Pets Go Wild Slot Review
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Pets Go Wild Slot Review

By Ralph Trayfalgar, Updated:

Pets Go Wild is another mold-breaking title from Israeli game developer Skillzzgaming. Freed from the expectations of what a casino game is and should be, Pets Go Wild is a match-3 game heavily inspired by casual game legends like Bejeweled and Candy Crush, but with areal money gambling twist. 

In Pets Go Wild, you join a zany cast of animal friends—Dexter the dog, Fred the fish, Parker the parrot, Katie the cat, and Robin the rabbit—on various adventures from the beach all the way to the moon. 

Jackpot Win
Scatter Symbol
Wild Symbol
Quick Spin
Bet Value
C$0.50 – C$100
Max Bet

What features does Pets Go Wild have?

Pets Go Wild has a wealth of features that you can take advantage of to help boost your payouts, especially as most of the otherwise “skill-based” icon-matching gameplay is still up to chance as the game’s RNG dictates what icons fall into the grid next.

Cruise Event

There are Event Stars you can claim as you progress through the game, either by levelling up through the XP system or by clearing stars directly from the grid. If you manage to get 5 of these stars, you can activate the Cruise Event bonus round, which adds a 30% bonus to any wins you get during the 10 Cruise games and also adds a special 777 icon that gives out 1000x your bet when it pays out (1300x when we factor in the 30% bonus).

Character Multipliers

Each of the 5 different types of icons on the play area is matched to one of the 5 characters of the game. These characters have their own payout multipliers, which are as follows:

If you manage to collect enough of their icons, you can win a payout based on how many stacks you collected. For example, if you manage to collect 1 stack of Dexter’s icons and 2 stacks of Robin’s icons, you get 21x your bet. 

Theme, Design, and Audio

The Pets Go Wild video slot machine has a beautiful design and theme. There is a unique cartoon flair to the artwork, with a lot of attention to detail. Different graphics, backgrounds and information are available for each stage as you continue through the game. However, the sound effects stay the same throughout all 8 chapters. I would have liked to see a bit of variation, especially considering the fact that the visuals are done so well by comparison.

Our Pets Go Wild Review Summary

Skillzzgaming is well known for their unique approach to casino game design, and the puzzle gaming action of Pets Go Wild is no exception. This developer has flexed their design and gamification talents very well with the Pets Go Wild, and this game is a must-try for casino players who want a fresh new way to play for real money.



Pets Go Wild FAQs

What is Pets Go Wild?

Pets Go Wild is a game made by Skillzgaming that combines elements of a match-3 puzzle game with a bit of real money gambling.

How do you play Pets Go Wild?

You play Pets Go Wild by clearing groups of 3 or more adjacent matching icons, which fills up one of 5 different multipliers depending on the type of icon you cleared. If you match enough of a certain type of icon before you run out of moves, you earn a payout based on the multiplier of that type of icon.

What is the Pets Go Wild RTP?

The RTP of Pets Go Wild is advertised at being around 95%. However, the exact RTP is very difficult to accurately compute as Pets Go Wild is not a slot game and cannot be measured in the same way.

What is the Pets Go Wild max win?

The max win you can get from a single game of Pets Go Wild is 1300x your bet, which you can get by matching three “777” icons in the Cruise Event bonus round of the game.

Can I play Pets Go Wild for free?

Yes, you can play Pets Go Wild for free with a demo version provided at the Skillzgaming official website and at many of the online casinos our experts have reviewed at InsideCasino. The free play version has all of the features of the real game without any real money requirement. 

Where can I play Pets Go Wild in Canada?

You can play Pets Go Wild at various online casinos in Canada thanks to Skillzzgaming’s wide reach and partnerships with some of the largest online casino operators in the world.

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