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Quickspin Slots Canada

With so many established names in Canada’s online casino space, it can be very difficult to carve out a niche as a new competitor in the market. But Swedish developer Quickspin Slots has managed to do just that, making a name for itself in the online slots space thanks to their unwavering commitment to quality over quantity. 

Now, the standard practice for most casino game developers would be to churn out dozens, if not hundreds of new games each year. But the people behind Quickspin have decided to flip the script with their game development approach, choosing to forgo speed in favour of achieving artistic excellence with every single game. As a result, Quickspin has yet to release 100 games in its 10 years of operation.

About Quickspin Games

Quickspin Games was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011 by the shared efforts of Daniel Lindberg, Joachim Timmermans and Mats Westerlund. Where most small dev teams would falter, the three founders of Quickspin thrived thanks to their shared passion for truly high-quality online slot games. 


That, and all three of them already had years of industry knowledge and experience under their belts—Daniel Lindberg and Mats Westerlund previously held posts in fellow Swedish casino game developer NetEnt, while Joachim Timmermans worked for Unibet before coming together to form Quickspin. 


Their initial releases were received quite well in the online slot community, with 2013’s Big Bad Wolf being a particularly high point as the game would be dubbed Game of the Year at the EGR B2B Awards. Quickspin would be recognised again in 2014 after taking home the Social Gaming Software of the Year and Mobile Gaming Software of the Year awards.


In 2016 however, we would see the Swedish developer receive its greatest opportunity yet. Quickspin would be acquired by rival slot developer Playtech that year in the latter’s move to boost their portfolio of online slot games. This buyout gave the fledgling Quick spin team—who had only 20 employees at that point—access to Playtech’s massive distribution network that spans many of the best online casinos in Canada and across the globe. 


Quickspins would only continue to grow from this point, from having 20 employees in 2016 to 100 employees at the time of this writing. Their operations have also expanded to two new offices in Malta and Ukraine, with which the company is able to put out more of their top-notch slot games at a faster pace. Putting their expanded staff to good use, Quickpin was able to release 13 new games in 2020 and 22 more titles in 2021. 


As a testament to their quality, Quickspin Games has regulated casino licenses with both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, the regulatory oversight ensuring that all of their titles both play and pay fair every time. 


Best Quickspin Games Slots

Although the Quickspins slots portfolio stands at a relatively modest 89 titles, Quickspin prides itself on making each game a fresh and fun experience for players of varying preferences and skill levels. The three slot games we’ve listed below are what we believe to be Quickspin’s best slot games in its 10 years of operation, the reasons for which we will explain in the succeeding paragraphs. 


Big Bad Wolf

Their award-winning Big Bad Wolf slot game, despite being one of Quickspin’s oldest slot games, has remained one of the company’s most popular thanks to its combination of solid gameplay and charming visual style. As the title suggests, Big Bad Wolf puts you in the shoes (or paws, as it were) of the Big Bad Wolf, with your goal being to blow down the house of the Three Little Pigs. 


Ark of Mystery

It doesn’t take much to notice that this slot game is inspired by several popular action-adventure movie franchises, but Ark of Mystery has you following the adventurer Anna as she explores an ancient Egyptian tomb filled with vast riches. Unlike some of Quickspin’s other titles, Ark of Mystery doesn’t offer much in the way of complexity; in fact, the mechanics of the game are quite easy to pick up.


Sticky Bandits

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an outlaw in the Wild West? Then join the Sticky Bandits in their latest heist—robbing a runaway train. Set against a cactus-strewn backdrop and an energizing country soundtrack that pays homage to the spaghetti westerns of old, Sticky Bandits boasts both big spins and big wins.


Does Quickspin Games Support Mobile Play?

Yes, all of Quickspin Games’ online slots support mobile casino play with seamless compatibility in both web-based online casinos and mobile casino apps. This is part of the developer’s commitment to providing players with top-notch slot gaming experiences, whether they are played at home or on-the-go. 


Does Quickspin Games Have Branded Slots?

At the time of writing, Quickspin Games does not have any branded slots. While this might be a deal-breaker for players who are specifically searching for licensed or tie-in games, Quickspin does still offer entertaining slot game experiences with themes from classic stories like The Three Little Pigs and Doctor Doolittle. 


Final Thoughts on Quickspin

Fresh faces are always nice to see when it comes to new casino sites, and Quickspin Games is one of the best examples of why this is true. Despite only being established in 2011, they have made some truly amazing gaming experiences with visual and audio quality that surpasses even the most established names in the business. 

Indeed, Quickspin Games is a developer that is definitely worth keeping an eye on, especially as their experience in the industry continues to grow. 



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