About Elk Studios

ELK Studios, a developer from Sweden that was just established in 2012, is presently working on establishing themselves as experts in the development of games for mobile casino apps. The Elk Studio philosophy is to release a small number of high-quality games rather than a large number of low-quality games in large quantities. To date, their unique portfolio of games has consisted of three thoroughly enjoyable slots that have gained widespread acceptance among the global slot-playing community. Despite the fact that they employ complicated mathematical models and the newest technology to produce their games, players and critics believe that it is the personal touch that they have included into their games that gives Elk games their widespread popularity.

Like any other game developer, the Elk Studio team uses a variety of technologies to guarantee that their goods are of the highest possible standard. One of the most significant technologies they employ allows them to identify the characteristics of your mobile device, such as its speed and connection, for example, which then allows the game to adapt its settings to match the specifications of your mobile device. Consequently, players can expect a flawless gaming experience regardless of the platform they are using.

ELK also employs machine-learning technology, which allows players to customize the game they are currently playing to better suit their preferences. Each of the four main parameters in the Betting Strategy feature allows players to tailor their gambling strategy to their own needs and preferences.

One of the newest Elk Studios software developments is their X-iter (read as “exciter”), a revolutionary new method to play video slot games that is unlike anything else you will see on the market. The Elk Studio X-iter is a system of several modes that are integrated into certain games and that allow players to enter immediately into a variety of other bonus games, which include free spins bonuses with multipliers, guaranteed basic game features, and many more. All of the X-iter modes are customized to a particular game, and there may be up to five of them in any one slot.


Best Elk Studios Slots

Elk Studios games are, as we touched on earlier, known for their excellent performance when played on mobile devices. With a wide variety of themes and well-thought-out gameplay mechanics, their games worked extremely well on a variety of devices that our experts used while testing them.  Here are 3 of the best Elk games we reviewed.


Wild Toro 2

The follow-up to the massively popular and award-winning Elk studio game from 2016, this Wild Toro 2 slot takes players back to the bullfighting arena set in a market town in the middle of Spain, where you follow the journey of legendary fighting bull El Toro and the rivalry he shares with the matador Diaz Jr.



This Nitropolis slot game takes you into the gritty but charming world of a post-apocalyptic wasteland where four gangs—the Gritty Kitties, the Pug Thugs, the Dirty Dawgs, and the Rogue Rats—all vie for control over the precious Nitro that powers their cars and their world.


Fate of Fortune

Hidden away in the heart of a mystical Nordic forest are the three celestial guards of Fate of Fortune, one of Elk Studios’ games that feature their new X-Iter game engine that shakes up gameplay with 5 different modes of play.


Does Elk Studios Support Mobile Play?

All of ELK’s games are designed from the ground up for mobile devices. Since ELK’s inception in 2013, the company’s primary focus has been on improving the gaming experience for mobile gamers. Because they have no past releases to rely on, they have concentrated on developing mobile-first games that are free of any limits imposed by earlier releases. This enables ELK to provide the best possible user experience across all devices, small and large.


Does Elk Studios Have Branded Slots?

Elk Studios does not yet have any branded slots made in collaboration with famous franchises. This is not unexpected for a relatively small developer, as most copyright holders prefer to work with larger companies that have a more sizable reach.


Our Thoughts on Elk Studios

One of the most beautiful things about the online casino industry is that you don’t have to be a very large or well-established corporation to become a great casino game developer. A competent casino game designer just has to have the desire and drive to take projects through to completion, as well as the talent to put it all together and make it all happen.

This, in our opinion, summarizes ELK Studios quite well – a company that, while relatively modest in terms of their employees and their games portfolio, has the design chops and dedication to make it really far in the industry with enough time.



Who is Elk Studios?

Elk Studios is an online slots developer from Sweden that is most recognized for their mobile-first approach to game making, which gained them international recognition as one of the world's most competitive slot game companies in the mobile casino market

What are the best Elk Studios slots?

Some of the best Elk Studios slots include:

  • Wild Toro
  • Nitropolis
  • Taco Brothers
  • Poltava
These slot games are great examples of Elk Studios' ability to make engaging experiences with their use of art, music, and gameplay.

What Elk Studios jackpot slots can I play?

You can play regular jackpot slots from Elk Studios games. These jackpots can earn you over 10,000 times your wager on some slot game titles, so be sure to look around to find the one that suits your play preferences. However, Elk Studios does not have any progressive jackpot networks.

Are there any Elk Studios free spins?

Yes, Elk Studios games feature free spins and other bonuses that you can activate through normal gameplay

How many Elk Studios games are there?

At the beginning of 2022, there were 57 Elk Studios games that had been released. Of course, the developer has no intention of stopping anytime soon, so we can expect to see many more released in the coming years

Where is Elk Studios based?

Elk Studios is based in Stockholm, Sweden, where their small team of talented game designers and programmers continues to grow the company’s game portfolio

Can you play Elk Studios slots in Canada?

Yes, you can play Elk Studios slots at a variety of online casinos in Canada. In line with the company’s focus on the mobile gaming experience, all of the casinos that support Elk studio are fully compatible with mobile platforms and also work just as well on desktop.

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