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Realistic Games Slots Canada

Established in Berkshire in the early 2000s, Realistic Games is not exactly what you’d call a leading star of the iGaming business. But the online slots market, both in Canada and the rest of the world, happens to be going through a time of diversification, which has given them an opportunity that could not be passed up. 

While the titans of online slots development continue to put out big hits and bring in the big bucks, the fierce competition in the indie developer arena has created a fire of ingenuity and innovation that is burning brighter with each new release. And of these developers, Realistic is no stranger to battling it out in the world of online slots, having been in the business for well over 15 years by this point. 

About Realistic Games

Realistic Games was founded in 2002, at a period when the online gaming industry was still in its infancy and struggling to find its footing. But the team, which is located in England, claims to be united by a combined enthusiasm and devotion to the business that has been cultivated over years of experience as both operators and players of casino-based entertainment games. 


Much of what Realistic Games accomplishes as a game developer is characterized by a genuine and continued love for producing some of the best online slots. This is evidenced by the company being made up of land-based slot machine designers, casino game enthusiasts, and even former casino operators. 


Between 2005 and 2009, the company began as a games provider through third-party platforms, releasing a limited range of games to a variety of casino sites, including Bet365 casino, Bet Victor, Bet Fred, and Ladbrokes, all of which were highly reputable clients who offered excellent new casino bonus offers


However, Realistic would later be dissatisfied with only being able to sell its games through other firms’ online slots systems, and instead decided to launch its own distribution channel, known as ReGaL (short for the Realistic Games Library). The success of this development speaks for itself, having inked multiple new casino site partnerships with some of the brands we’ve mentioned earlier in addition to dozens more Realistic games casinos distributing their games to players in Canada, Europe, and beyond. 


How does this ReGaL platform benefit gamers, and what precisely does it entail? In essence, this remote gaming server, which is administered by a corporation based in Gibraltar, ensures that punters may enjoy Realistic slot games that are reliable and safe, even when a large number of players are utilizing the service. 


Additionally, the platform enables Realistic Games casinos to fine-tune each game to appeal to certain target groups based on their geographic area by modifying the game parameters. Because of this customizability, players may access and play Realistic online slot games in any of 17 different languages and in whatever currency is available in their region.


Best Realistic Games Slots

Realistic Games, in addition to its slot machines, also includes a selection of conventional casino table games, such as roulette and blackjack, as well as pull tab games, which are comparable to scratch cards. However, since we are focusing on Realistic slot games in this article, that’s about as far as we’ll go on that.


The simple designs and ease of use of the slot games from Realistic Games are what distinguishes them from the competition. Their selection of 5 reel and even 3 reel video slots demonstrate this, with basic, yet effective designs that let players enjoy the action on their chosen device without being inundated with over-the-top animations or complicated menus. With all of that said, below are some of the best Realistic casino slots we’ve seen from them.


Bar-X Game Changer

Bar-X Game Changer is another recreation of one of the highly popular land-based slot machines made by Electrocoin, but now with some added Realistic Games flair with their added Game Changer mechanic. Despite the game’s additional twists, Realistic Games continues to stay incredibly faithful to the original game, rendering all of the graphics and elements of the original slot machine interface in painstaking detail. 


6 Appeal Extreme

A greater return to player (RTP) rate and a very scorching jackpot of 6,666 times the player’s stake make this updated version of Realistic Games’ iconic 5 reel video slot title.  6 Appeal Extreme is a must-play for any slot fan.


Snakes & Ladders Game Changer

Snakes & Ladders Game Changer is a slot game inspired by the classic children’s board game, which is not something you’d expect to see in a slot game, but Realistic Games has managed to pull off the concept with its Snakes & Ladders Game Changer, which incorporates most of the gameplay and mechanics from the original board game for a truly unique reel-spinning experience. 


Does Realistic Games Support Mobile Play?

The ReGaL platform was instrumental in distributing Realistic casino slot games to online casino operators. And with the arrival of  HTML5, Realistic’s in-house slots distribution platform only evolved to maintain compatibility and smooth performance on both desktop and mobile casino devices


The firm prides itself on ensuring that all of its games are engaging yet functional to a degree that gamers can know a Realistic Games title by its control panel alone. In addition, operators of Realistic casinos also benefit from the smooth and easy integration of Realistic slot games into their online casino platforms thanks to the ease of use and smooth performance of the ReGaL platform. 


Does Realistic Games Have Branded Slots?

At the time of publishing this article, Realistic Games has one series of branded online slots. This collection of 10 slot games was designed and released in partnership with Electrocoin, one of the world’s most popular slot machine manufacturers with hundreds of highly successful slot games made since 1976. This partnership involves the digital recreation of some of Electrocoin’s most famous games from the golden age, including Red Bar, Big 7, and Bar-X, which render these machines in beautiful 3D for casino players in the digital age to admire and enjoy. 


Our Thoughts on Realistic Games Slots

Realistic Games was a forerunner in the online casino games industry even from the early days of the market. Because of their innovative platforms and commitment to justice, Realistic Games and its personal slots platform ReGaL (derived from the original Realistic Games Library) are not only game creators, but also game-changers in the gaming industry. 


Aside from that, Realistic Games is at the vanguard of an industry-wide initiative to increase game interoperability across a variety of platforms, including desktops, tablet devices, and mobile phones. Casino game enthusiasts in Canada should definitely keep an eye out for Realistic Games, as they continue to rise up in the industry. 



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