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Why are we the experts on casino payouts?

As casino reviewers since 2016, we at InsideCasino are more than familiar with casino payouts and how they work, both in theory and in practice. A good casino payout comes down to the payout speed as well as the average percentage. It is imperative for us that when a player wins, the casino pays out on time and in full. This is why it is a key element of the research we do. If any casino sites do not have a good track record of payouts, we do not recommend them and we make a point of advising players to avoid them.

What do casino payouts mean?

Casino payouts, as a general term, refers to the amount of money that a real money casino site pays out to its players from winning the games that they host. Depending on what you are looking for from a casino, however, “casino payouts” can mean one of a range of different things.

As one example, Canadian players can be looking for games that have the highest chance of landing a win. Some might also be looking for casino games that have the largest jackpot. Other players may be looking for the overall highest RTP payout percentages. The term ‘casino payout’ can be used to refer to any of these depending on the context.

Why choose the best paying casinos?

On the surface, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out why a casino player would want to look for and choose the best paying casinos in Canada. In general, high paying casinos give players the best possible chance at winning some amount of real money that they can cash out.

However, casinos that boast a high payout percentage are also seen as safe online casinos to a player, because it seems as though the casino operator is willing to shoulder the lower statistical profit margins from games with high payouts. While this isn’t actually the case in practice, the optics of it is often enough for players to get such an impression.

How do casino payouts work?

Casino payouts are, simply put, the prizes that you get from winning a casino game. The way a payout works is a core part of every gambling game ever invented. It consists of two parts, which are the amount of the prize and the odds of a player getting that prize.

Casino payouts are typically expressed as percentages. As an example, we can look at the Book of 99 slot game, which has a payout percentage of 99%. In this context, the 99% refers to the portion of all of the bets the game receives that is paid out to players as winnings. The remaining 1% becomes the game’s revenue and the main way that the casino industry is able to make its money.

It is important to understand that payout percentages are usually an aspect of the casino game, not the casino sites. This is important to know when you look at a payout percentage of a casino website. The percentage that the casino gets is simply an average of the payout percentages of all of the games hosted on that casino site.

Can you affect your payouts at an online casino?

As we touched on earlier in this guide, the answer to this mostly depends on what one means by “casino payouts”.

For one, you can change the amount of your payouts on a casino game by changing the value of the wager you place on a table game or a slot game spin. Since prizes are based on your bet amount, making larger bets naturally will give you a larger casino payout if you win.

Another aspect that can affect your payout, is how well you play the game. Players wanting to win on slots clearly improve their chances, by employing the best game strategies.

That said, there are still some things that you can do to find the best possible payouts when you play new online casinos. We’ve listed four measures below that you can use to help you get a healthier perspective on gambling and, in turn, get more out of playing online:

Manage your expectations

One of the most important ideas for Canadian casino players to keep in mind, is to manage your expectations while playing. The payout percentage of a casino site can change and it often takes up to 1,000,000 wagers, for the total payouts of a casino to actually match its computed percentage.

Most of the time, players should expect to come out with less money than they put in. This is how all casino games are designed to work and how a casino makes a profit. The sooner that a player accepts this as a reality of online gambling, the sooner they can enjoy playing the games rather than constantly chasing the allure of cashing out.

Bankroll management

Learning how to manage your bankroll is another effective way of getting more from playing casinos online. If you aren’t the kind of person that is both able and willing to drop a small fortune on a casino game, spreading out your bankroll or playing a $1 deposit casino will help you to get more bets in. This boosts your playtime and also lets you play a wider range of games throughout your session.

High RTP games

With there being thousands of casino games out there, it is quite easy to find high RTP games. RTP is also referred to as Return to Player and casino players typically seek out games with high RTP, as it is mathematically designed to give out more money in total.


Another mechanic of games, especially in relation to slots, is volatility, which refers to the frequency and size of a game’s payouts. Unlike RTP which can be definitively calculated, the volatility of a game is a lot more nebulous and cannot be directly measured. Instead, slot games tend to land somewhere on a spectrum between low volatility (frequent but small payouts) and high volatility (uncommon but large payouts); players typically seek out games with low volatility.

Casino payouts and responsible gambling

We have explained the realities of finding good casino payouts and measures you can take to keep the gambling experience enjoyable. Although controlling expectations does work for most players, these measures may not work for particularly vulnerable gamblers.

If you are playing at a high paying casino but find yourself chasing losses or spending more than you should, your first option is to make use of the casino’s responsible gambling options. The options available to players vary widely from casino to casino. Some sites like Red Spins casino give players the ability to set limits on their play sessions from within their account settings, while most other casinos only allow self-exclusion and require players to contact customer support to have this enabled.

Our thoughts on the best payout casinos

No matter what your budget is, it is often a good idea to play at the best payout casinos. A casino with a high payout percentage offers a range of other benefits that simply make it the better option over anything else. However, players looking for high-payout casinos do still need to be mindful that even the highest percentages will not guarantee that you can actually walk away with anything.

Casino payouts FAQs

Which online casinos actually pay out?

In general, most online casinos do pay out winnings. The only major catch when you play with real money, is some casinos have terms and conditions that heavily restrict how much money they payout in a single transaction.

What does payout percentage mean?

Payout percentage refers to the average percentage of total bets placed, that a casino or casino game pays back to the player in winnings. This is calculated over a large number of bets and in the case of online slot games, the payout percentage is recalculated every 1,000,000 spins.

How are casino payout percentages calculated?

Casino payout percentages are calculated by taking the total value of money paid to players versus the total value of bets placed and calculating the value. This is also known as return to player (RTP).

Can I affect the payout?

Players are unable to affect a game payout, but players can improve the speed of a casino payout. Casinos are bound by regulation, to carry out due diligence on players who win a lot. Responding to a casino’s request for due diligence checks or documents quickly, results in a quicker payout.

Which online casinos have the best payout percentages?

The top casino sites for payouts percentages are generally the bigger more established brands, such as LeoVegas, 888 casino and Red Spins. Established casinos have stringent licence restrictions and are concerned about maintaining a good public reputation, so they payout some of the best percentages quickly.

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