Online Casino Customer Support: What are my Options?

by Dale Shelabarger Updated:

Question, query, request, complaint: whatever it is, you may have to open a direct line of communication with your casino of choice’s customer support.

As you know, there are various assistance channels with legal online casinos. In our customer support guide, we will give a brief overview of each customer support avenue available to players at the majority of online casinos. Then, we will list some example queries and give our recommendations for how to proceed with each complaint.

This list will be by no means exhaustive and is supposed to be a helpful guide for players. If you have further questions for us, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Online Casino Customer Support Options

For demonstrative purposes, we are using Energy Casino. They have pretty much every customer support available.

We have numbered each avenue from 1-6, broadly in the order that a casino would want you to use them.

1 – FAQ

It is no surprise that a casino would want you to start here. And frankly, real money casinos that have a thorough Frequently Asked Questions section can save themselves and the player a lot of hassle. If your question is about the mechanics of a welcome bonus, eg, the wagering requirement, or the RTP (Return to Player) of a slot, there should be no need to speak to a customer support representative. A good FAQ should contain questions such as “How much do online slots payout?” Then, the answer would be something along the lines of:

“It depends on the slot. Check the T&Cs of a slot to find their computer programmed RTP.”

In addition, a casino may even provide a list of RTPs of all the slots available on their site. For example, Red Spins Casino offers this convenience.

2 – Live Chat

The majority of Online Casinos offer a Live Chat feature these days. Usually, there will be a link on every page, often on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. This link will open up a dialogue box. You may be asked to fill in some basic information, such as your username and your question. Sometimes, the customer support representative will begin the dialogue as and when they have opened your case.

Many casinos have 24/7 Live Chat. If they don’t, then the hours will likely span greater than normal business hours. This will often be your quickest and most convenient way of getting in touch with a human representative. Though telephone is also instantaneous, many customers are more comfortable with live chat as the dialogue is conducted at the pace of the customer’s choosing. Information is less likely to be lost and more obviously documented and recorded. Players can also often attach documentation to a live chat conversation, such as identification to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement. Or, players can provide screenshots of evidence if they feel hard done by in some way.

3 – Email

A casino will always offer an email address for customers to communicate longer concerns. Usually, a response is promised within 24-48 hours. With email, customers can make longer complaints or ask more detailed questions. At the same time, the dialogue is easily recorded for reference. Of course, the primary downside of email is that it is not instantaneous. If you have a query that needs sorting immediately, then email is not the way to go.

Email can also be useful for drafting a formal complaint against the casino, and asking for contact details of “higher” forces, such as a Casino Manager.

4 – Contact Us Form

The Contact Us form functions very much like a customer service email. It may be more convenient for a player to simply ping off their question on the casino website. They do not take long to fill out; often just your name, email and the question.

Although Energy Casino has not included it, some casinos allow you to attach files to their Contact Us forms.

5 – Phone

The perks of calling a casino’s customer support include instant assistance and assurance that you are talking to a verifiable human being. On the other hand, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with an assistant on the phone due to poor reception or a native language barrier. Players may also feel more insecure as they will have no record or documentation resulting from the telephone call.

6 – Post

In this day and age, it’s difficult to think of an actual scenario where sending or receiving post would be the most effective way to deal with a question, query or complaint. However, most casinos include their address. This, in part, reassures players that the casino is a legitimate operation run by human beings at a real place.

Sadly, there are many criminally inclined online casino operations. So all sources of legitimacy are welcome to the customer.

Example Casino Questions & Complaints

Given all of these customer service avenues, we will now attempt to pair up the best option with some example questions or complaints. Again, we stress that this is our opinion. There are alternate valid ways to deal with a situation or disagreement with an online casino.

Forgotten Password – 1 (FAQs)

Or players can look for the “forgotten my password” link when logging in. If you are still having problems, (for example you entered some information wrong, or you’ve forgotten your security question), then contact a representative. We’d say probably 2 (Live Chat).

Changing the Language settings? – Probably 1 (FAQs)

“Do you offer a Live Dealer Casino with a real dealer?” – Probably 1 (FAQs)

However, you can probably just check the tabs on the homepage or read one of our fantastic Inside Casino reviews.

Problems completing KYC Requirements – 2 (Live Chat), then 3 (Email)

If you still don’t have full access to your account due to problems resolving Know Your Customer conditions, then you have a couple of options. If you have a checklist of requirements via email, then reply to the email and attach the necessary documents. Not entirely sure what you need to do to proceed? Then start a Live Chat dialogue.

Problems Withdrawing Winnings – 2 (Live Chat)

If you are struggling to withdraw winnings quickly after making a request, then start a Live Chat with a customer support assistant. Inquire as to what the problem is with your request. Perhaps the process is well within their usual time frame, which they will confirm. However, you would do well to read those terms and conditions just to confirm that they are not just stalling for time.

If their response seems inadequate, then draft a longer complaint email (3) and try to apply some pressure higher up the food chain.

Casino confiscates your funds – 3 (Email) or 4 (Phone)

If a casino does this, then they have probably contacted you with their reasoning. Make sure you’ve honed up on the terms and conditions. If you truly see yourself as “Not guilty, your honour” then send an email, citing all documentation and evidence that you can get your hands on.

However, we do stress that if the casino does perceive you to have violated their terms and conditions, then there’s only so far arguing will get you. If you believe the terms themselves to be unfair, then you’ll have to get in touch with an independent body like the Gambling Commission in the UK.

Inquiries about Self-Exclusion – 1 (FAQs) then 2 or 3

There should be a mechanism on the site through which you can self-exclude if you feel as though your gambling has become a problem. You ought to be able to find such a link or more information under the FAQs. If not, then do not hesitate to email the casino declaring that you’d like to self-exclude.

By next year, there will be an independent mechanism through which gamblers can self-exclude themselves from all online casinos. This will be called Gamstop, and is being administered by the RGA (Remote Gaming Association). This will come into effect in mid-2018.

If you have any questions about this article or how to communicate effectively with your casino, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via one of our social media channels.

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