Rivalry launches new marketing campaign alongside Ontario market entry

by Ralph Trayfalgar Updated:

Online esports betting giant Rivalry has launched a new marketing campaign following their entry into the Ontario iGaming market that opened in April 2022. 

With the slogan “Bet on Canada. Bet on Rivalry.”, Rivalry’s new marketing campaign celebrates the site being one of the first Canadian-based gambling firms to enter Ontario's newly legalized gambling sector

Rivalry's CEO and co-founder, Steven Salz, states that the goal of the company was to do things differently. Salz hopes that, by developing experiences that continue to engage players, Rivalry will become “the sportsbook for the next generation.”

With a population of around 15 million people, Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and therefore a critical market for both Rivalry and all other gaming firms. Salz, however, believes that Rivalry stands out from its competitors thanks to its “home-court advantage.” 

Apprehension and Concern

Although the regulated market in Ontario has a lot of benefits to bring to the industry, not everyone shares the same excitement. 

In particular, some people are opposed to the sector because they believe that internet gambling will have a detrimental influence on land-based casinos in the future. 

Specialists in gambling addiction have said that the availability of these online platforms, which allow people to gamble at any time and from any location, may result in an increase in the amount of gambling damage occurring in the province. 

According to research from HLT Advisory Inc., allowing online gambling will expose Ontario to the possibility of losing $2.8 billion per year as a result of the move.

On the other hand, Jeffrey Haas, senior vice-president of DraftKings, believes differently. He asserted that the introduction of a regulated gambling industry in Ontario will have no impact on the players’ experience. He went on to clarify that the only change is that instead of visiting offshore sites, people of Ontario will instead gamble on sites that are located on the province's territory.

People who have previously visited land-based casinos, according to Haas, will continue to do so, despite the fact that internet casinos are now available. 

There are several reasons why some people believe that legalizing internet gambling will put Canada at danger of losing money. One of these concerns is taxation. Unlike land-based casinos, which are subject to a 55 percent tax from the province, internet operators are subject to a 20 percent tax rate.

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