In order to keep unscrupulous operators in check and to protect players, new regulations and rules are introduced regularly. However, it’s becoming very difficult for regulatory bodies to keep up, given how rapidly the industry has expanded. As a result, the regulatory landscape can be pretty confusing, both for the operator and consumer. To help you make sense of it all, our online casino news section is updated with information about the latest laws and edicts that have come into effect. We don’t just cover Canada though. We’ll also inform you about those rules that could have an influence on the gambling industry as a whole. Our team provides forecasts about what each new regulation could mean for you in the medium to long-term.
An Eye to the Future
Despite the imposition of new regulations on gambling companies, the future looks bright and exciting. After all, the online world is evolving all the time thanks to more refined coding tools and improved technologies. Inevitably, this has a knock-on effect with virtual casinos. A prime example of this synergy can be found with improved internet connectivity. Without advancements in this field, live dealer casino games just wouldn’t be possible. It’s the same with HTML5 based casino games as well. Remember the limitations of Flash? Factor these in with the pioneering spirit that pervades the casino industry and you’ve got a potent mix. Rest assured that we’ve got our eyes on the future too and will inform you of the very latest strides made in online casino gaming.
Foreign Fields
We can’t get enough of casino news. This is why our coverage extends to foreign gambling markets as well. In the UK, the online sector is relatively transparent in terms of regulatory compliance. But this can’t always be said of overseas gambling industries where ambiguous or newly-introduced laws have many people scratching their heads. Switzerland and Canada are typical examples of this. The efforts national authorities make in trying to get a grip on web-based gambling often makes for fascinating and often rather sobering reading.
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