Why use Entropay on Online Casinos

It is a fairly smart choice for gamblers looking to deposit and withdraw from online casinos, as it is a way to keep betting funds separate from your bank account. This could be beneficial as it helps a gambler bet responsibly and keep track of their gaming expenditure. Another potential benefit is that it keeps a customer’s primary debit card, credit card and bank account numbers private.

How it Works

When you sign up with Entropay, you can effectively create disposable virtual debit cards. Each card you generate works like a prepaid VISA debit card, but you can create and delete them at will in order to protect your finances, and guard against online fraud and identity theft. If there is a security breach, then it is easy to contain the problem.

There are no credit checks and customers don’t have to sign contracts. The virtual card will be accepted anywhere that accepts VISA debit card.

Entropay is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and all Entropay Visa cards are issued by the Bank of Valletta, previously known as the National Bank of Malta, and subject to a license from VISA Europe. Entropaycards can be in GBP, EUR, or USD and are as secure and regulated as bank accounts and debit cards.

Although, the company makes the point that you’ll no longer have to deal with bank fees, interest fees, penalties, and late fees, there are some minor catches when loading your money onto an Entropay card using your debit card or bank account. Often, there will be implicit fees in making these transfers.

In addition, casinos may charge a small fee in the realm of 1-2% to make deposits and withdrawals online with an Entropay card.

How to use Entropay

If you have not already signed up with Entropay, then making a deposit on a casino for the first time will feel a bit like an e-wallet. When you register with a new casino that accepts Entropay and it’s time to make a deposit, there will be an Entropay deposit icon. Once you click it, you will be taken to the Entropay website to register and add funds to a virtual card. These funds can then be used to deposit at the casino without having to offer any of your personal financial details.

Once you have an Entropay account set up, you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals much more speedily. The minimum and maximum limits depend on the casino, so we advise you to check the Banking or Cashier page of an online casino in order to confirm.

Here you’ll find casinos that accept Entropay as a payment method.

Alternative Casino Banking Options

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