Neteller History

Full disclosure: Neteller has a quite tumultuous history replete with scandal, money laundering charges, the FBI and a stranger than fiction biography called Life Real Loud about one of Neteller’s co-founders, John Lefebvre, a “cowtown cinderfella” described by Canadian author Zsuzsi Gartner as if “Sergey Brin, Al Gore and The Dude conceived a love child.”

How to use Neteller Casinos

Once you set up an e-Wallet account like Neteller, you’ll never have to enter payment details on an online casino again. If you are the flighty type who likes the variety of having multiple casino accounts, then this will save you a whole lot of time and hassle in the future. If time is money, then setting up a Neteller account is a good investment. So, first step?

Setting up an Account

Follow the link to the website (or if you’re looking for alpine hazelnut spread), and follow the step by step registration procedure. You will be assigned a 12-digit Neteller Account ID (which you should certainly jot down and keep in a safe place) and a Secure ID. This adds a second layer of security. But don’t worry, you won’t have to memorize these long, snaky, numerical codes: your email will be your most likely “username” and you can choose a password to log into your account on a day to day basis.

Once you are firmly signed up and logged into your Neteller account, you can add funds from a credit/debit card (usually the quicker option) or directly from a bank account.

Now that there are funds in your Neteller account, no online casino is off limits. Except online casinos that do not accept Neteller as a payment option. But we are not concerned with them.  Plus, there are very few that don’t.

Depositing Funds through Neteller

Log in to your online casino account, and click on deposit funds and follow the instructions. First, you’ll usually be asked for your Neteller username. Then, the email address that you signed up with, or the 12-digit account ID that was assigned to you. This, you may or may not remember. Then, you’ll choose the amount that you want to deposit, enter your password for verification and deposit. The funds will enter your casino account instantaneously.


It ought to be noted that most casinos require withdrawals to be paid back to the same account from which the player deposited from.

Are Neteller casinos for you?

This may take as long as just entering a debit card number into an online casino. If you know that the casino that you are signing up for is the casino for you, and that you’ll never want to sign up for another casino then… fair enough. Neteller probably isn’t for you.

If you have an innate distrust of casinos then historically and culturally that is fair enough. However paying with Neteller can ensure that the online casinos never get their hands on your personal financial information. Therefore they are an intermediary, and an extra protection from online identity fraud.

Alternative Casino Banking Options

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