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Barcrest Slots Canada

The online casino market continues to grow year after year. After all, the convenience of being able to play from anywhere they wish is a huge selling point for players who don’t have the time to play at land-based venues. As such, there will inevitably come a time in which slots developers for land-based casinos will take the hint and make the switch. 

Developers like Barcrest, however, are a unique exception. This casino online slots supplier had its start in making physical slot machines back in the 70s. But when online casinos rose to one of the peaks of their popularity at the turn of the 21st century, Barcrest was able to do something most developers did not—branch out into the online gaming sector in Canada and other regions at the same time as they developed land-based casinos. And of course, this is not even mentioning the twists and turns in Barcrest’s 40-year-long history.

About Barcrest

If you look back 40 years, Barcrest was a prominent player in the production of terminals and content for the Arcade and Bingo game businesses when it was created in 1968. For most of the 1970s and 1990s, when it was at its most popular, Barcrest slot machines were incredibly dominant in the European casino market. As a result of this, the firm was bought by International Game Technology (IGT) in the year 1998.


Since then, the company has expanded their product portfolio to include digital Barcrest slot games in addition to its slot machines, as well as a variety of other gaming products. In-house development has resulted in some of the most popular and unique gaming content, including the legendary Rainbow Riches series of online slot games, which debuted in 2006 and continues to be popular today.


Barcrest was ultimately acquired by Scientific Games in 2011, and the two companies merged to become SG Gaming, which included fellow developer The Global Draw. Starting from this point forward, the company has continued to operate as a subsidiary of SG and has enjoyed continued success in the gaming industry, currently delivering high-quality multi-platform online slots to mobile game providers, as well as internet and interactive digital television game providers in Canada. 


Best Barcrest Slots

The Barcrest slots portfolio is, for the most part, made up of games that the developer has produced for physical Barcrest slot machines installed on casinos that are owned or otherwise supplied by their parent company. That being said, these online versions of their slot games are not to be considered shadows of their original land-based counterparts by any means. With this in mind, here are some of the best Barcrest slots that we’ve reviewed.


Snow Leopard

While the vicious snow leopard is something you would not want to encounter in real life, you will definitely want to find this slots snow leopard on the reels of one of the most popular Barcrest slot games, which is set against the bleak backdrop of an unforgiving snowy landscape. 


Mighty Black Knight

Fans of high fantasy will find a lot to like in Mighty Black Knight, a Scientific slots game that places you in the shoes and armor of the titular Black Knight. Your quest here is to find and unlock the vast riches buried deep in the halls of Castle Blackspin, lined with precious jewels and royal artifacts. 


Monopoly: Big Event

Monopoly Big Event is a licensed slot game based on the titular property trading board game by Parker Brothers, which is now owned by Hasbro. Unlike most other licensed games that only take graphics and audio from their source material, Monopoly Big Event actually incorporates mechanics from the original board game into the context of online slots, with things like the Chance and Community cards shaking things up in the game every so often.


Does Barcrest Support Mobile Play?

Almost all of Barcrest’s current and upcoming games have been designed, so you play casino on your mobile phone and this is supported by Barcrest casinos in Canada. With the widespread adoption of the HTML5 platform around this time, Barcrest recognized the benefits of consolidating the development processes for multiple devices onto a single platform. 


Does Barcrest Have Branded Slots?

As part of the Scientific Games Corporation, Barcrest has licensed several slot games from notable franchises, most notably their series of Monopoly games as part of Hasbro’s long-term partnership with Barcrest’s parent corporation. Barcrest has also developed slot games licensing franchises like Iron Man and the Beetlejuice movie. 


Our Final Thoughts

Barcrest has gone through a rich and interesting history in its over 40 years of operation. Despite their primary expertise in developing slots games for physical machines at land-based casinos, their game-making chops are more than good enough for the digital market. And with the mighty corporate backing of Scientific Games, the team at Barcrest has their path laid out for them to achieve serious contention among the best in the online casino business. 



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