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Top Casinos to Play Playtech Slots

About Playtech

Playtech was initially established in Tartu, Estonia, by the entrepreneur Teddy Sagi, who still currently holds a stake in the company to this day. As one of the pioneers of the then-nascent online casino industry, Playtech gaming quickly gained a foothold after their first Playtech casino site was launched in 2001. Over the next two decades, the company would only continue to grow.

For instance, Playtech has always been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to inventing innovative technology. Their multi-channel distribution technology enables players to access their casino games on mobile phones and most other devices, allowing them to enjoy their favourite games from any location and at any time. HTML5 is the primary development platform on which Playtech games are created, and it is this platform that is responsible for the omni-channel distribution system’s perfect operation.

As a pioneer business in player safety, Playtech makes use of its Playtech Protect program, which not only safeguards the sensitive information of players but also guarantees that the principles of responsible gambling are upheld at all times.

To date, Playtech has been granted a total of 170 online casino licenses globally,  including 30 from strictly regulated gambling jurisdictions. Before issuing Playtech with a license, these gambling authorities conducted extensive testing of all of the security measures that the company employs, and Playtech has passed with flying colours in every single one of these tests.


Best Playtech Slots

Playtech’s current portfolio includes more than 700 cutting-edge casino games for both online and land-based operators. These games include everything from slots to live dealer casino games to virtual sports, poker games, betting software, online bingo and a variety of other genres. Below are just a few examples of the best Playtech slots from their portfolio that showcases the developer’s wide range of abilities.


Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World

This King Kong 8th Wonder of the World slot game takes players back into the jungle to face the mighty King of the Apes, with symbols and graphics lifted from the 2005 rendition of the blockbuster monster film.


Buffalo Blitz

Buffalo Blitz is one of the most iconic Playtech games in the company’s history, with its 4096 ways to win making the game a smash hit among value players and high rollers alike. Set in the vast, open plains of North America, players are tasked with seeking out herds of buffalo for the chance to have them stampede towards the game’s grand jackpot.


Gladiator Jackpot

It’s not very common for a licensed slot to also have a progressive jackpot network, but this Gladiator Jackpot slot game does exactly that—and has become a blockbuster in its own right for doing so. With graphics and music from the historical epic starring Russell Crowe, players are thrown into the Colosseum once again to earn the favour of five key characters from the movie.


Does Playtech Support Mobile Play?

Since 2013, Playtech has been committed to developing high-quality mobile casino products that offer a consistent gaming experience regardless of the type of mobile device or operating system used, like Android, iOS, and even Windows are all supported. All Playtech games are compatible with HTML5 and may be played on smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches.


Does Playtech Have Branded Slots?

Yes, Playtech has released several branded slots with some of the most popular franchises in the industry. Just a few examples of the licensed Playtech casino games they have made from blockbuster movies include the Robocop slot game, The Dark Knight, and the Gladiator.


Our Thoughts on Playtech

Playtech has established its position as a market leader in the gaming sector by constantly modifying its business strategy to meet customer needs. Since 1999, Playtech has been delivering a safe and secure casino slots platform for leading casino companies in Canada and around the world. A large part of Playtech’s success stems from the company’s adoption of a unified platform, which enables all Playtech gaming operations to be readily integrated as standalone applications.

Playtech’s primary objective is to give players a comprehensive online gaming solution that includes all of the features essential for success throughout their stay at real money casinos online. They’re also committed to staying on top by continuously enhancing their online slot’s performance and simplicity of use. This should be no surprise from the world’s largest online gaming company, and their continued dominance in the industry is, at this point, an expected outcome for the foreseeable future.



Who is Playtech?

Playtech is an Estonian online casino platform provider most notable for being the largest publicly-traded online gambling company in the world

What are the best Playtech slots?

Some of the best Playtech slots in their collection of over 700 games include:

  • Gladiator Jackpot
  • Buffalo Blitz
  • The Dark Knight
  • Age of the Gods
All of these Playtech games have been updated to work flawlessly on any device at any Playtech casino on the Internet.

What Playtech jackpot slots can I play?

Playtech slots feature both regular and progressive jackpots that players can take part in and win. Jackpot Giant, Playtech's progressive jackpot slot network for mobile games, is most notable for setting a record jackpot win in 2015, awarding one lucky player the grand prize of nearly C$8 million

Are there any Playtech free spins?

Playtech slots offer a variety of free spins on their games that can be acquired through regular gameplay. Playtech casino welcome bonuses also allow players to redeem free spins on Playtech slot games, which is only possible thanks to Playtech's highly sophisticated backend systems

Where is Playtech based?

Playtech is currently based in Douglas on the Isle of Man, where their main headquarters oversees their operations globally. However, Playtech was originally founded in Estonia and also has a presence in more than 20 other locations around the world, extending the company's reach and influence

Can you play Playtech slots in Canada?

Yes, you can play Playtech slots at a variety of online casinos in Canada. Playtech casino sites are carefully vetted by InsideCasino in terms of their online games performance, security, and customer support, to ensure that all players get the best possible gaming experience

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