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Cashback Bonus

As you can tell from our casino bonuses section, Casino gamers in Canada now have at their disposal a whole host of promotions and perks. This speaks volumes about just how competitive the Canadian casino industry has become. Online casinos are constantly scrapping with each other to attract new gamers and then hang on to them once they’re onboard, so cashback is now considered pretty key by many. So these promotions are absolutely essential for an operator to survive and thrive. Without them, it’s game over.


The Online Casino Cashback Bonus

These days, operators also recognise that most of their customers are going to make some losses when playing their casino games, whether they’re online slots, blackjack, roulette or poker. So, to take the sting out, a fair number of online casinos feature cashback offers. Some also include cash-back rewards for making deposits. Regardless of their form, the end result is usually the same. The player’s account will be credited with funds. Sadly, it’s not usually possible to withdraw said funds and disappear into the blue yonder. No. That would be a pretty moronic tactic on the part of the casino offering the deal.  Instead, the cashback funds can only be used on the site peddling the perk. With that said, if you can find a reputable (and UK-licensed) operator that allows players to immediately withdraw cashback without any strings attached, we’d love to hear from you. We won’t hold our breath though. Anyway, we digress. So how do casino cashback incentives work? Let’s take a closer look.


Online Casino Cashback Offers Available

Some casino cashback offers reward players for performing certain on-site actions. Unsurprisingly, these actions usually involve the act of spending money. For instance, a common practice is to offer cashback as a reward for making a deposit as part of a welcome package. Allow us to elaborate.


Casino Welcome Offer Cash Back

This particular allurement is pretty common these days. To encourage an opening deposit, a casino will offer a cash-back percentage. It’s usually expressed thus: ‘Deposit $100, get 10% cash-back’ or ‘Deposit $200, get 20% cashback. In the vast majority of cases, these percentage deals will be quite small for obvious reasons. There are course exceptions to this rule, with some operators featuring up to 50% rates.


Cash Back for Net Losses

However, the majority of cashback casino bonuses are rewarded to players who’ve made net losses over a specific time period. These are almost always calculated as a percentage and tend to range from around 5% up to 25%. In most instances, a cap is put in place. So a typical offer might read: Claim 20% cashback on losses of up to C$500 for 24 hours after your first deposit. Sometimes, cashback casino bonuses are only available on specific days. For instance, some online casinos feature 10% cashback offers on Mondays only. This is actually a pretty clever tactic given that customers tend to play more casino games on the weekend.


Game-Specific Casino Cash Back Offers

Certain cash back incentives are restricted for use on specific games, especially online slots. Say for example, that you’re offered 5% cash-back on daily losses arising from video slot, Starburst. You activate the offer and happily blow your entire $100 budget on Netent’s ubiquitous game. As a result, you’ll receive back $5. Not a king’s ransom, sure But it’s better than nothing right? Conversely, should you ‘strike it lucky’ and make a profit then you won’t be able to lay your hands on any cash-back.


Casino Cashback – No Wagering

As we discuss further down this page, wagering is the bane of a casino gamers’ existence. And sadly, they also apply to cash-back deals, albeit at a lower rate. But there are some operators that actually offer wager-free cashback on first deposits, provided the player’s balance is below a certain threshold.


Cashback Bonus Selection

We hope that you have found the best cashback bonus deal for you here.  We find that it is a great way to get a little back each time you deposit and mathematically, it definitely helps in shifting some of the casino’s edge back to you.

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