Quickspin’s Mark Smith Talks Dwarfs Gone Wild

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Quickspin’s latest slot, Dwarfs Gone Wild, is one of the most highly anticipated releases this June. Billed as their biggest release of the year for real money casinos online, the Stockholm-based developer has launched a full-pronged promotional campaign designed to get slots players excited and the industry hype-wheels whirring.

Much of the campaign revolves around a movie-length trailer released to YouTube, and 4 shorter-length videos which introduced the slot’s protagonists; Bomber, Racer, Banker, Strongman, Blacksmith, Wizard and Huntsmen. The game is based on the well-known story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Quickspin's Mark Smith & His Thoughts

Except, according to leading game developer Quickspins, Mark Smith, they have decided to re-focus the story from that of the Grimm’s fairy-tale, and the Disney movie.

“We kind of put a twist on it and we put the focus on the dwarfs,” Smith said in a video interview. “We feel that they are the most energetic and interesting characters of that story; we give you an inside look of what their lives are about and some unknown qualities and talents that they actually have.”

In fact, much of his team’s artistic goal was melding the characters with a modern-day video slot.

“A lot of our focus was creating these special features for the dwarves,” Smith continues. There were lots of “fun creative meetings, where we delved into the inside thinking of and what these characters actually are, and what some abilities they might have and through those abilities, we gave them slot features.”

But they didn’t just stop there; Smith resolved to make Dwarfs Gone Wild “Quickspin’s most ambitious effort to date.”

“The team and I have been working, and putting our blood, sweat and tears into… Dwarfs Gone Wild,” Smith says. “It’s packed with seven features and the bonus, a mystery feature in the base game… tokens that can be spent later on, saving your progress if you go in and out of the game….”

Quickspin have made their intentions clear; this is not supposed to be a less-is-more, subtle work of art. In a refreshing moment of candor, Smith says “We really went over the top and created this unique and entertaining world for all of our players to experience… We’ve really crammed everything into one title.”

When's it Launched?

Dwarfs Gone Wild is released in June. It will be available on all casinos that carry Quickspin content. Click here to see our Dwarfs Gone Wild review.

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