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Bar-X 7Even Slot Review
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Bar-X 7Even Slot Review

By Ralph Trayfalgar, Updated:

Realistic Games is a developer best known in Canada for their classic titles. For better or for worse, they have mastered the art of creating online slots that manage to capture all of the nostalgia of the olden days of gambling without compromising on any of the many luxuries and creature comforts that we’ve come to expect from an online slot game. Bar-X 7Even is one of these games.

Developed in collaboration with Electrocoin, the original manufacturer of the actual slot machine, Realistic Games’ rendition of Bar-X 7Even ups the ante with a more volatile math model.

Jackpot Win
Scatter Symbol
Wild Symbol
Quick Spin
Bet Value
C$0.05 – C$100
Max Bet

What features does Bar-X 7Even have?

This online rendition of Bar-X 7Even carries over all of the key features of the original Bar-X slot game, including the game's random free spins reward upon landing a win. For the sake of brevity, though, we'll only focus on the two features that are unique to the Bar-X slot game.


If you lose a spin, the game will randomly give you 1 to 3 nudges on any of the reels, making it advance one step. This feature effectively lets you form a winning combination after a loss.


This random mechanic has two variants that are activated on different conditions. You may randomly get a chance to hold one or two of the reels after landing a win, increasing your win chances on the best spin. If you lose with a pair of matching symbols, you may also get the chance to hold this pair for the next spin.

Theme, Design, and Audio

It’s hard to describe what Bar-X 7Even is thematically—at least, beyond the fact that it is a near-perfect digital recreation of the original Electrocoin slot machine from the 1980s. There is no flat game screen here; instead, you get an actual slot machine cabinet with buttons, flashing lights, and even the reels rendered in a 3-dimensional room. The game’s camera emphasizes this even more by letting you pan around the slot machine in a variety of angles to let you examine the painstakingly accurate details Realistic Games has achieved. 

Even the sound effects have been replicated from the original slot machine, although they tend to break immersion for me as the sounds don’t feel like they come from the cabinet itself. 

Our Bar-X 7Even Review Summary

True to the developer's name, Realistic Games has created one of the most accurate and authentic slot machine experiences in digital form. While the sounds do leave a bit to be desired, the painstaking attention to detail in both the visuals and gameplay mechanics of Bar-X 7Even make it a must-try for any online slots enthusiast with an interest in vintage gaming.



Bar-X 7Even FAQs

What is the Bar-X 7Even game?

Bar-X 7Even is a digital slot game by Realistic Games that is a digital recreation of a vintage Electrocoin slot machine but enhanced with additional features to appeal to online casino players.

How do you play Bar-X 7Even?

To play Bar-X 7Even, you set a wager between 5 cents and 100 dollars in the game’s options menu and press the Spin button on the game’s main screen. You can also let the game run on its own with the included autoplay feature, which lets the game make up to 100 spins on your behalf.

What is the Bar-X 7Even RTP?

The RTP for Bar-X 7Even is set at 96%.

What is the Bar-X 7Even max win?

The max win you can get from Bar-X 7Even is 1,000 times your wager, which is quite large for a vintage slot machine, but doesn’t grab the same kind of attention in the digital age.

Can I play Bar-X 7Even for free?

Yes, you can play Bar-X 7Even for free with the trial play version provided by Realistic Games on their website and their partnered casinos.

Where can I play Bar-X 7Even for real money?

You can play Bar-X 7Even for real money at online casinos in Canada that are partnered with Realistic Games.

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