About Skillzzgaming 

Skillzzgaming, an Israeli gaming company founded in 2014 by three gaming aficionados, has established itself as one of the rising stars to look out for in the world of casino game development. Since the firm has made its debut at the world-famous ICE Gaming event in February 2015, one can clearly see that the Skillzzgaming team is not taking any chances when it comes to building a reputation for itself in the gaming industry.

And indeed, Skillzzgaming was able to secure contracts with three major casino operators and game distributors straight away. One of the most noteworthy investors is WHLabs, the start-up accelerator program run by none other than William Hill, one of the most successful and longest-serving firms in the betting industry – and one of the most successful and longest-serving companies in the world.

Today, Skillzz slots are supported by the Quickfire distribution platform created by slots developer Microgaming, as well a number of prominent online gambling companies, including William Hill, Entain, and Leo Vegas Canada, among others. The list of Skillzzgaming casinos continues to grow each year, which is a great sign of things to come for the company.

What isn’t a great sign is the notable confusion that players might find when one looks up “Skillzzgaming” on the Internet. More often than not, they will be redirected to Skillz gaming (with one “z” instead of two), which is a completely separate developer made by a completely separate company.


Best Skillzzgaming Games

So what makes Skillzzgaming slots so different from the rest? Well, arguably the most important bit is the fact that Skillzzgamkng doesn’t actually make any slot games. Instead, what Skillzzgaming has brought to the industry is a portfolio of casual games that have been reworked to seamlessly incorporate real money gambling into it. To better explain what they’re like, here are three of their most notable titles.


Pets Go Wild

Don’t let the title fool you—there are no wild symbols in this game. Instead, what you get is an engaging match-3 game with all of the ticks of the casual game trade, taking inspiration from the much larger and more mature mobile gaming market. In this Pets Go Wild slot game, you follow Dexter the dog and his ragtag crew across 8 unique locales. 


Mega Money Rush

Any veteran gambler has probably dabbled in a bit of race betting at one point or another. Well, with Mega Money rush, you can place bets on a racing video game instead. Taking a chance on a betting wheel can get you useful power-ups to maximize your earnings when you hit the road.


Battle Royale

While this game bears no resemblance to the classic movie with the same name (or the video game genre that spawned from the concept), Battle Royale is Skillzzgaming’s take on applying betting mechanics to the turn-based RPG genre—and, by all accounts, we can say they’ve been successful in doing so.


Does Skillzzgaming Support Mobile Play?

Yes, all of Skillzzgaming’s titles support mobile casino play. This is no surprise, of course, as all of their games so far have been directly inspired by the casual games that currently dominate the mobile gaming space. From Match-3 games to simple RPGs, Skillzzgaming’s unique casino games definitely have that “mobile game” flavour to them, which is very refreshing to see.


Does Skillzzgaming Have Branded Games?

Skillzzgaming does not yet have any licensed or branded games at the time of this writing.


Our Final Thoughts

The iGaming industry has been around for literal decades, and by now it’s clear to most players that the games that they have been playing are starting to get long in the tooth, with concepts continually being rehashed and revived to less and less fanfare. It should be expected, then, that someone has to step up and lead the charge into a new era of casino gaming, and Skillzzgaming is one of them.

This small Tel Aviv developer has managed to push the boundaries of the definition of the “casino game”, with their unique ability to incorporate real-money gambling elements into largely untapped genres of video games. It’s safe to say that Skillzzgaming is a developer to look out for in the years to come, and their growing popularity in the online casino space is a great sign that they have a bright future ahead of them.



Who is Skillzzgaming?

Skillzzgaming is a small team of former developers in the online casino industry who all left their respective companies, banding together to take online casino game development in an entirely new direction.

What are the best Skillzzgaming games?

Some of the best Skillzzgaming games that we have found include:

  • Pets Go Wild
  • 10/20 Galactic Lines
  • Mega Money Rush
  • Olympus Fury Battle Royale
With their spin on what can be considered a “casino game”, all of Skillzzgaming’s titles are definitely worth a look if you are looking for a truly refreshing gambling experience.

What Skillzzgaming jackpot games can I play?

Skillzzgaming games have a unique way of doing jackpots thanks to the fact that they aren’t casino games in the first palace Specifically, Skillzzgaming titles have prizes that grow larger and larger as you progress through the game, with the “jackpot” available when you manage to clear all of the levels in the game.

Are there any Skillzzgaming free spins?

Skillzzgaming titles don’t have free spins, again owing to the fact that Skillzzgaming doesn’t actually make slot game titles. However, some of their games do have bonus rounds that let players earn extra money without wagering anything extra.

How many Skillzzgaming games are there?

Skillzzgaming has so far released 11 games at the time of writing. This small but high quality collection of titles include match-3 games, racing games, and even a turn-based RPG title that is a far cry from the typical slew of casino games you will expect to find at an online casino site in Canada.

Where is Skillzzgaming based?

Skillzzgaming is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, from which the company's small but tightly-knit team of less than 20 developers produce their growing portfolio of unique online casino games

Can you play Skillzzgaming games in Canada?

Yes, you can play Skillzzgaming games in online casinos across Canada Some of the largest online casinos have begun to host their games thanks to the casual game concepts that Skillzzgaming has incorporated into their portfolio—a comparative breath of fresh air to the relatively stale state of online casino games.

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