Giropay Background

Giropay was founded in February 2006. It was envisaged as a means of giving customers the ultimate security when they made transactions.

How does Giropay work?

Giropay is an internet payment method but not an e-wallet like PayPal or Neteller. The basic differences are as follows:

However, like making a payment with an e-wallet, customers will not give up any personal, financial information to the casino. Many players are uncomfortable with the thought of disseminating their credit card or bank account numbers online. With Giropay, the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft is minimal.

Why Giropay Casinos?

Giropay is another good choice for gamers. Security and data protection, as well as transfer quickness, are the common concerns of casino players. And this payment method certainly passes the test. Players can make payments of up to €5000 and the participating bank will authorize the transaction instantly.

However, the primary problem players will run into is the lack of availability. As a payment method, Giropay is only available to roughly a quarter of Germans. And that’s it. Let alone if you are from another country. If you are a Canadian player, or from elsewhere in Europe, you’re going to have to keep searching for that perfect payment method. But, there may be signs that this is starting to change.

Alternative Casino Banking Options

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