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Thunderkick Slots Canada

The “old guard” of casino game development is mostly made up of massive multinational corporations, each forming their own umbrella of smaller development teams under their funding and oversight. While this structure is no doubt beneficial to the continued churning out of dozens, if not hundreds of slot game titles every year, some might see this as game development becoming too “detached,” where the passion of small teams are dulled by their parent company’s bureaucracy. 

This is where Thunderkick, a small team of casino game developers based in Stockholm, comes in. As a fully independent game studio, every aspect of Thunderkick’s development is done completely in-house. This gives the team a ton of control over the quality of their games and how they are distributed, all the way down to the Thunderkick casinos that host them. 

The Thunderkick team has since stayed committed to their primary goal, which is to “create kick-ass content that leaves no one untouched”. Whether or not they have been successful in reaching this goal is up to the players to decide, but we will take a closer look at this indie slot game developer in our official review.

About Thunderkick

In spite of the fact that Thunderkick was just founded in 2012, the firm has swiftly established itself as a major brand in the gaming industry as a leading creator of high-end and original online games for fans of all genres. Thunderkick, a relatively small company with less than 100 workers that is registered with gaming authorities in Malta, Romania, and the United Kingdom, has developed a number of well-known online games that have garnered significant appeal among real money players in Canada and other parts of the globe.


However, Thunderkick did not have this much success in the company’s early years. Before Thunderkick video slots were a serious entry in the industry, the company’s development staff consisted of just two individuals, both of whom were from slots developer NetEnt, another Swedish company and one of the world’s largest in online slots. Both of these game creators were, to put it mildly, unsatisfied with the games they were developing for the online casino behemoth and opted to “go their own way” rather than continue working for them.


The fact that Thunderkick is a wholly independent company is, perhaps, the most significant aspect of their success. This stands in sharp contrast to the normal scenario of tiny casino game creators “making it” in the business by being accepted into the ranks of a bigger firm. Given the fact that the firm’s founders had previously split away from NetEnt, it should come as no surprise that the company would desire to remain independent and keep complete control over the games they create and the processes by which they are created.


Based on what we can see right now, Thunderkick’s founders seem to have had a rather successful business. Three online gaming licenses under its belt, this developer has gathered an impressive collection of Thunderkick video slots that are played by thousands of players all over the globe despite the fact that it is not governed by the casino industry’s giants. 


Best Thunderkick Slots

With more than a decade of experience in the business, Thunderkick’s video slots portfolio has expanded to include more than 50 titles. Although this portfolio isn’t massive by any means, it only helps to drive home the idea that Thunderkick’s enthusiastic game creators are more concerned with quality than they are with quantity. With all of that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Thunderkick slots that we think you’ll find particularly intriguing. 


Esqueleto Explosivo

Drawing influence from the colourfully morbid Day of the Dead festival held in Mexico, Esqueleto Explosivo (Spanish for “exploding skeletons”) has you mixing and matching the skulls of the five members of The Boners, an all-skeleton mariachi band, to score big payouts. 


Crystal Quest: Frostlands

The latest in Thunderkick’s Crystal Quest series of slot games, Crystal Quest Frostlands takes our protagonist, Gemma, through the treacherous terrain of the Lone Mountains, where great riches—and great dangers—lie in wait both for her and for you. 


Beat the Beast: Griffin’s Gold

The final instalment, Beat the Beast Griffin’s Gold has you facing off against the Griffon of Greek legend as your final challenge. Your patience and your bankroll will be put to the test as the Griffon is a highly moody creature and is not the kind to pay out very easily. 


Does Thunderkick Support Mobile Play?

Being a much newer entrant to the online slot game industry than many of the developers that it challenges, Thunderkick has had a head start on developing games for full cross-platform compatibility. As such, all of the Thunderkick video slots in their catalogue are made to allow for mobile casino gameplay on devices like smartphones and tablets just as well as they would on a desktop PC. 


Does Thunderkick Have Branded Slots?

Thunderkick has not yet produced a branded online slot game as of the time of writing this review, most likely owing to the developer’s considerably lower position in the market at the time of writing (at least, when you compare them to the titan of online casinos, NetEnt).


Whether or not this is a good thing is still up for debate; however, it can be argued that not having to collaborate with another firm on a branded slot means that Thunderkick retains complete control over the development of their game. This is really crucial, in our view, since collaborating companies may have different ideas about how the game should be played out in the end. 


Of course, only time will tell whether or not a Thunderkick-branded slot game will be released in the near future, so do stay tuned to Inside Casino for the latest news, 


Our Thoughts on Thunderkick Slots

We believe that Thunderkick’s road to success will be pretty smooth, thanks to the developer’s continued commitment to developing high-quality online gambling experiences. Their developers are chock full of ideas, and the company overall is taking a very strategic approach. 


The firm has a very laid-back approach to publicity and has never rushed the development of any of their games at the cost of its quality. Since 2015, they have also concentrated on enhancing mobile games, and most of their slots are now accessible on both Android and iOS, the two dominant mobile casino operating systems on the market right now. 


With the way things are going right now, Thunderkick has a bright future ahead of it, and we are confident that they will eventually find their big break and take their place among the best of the best in the online slot game industry. 



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