Six Nations and Kahnawake Mutual Cooperation Agreement Strengthens Tribal Role in Gambling

by Ralph Trayfalgar Updated:

A Mutual Cooperation Agreement on Gaming was signed today by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and the Six Nations of the Grand River, the councils of two of the largest First Nations reserves in Canada.

The agreement was signed in the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and goes into effect immediately. Kahnawake casinos are well versed with gaming regulation and licensing and are already considered some of the best online casinos in Canada.

This agreement finds both parties committed to a reciprocal commitment to safeguard the indigenous sovereignty over gaming and mutually reap its various benefits. In addition, it sees both communities cooperating on legal and political matters in relation to their shared relationship, particularly as it relates to their stake in the gaming industry. 

Mohawk council of kahnawake

The beneficiaries of the Mutual Cooperation Agreement on Gaming can and will be expanded to cover other indigenous communities in the Turtle Island area to form a network of indigenous gaming regulators that could function on a national level. Online casinos already benefiting from licensing in these regions include VIP Casino Canada and the popular Spin Casino Canada.

There has been great discontent felt by both groups in relation to the recent revisions to Canada’s Criminal Code, which they say fostered the shutting out of First Nations by neglecting important interests of indigenous people in the gaming business.

Six nations of the grand river

Chief Mark Hill of the Six Nations of the Grand River said of the agreement: “Today’s agreement signifies an important milestone as our communities come together to address our collective concerns. This type of partnership is the first step in demonstrating the possibilities of what we can achieve as Iroquois communities if we work together. We are much stronger not as individuals, but as a collective, and these relationships will strengthen us as we assert our rights and jurisdiction within the real money gambling industry and beyond.”

Grand Chief Ohén:ton Í:iente ne Ratitsénhaienhs Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake added: “We are pleased to revitalise relations and strengthen our alliance with our brothers and sisters. Renewal of this long-standing relationship founded on nationhood is the first step needed to strengthen our joint efforts in defending our interests, and maintaining a stronghold in the gaming industry and other key areas we identify in the future.”

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