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Curious about your prospects in the Aviatrix universe? Well Aviatrix and their popular crash game goes the extra mile to incorporate NFT, crypto and a play-to-win mechanic. We take a look into Aviatrix and their thoughts behind the game, to see what it is all about.

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Aviatrix is driven by a story of dedication and bold risk taking, in bringing a completely different style of casino game to the Canadian real money gambling space for players.  Founded in 2021, the Aviatrix HQ is in Limassol, Cyprus, this company certainly has a uniqueness about it. Aviatrix bet doesn’t produce normal slot games, but instead has a decent option called Crash Game, that incorororates crypto and NFTs.

The Aviatrix team is around 50 staff and they tell us that they owe they are committed to playing close attention on gambling licensing and regulation. This makes sense, given that they have such a different product that is heavily scrutinised by authorities. We can see that aviactric hard word is paying off and the team are beginning to pick up a few industry awards.

What makes Aviatrix stand out?

Almost everything about Aviatrix makes them stand out. The company profile, location, philosophy and obviously the crash betting game itself are all completely different to the norm we usually review.  Its good to find a company that is dedicated to bit coin casino players and NFT options. Their many different types of games accommodate any type of player, from those who want something different and risky, to those who wish to play it safe. 

Aviatrix have also created a strong community of players. The company claim to be the first company in the market place to create this type of pay to earn game where players at online casinos in Canada can actually make money instead of lose it. Its certainly the first and only one we have found so far. We can see what their player community numbers are currently on the rise.

Aviatrix company info

Company nameAviatrix
Head officeLimassol, CY
Social mediaSynot games linkedin /aviatrix-bet/

Brief history of Aviatrix

The history of Aviatrix is short and since their 2021 launch, they have been getting rising star awards in the gambling industry. Given the company is so young, they don’t have much history. However their trophy cabinet does need a mention and it is already very impressive.  Here’s a lowdown of what they have so far.

Present and future of Aviatrix

It is clear that Aviatrix has really established and cemented itself in the NFT casino game sector. They have made a tremendous amount of ground in such a short space of time. When we spoke with them, it was clear that they want to expand into casino markets like Alberta and push out into other areas in North America. Their strong and growing community of players demonstrates that nobody is going away and we are sure that they will be s armstrong casino presence wherever they go.

The Aviatrix Crash Game

The main focus of the crash betting game is piloting an aircraft. A wager is made prior to take off and the player's stake is multiplied when they witness the lauhnching and overcoming certain obstacles. Players need to make sure they have the funds in before the plane crashes due to an explosion. 

The Aviatrix's NFT features are the game's main draw because they let you personalize your plane and give it a unique look. In addition, this crash game features a fantastic Loyalty Program, which is essentially a progression system in which players can gain XP points through regular play and then use those points to purchase in-game enhancements. When we played the crypto game we found it to have a solid and straightforward gameplay and it worked well on all the devices we tried.

Crash Game Playing Strategy

It is possible to place two bets on the crash game field, each with a different sum per round, and to cash them out at various times. Players can choose from $0.1 to $10 within every 5 seconds. After taking off, the aircraft starts to cross multiplication thresholds. When the flight ends, players can retrieve their funds in an amount up to the player and this can be done twice for every bet.

Players can also customise their planes by selecting the model, colou and a few other aspects while playing with real money. The aeroplanes of other players are visible in the backdrop during this time. The NFT function makes it possible to save the the modified plane, which can then be used to play on alternative casino sites. The Aviatrix loyalty programme keeps track of every action. Crash players do have an option to be excluded from the loyalty program if they prefer.

Wager amounts can be changed for each round. Following a crash signal or a successful spin, the aeroplane will take off with the wager that was placed. The Auto-Cashout feature allowed us to specify a maximum multiplier threshold that caused the aircraft to automatically halt when it reaches it. Then the reward cashed-out once it crossed the mark. Our favourite was the double bets we could place, which really enhanced our wins.

Our final thoughts on 

We really enjoyed reviewing this company and playing their crash plane game. It is refreshing for a gambling company to be bold and bring something so unique and bold to the market place, We are glad that it has received a warm welcome and is popular.  Given that this game actually pays ad you play, it goes right to the top of our best payout casino list where I’m sure it will remain for some time.  We encourage players to give to give this crash betting game a go and if nothing else. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to get up to speed with NFTs, which I think we will begin seeing a lot more of on the Candian gambling scene over the coming years.

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Aviatrix FAQs

Is licensed?

Yes, the company is licensed by the Curacao eGaming Authority.

What types of games does offer?

Aviatrix has a unique play to earn casino game, that incorporates NFT and crypto

What makes unique?

The company has a unique game for online casinos that allows players to earn money the more they play by using NFTs and other unique features.

Where is based?

The Aviatrix HQ is currently located in Limassol, Cypris


The easiest way to play Aviatrix or other crash games is to bet less. The explanation is simple: the smaller your wager, the more stakes you may make before running out of your budget, and the more chances you have to win.

Do I have to buy NFT in the Aviatrix?

The game will not prompt you to buy or take part in NFT choices unless you specifically request it.

Is Aviatrix available in other languages?

Yes, Aviatrix supports 42 different languages and can be player in over 50 currencies.

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