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In pursuit of finding a top online casino, every gambler has their own unique set of tastes and preferences, when it comes to what they consider the perfect online gaming experience. Knowing this, then, it’s quite hard to say that there is such a thing as a “perfect online casino”.

That being said, if you are looking for the top online gambling experience in Canada, we’ve got your answer right here at InsideCasino. This page has just about everything you need to know about the top Canadian online casino sites to guide you to the one that is worth your time—and more importantly, your money.

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Top Online Casinos in Canada

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What Makes a Top Canadian Online Casino?

Online casinos in Canada are not that much different from their land-based counterparts in that they both have dozens of moving parts that, like complex clockwork, all come together to contribute to the overall gaming experience. Naturally, to find the top online casinos in Canada, our reviewers here at InsideCasino thoroughly examine each of these moving parts so that you, the player, know exactly what to expect before you even log in to play online casino games.

Casino Games

Being a gaming platform, the casino games on offer for players is at the core of what separates the best casino from the rest. Top online casinos should provide players with complete flexibility to pick what they want to play and when they want to play it, whether it’s sports betting, live dealer games, or simply plain old online slots. Now, while many online casinos offer a solid amount of game variety, that is not the only key to the success of the best casinos in Canada. Players, of course, want to play great games, which is why the best online casinos are expected to host top-quality games from the world’s best game developers.

Mobile Platform Support

As the mobile industry continues to develop with each passing year, Canadian players are becoming more aware of this and choosing to play on online gambling sites that support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With HTML5 being the new standard for casino site and game development, it is expected at this point for the best casino platforms to provide equivalent mobile casinos for this new breed of gambler. These mobile casinos should include all of the features that are already available on their desktop versions with no noticeable loss in the overall performance and ease of use of the platform on a mobile device.

Casino Bonuses

Considering the fact that most casino players nowadays expect them in some form or another, our reviewers also take into account the bonuses offered when narrowing down the top casino site. An online casino site that wants to compete with the best in the online gambling industry should have a generous welcome bonus on offer, in addition to proper perks and rewards given to VIPs and special customers of the casino.

Customer Support

Like any service establishment, the online casino operator is very much responsible for guiding their players through their platform as well as helping them resolve issues and disputes. The best Canadian online casinos should be able to provide these customer support services in a timely and effective manner.

To assess this aspect, our reviewers examine the range of customer support options that the casino operator provides for their customers. Thanks to our decades of shared industry knowledge and expertise, we know all of the tricks that casino operators are able and willing to pull on punters who may not know any better. This way, we are able to thoroughly put their customer support teams to the test with difficult scenarios so that you, the actual players, can find out whether the casino site is truly worth trusting when it matters the most.

Payment Processing

The importance of having a solid payment processing platform at an online casino cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to real money casinos. Each online casino review that we publish extensively investigates the range of payment options that the operator makes available to their customers. We also check the speed, dependability, and ease of use of these payment methods to guarantee that players retain complete control over their hard-earned money.


Proper security is essential in the operations of the top online casinos, just as it is in the operations of any business that includes transactions involving real money. While we are a small team that doesn’t have the scale to perform a proper security audit on every casino website we review, our many years of combined expertise in the online casino industry has provided us with valuable insight into the security weaknesses and hazards that distinguish reputable online casinos from those who are only interested in making a profit off of its customers.

Regulation and Licensing

Last but not least, our reviewers at InsideCasino conduct independent investigations and verifications to ensure that the licenses of all Canadian online casino websites that we review are both valid and up to date, as required by law. The more technical components of online casino licensing will be discussed in greater depth later, but rest assured that we at InsideCasino will never recommend any Canadian casino that does not have a confirmed license to operate from a reputable gaming regulator on our website or elsewhere.

Why Trust InsideCasino?

As you can probably tell, InsideCasino is just one of many websites dedicated to keeping players in Canada informed about the newest developments in the eGaming sector. However, we are not just your run-of-the-mill aggregator; our tightly-knit team is comprised of casino enthusiasts and industry insiders that have the same objectives as you: to find the best online casino the Internet has to offer.

We at InsideCasino are devoted to delivering thorough, accurate, and current information on the best online casino sites and games, and we strive to do so on a daily basis. Due to the fact that we are a completely independent outlet with no contractual responsibilities to any casino operator, we are able to present the truth about casino websites and games without any sugar-coating. You can count on us to let you know if any game or casino site fails to reach the high standards of quality that are expected of them.

Playing at Canadian Online Casinos

Gambling is currently legal in practically all of its forms in Canada. Online gambling is the one notable exception, owing to the country’s complicated regulatory environment. Any casino site that wants to establish itself in Canada must have a license; however, the national government does not issue these licenses locally in Canada.

The Criminal Code of Canada continues to indicate unequivocally that running online casino sites within its boundaries is banned. However, regional governments are responsible for legalizing particular kinds of gambling that can be “operated on or through a computer” inside their territories. Now, this only really applies to online casinos hosted within the country; Canadian players have access to a large number of online Canadian casinos that are based offshore but serve customers in Canada.

Of course, we at InsideCasino are adamant about ensuring the safety and security of your personal information as well as your funds, which is why we make it a top priority to verify that all of the top-rated online casinos that we recommend to you operate within the bounds of the law to ensure their trustworthiness and integrity.

Online Gambling in Canada by Province

Even though regulations on gambling in Canada generally apply across the country, there are local laws on the provincial level that add further restrictions when you want to play at an online casino in Canada. We’ve summarized the legal situation for Canadian online casinos in each of the country’s 12 provinces below:

Online Casino Licenses

It is necessary for the top online casinos in Canada to obtain a license to operate under the supervision of a reputed gambling regulator in order to be recognized as a legitimate gambling facility by both local authorities and foreign players. When applying for an online casino license, operators must go through a lengthy procedure that includes an audit of all of the casino’s activities, which is often very stringent.

When it comes to obtaining a gaming license in Canada, there is only one option available to any casino operator that want to launch a gambling website in the nation, and that is through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, also known as the KGC. Its headquarters are in the Indian territory of Kahnawake, where it issues gaming licenses to casino operators that wish to establish their businesses there. Despite the fact that they are based in Quebec, the KGC operates under an entirely unique set of gaming rules and regulations in its jurisdiction.

When it comes to obtaining a gaming license outside of Canada, however, casino operators have a plethora of alternatives to select from when it comes to receiving a gaming license. A brief list of the regulating agencies that provide globally recognized gaming licenses includes the following:

Naturally, as part of our continued commitment to helping you find top casino sites in Canada, we verify that all of our recommended online casinos have a verified and current gambling license from these regulators.

How Online Casinos Work: Casino Games vs. Casino Sites

Most gambling enthusiasts are probably already familiar with some of the fundamental operational processes that online casinos in Canada use to operate (after all, they are generally just digital versions of land-based casinos), but there are a few aspects to how online casinos operate that the majority of the population is unfamiliar with. It is the distinction between an online casino operator and an online casino games vendor that we are referring to in this context.

Online casino operators are responsible for websites that you are probably already familiar with. The website is the primary platform with which you will interact in order to manage your casino account, participate in online casino games, and conduct real-money transactions. In general, the online casino operator provides you with the majority of the services you would expect from the casino website (including customer care, casino bonuses, and an interface that allows you to discover the games you wish to play), with the exception of one significant factor: the games.

What the majority of people are unaware of is that the developers that create the online casino games you enjoy are almost always different from the individuals who administer the online casino website. The companies that create, develop, and maintain game solutions that casino operators may subsequently incorporate into their own casino websites are often referred to as online casino software providers. As their name suggests, they are the people who bring online casinos to life.

The software provided by these game developers may range from something as basic as a slot machine game to something as complex as a multi-platform network that connects numerous games across dozens, if not hundreds, of casino websites all over the world. The latter is more common in the online gaming market nowadays, particularly in the case of progressive jackpot networks.

Given this knowledge, we are left with the question of who would be held accountable in the event of a dispute. Most of the time, however, the answer is fairly straightforward: the vast majority of disputes are handled and resolved between the player and the operator of the casino website; however, when it comes to large progressive jackpots, the issue is typically brought up with and resolved by the provider of the progressive jackpot game.

Online Casino Awards

The industry’s ongoing dedication to honesty and fairness, as well as to improve its services for all casino players in Canada and throughout the world, is another part of the world of online casinos that is often neglected. The fact is that online casinos aren’t all out to rob you blind, and one of the ways in which they celebrate and reinforce their dedication to fair play is through the awarding of casino industry awards to deserving individuals and organizations.

For the sake of this article, we will take a look at the EGR Operator Awards as an example, which are widely considered to be the largest and most prestigious casino industry award event in the world—a sort of “Oscars” for the iGaming business, to put it another way. In the eGaming sector, EGR is the world’s biggest business-to-business networking club, with members that include some of the world’s major casino operators, software developers, and news sites.

So, what exactly does a casino industry award do for the typical punter who simply wants to get back to playing their favourite slot games? The fact that the market is so intensely competitive provides a continual motivation for both developers and operators to strive to improve the overall quality of their services by implementing innovative solutions and conducting business in an ethical, fair and responsible manner. These industry honours help to illustrate to its players that these casino operators and developers have reached a particularly high level of excellence in this area, as evidenced by the fact that they have received these awards.

Find the Best Canadian Online Casinos with InsideCasino

The world of online casinos continues to get more competitive and innovative, with new developers and operators coming up with new ways to raise the standards for quality and service for gamblers in Canada and around the world. But of course, as every player has different gaming preferences and tastes, it falls to you to choose exactly which site has the games, services, and atmosphere that you’re looking for.

For our reviewers here at InsideCasino, our only job is to provide you with the best online casinos in Canada with our growing catalogue of recommended online casinos listed above. As long as we get to connect you, the players, to the games and sites you love, then we can say we have succeeded in our goal.

Stay tuned to InsideCasino to stay up to date on the latest news and reviews on the best online casinos in Canada.

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