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Best Online Casinos Canada

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Here, you’ll find the best online casinos that we consider to be the best for Canadian players. In our casino reviews, we take a rigorous and holistic approach to every small detail that could enhance or detract from a player’s experience.

This data then feeds into our final rating out of 100 that we assign every casino site.



Best Online Casinos Canada


Best Online Casinos in 2022

There has never been a better time to be a casino player in Canada. With the thrill of the casino games you know and love, now accessible from any web browser or mobile device, there’s little reason to not try your luck at one of the many online casinos out on the Internet today.


This has only become more true as competition continues to heat up in the Canadian online gambling industry. As more and more casino developers come into the market, innovation inevitably comes about as these online casinos compete for the attention of players both new and old.


So what are the qualities of a good online casino, and how do you find out? We’ll discuss all that and more in our guide to the best Canadian online casinos.


What is an Online Casino?

Before anything else, we first need to establish what an online casino is and what isn’t. While online and offline casinos are fundamentally the same thing—gambling venues—the experiences they provide are very different. So as Canadian players, it’s important to be aware of both the advantages and limitations of digital casinos compared to their physical counterparts, and we’ve illustrated this with a couple of examples:


Advantages of Online Casinos


Convenience and Accessibility

When it comes to sheer convenience, the best online casino sites are the clear winner. Unlike land-based casinos, you don’t need to worry about travel plans or dress codes since you can just log on and play at any casino site on the Internet from the comfort of your home. And with new casinos taking the experience on the go through a mobile app version, you can quite literally play at any time, from anywhere—and no land-based casino will be able to match that.


Play at your own pace

Another benefit of online casinos is that players get to enjoy everything the casino has to offer, all in their own time. Unlike their physical versions, digital casino games (apart from live dealer casino games) have no time pressure, which means you can take as much time as you need to make your move. This is especially useful for newer players who don’t yet have a solid grasp of the rules and mechanics of games like poker and craps, which tend to have relatively steep learning curves.


Limitations of Online Casinos


Social features

One of the fundamental limitations of online casinos is their social features. While casino apps and sites have made major strides in facilitating social experiences for their players, such as playing with a live dealer, live chat, and even some experiments with VR technology, none of these innovations will be able to replace the authenticity and subtle nuances of real face-to-face interactions.


Atmosphere and Interactivity

In the same vein, players who tend to frequent land-based casinos will also miss all of the sensations of actually being in the venue when playing online. And even with all of the technologies we have, not even the best online casino will be able to replace the feeling of physical cards, chips, wood, and felt—especially in table games.


What Makes the Best Online Casino?

So now that we know what to expect from online casinos, let’s now try to learn what makes casino sites—or ideally, the best. While it can be argued that choosing the better of two casinos comes down to personal preference, there are definitely a few qualities that the best online casino platforms do just a bit better than the rest. Here are a few examples.


Gaming Experience

Games are the heart and soul of every casino. Indeed, they are so integral to the identity of the casino that the quality of its catalogue is one of the most significant predictors of the site’s success. Knowing this, it should be no surprise, then, that the best online casinos in Canada also host the best casino games as well.


But here is where things start to take a bit of a turn. Unlike most of the other aspects of running an online casino, the gaming experience is ultimately a subjective metric. Some players will consider a given game to be the best they’ve ever played; but there will inevitably be others that will find the same game completely underwhelming. For this reason, owners of top online casinos are incentivized to offer both quality and quantity to please as many players as possible. From table games like blackjack to video poker and online slots, having a wide selection of games from well-received software providers is important both for casinos and players.



Another key metric of a casino’s success is the size and loyalty of its player base. As such, casino developers will compete fiercely over each other to draw in as many players as possible and keep them playing at their site consistently. And one way to do this is to offer a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus typically consists of money credits or extra plays on specific games, and it can have many different claiming conditions which can be confusing for new players. To clear the air on this matter, we’ve made a list of some of the most common bonuses that are offered by casino websites.


No Deposit Bonuses

These no deposit bonus is arguably the simplest on described here—simply complete your registration at the casino, and the bonus is immediately credited to your account. Of course, there is a catch or two here depending on the terms and conditions of the bonus: for one, some casino platforms will restrict the credit for use only in a certain set of games.


Match Deposit Bonuses

Match deposit bonuses are arguably the most common type of bonus you will see when looking through casino websites, and for good reason. Since they give you extra credit based on how much money you deposit, casino operators like to offer these bonuses as they immediately gain money from the transaction. 


Free Spins bonuses

Free spins bonuses, as their name suggests, give players free plays to use on slots games. As online slots games are one of the most popular types of online casino games, site owners would often bundle this with free credits in their welcome bonus packages to sweeten the deal just a bit more. 


Cashback bonuses

The cashback bonus, as the name suggests, gives players additional incentives for playing at a casino for a longer time, unlike the welcome bonus which you can only get soon after you register. These incentives are usually unlocked with certain milestones in terms of playtime or the number of bets placed in certain games.


Payment Options

Of course, it is one thing to have a casino welcome bonus for players who make a deposit, but no player would even make a deposit in the first place if the process is too much of a hassle. The best online casino in Canada should provide a wide range of payment methods for the player’s convenience and make these deposit and withdrawal methods fast and secure. Some of the most common payment options available for players in Canada are:


  • Bank Transfer: Ever the consistent platform, many Canadian banks allow direct wire transfers to casino accounts that are safe and reliable, if a bit slow. However, while the transaction is safe from the bank side, it’s important to find out if the casino side is safe as well to avoid breaches. Some banks also don’t allow fund transfers for gambling purposes, so do check with your specific bank if you’re unsure.


  • Instant Banking: As the “express lane” for making transactions through your bank, instant banking platforms work as a middleman between your bank account and the online casino in Canada to facilitate the transaction. These methods are arguably the fastest of the options on the list. (Examples: iDebit, Instadebit, Interac)


  • E-Wallets: Arguably the most popular payment method in the digital age, e-wallets allow you to hold money and make transactions separately from your bank for more security. (Examples: Webmoney, Jeton, Ecopayz. Notably, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill do not allow transactions for gambling purposes.)


  • Cryptocurrency: One of the latest innovations in financial technology, cryptocurrency payments are rapidly being adopted by casino operators for their speed and practically unbreakable security. However, crypto is also known for being extremely volatile, which makes the value proposition of transacting with crypto highly variable. Some players might also not like the long and complicated process of setting up an account and converting fiat currency into crypto. (Examples: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)


Customer Support

Another important, if a less noticeable aspect of an excellent online casino experience is the quality of the site’s customer support. One way or another, players will eventually run into problems with using the site. The best online casino websites will be expected to have support staff that are both easy to reach (either by phone, live chat, or email) and knowledgeable about the site’s operations so that problems are identified and resolved quickly. Great customer support should also have strong communication with the site developers, voicing common concerns from the players that should be fixed with a patch or update. 


As we mentioned, customer support is a mostly thankless aspect of running a service platform like an online casino, but the quality of it makes a world of difference if done right.



At the core of every online casino is a foundation of trust. The casino operator trusts that the players don’t cheat the house out of business; but more importantly, the players must trust the casino to not be running a scam operation. One of the most significant ways that casino operators can gain this trust is through licenses. 


The gambling industry is regulated extremely heavily—especially so for online platforms. As such, the mark of a legitimate Canadian online casino is by openly displaying a verified and active license to operate. These licenses are granted to site owners by gaming regulators like the Malta Gaming Authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the Gambling Commission in the UK. 


How We Review the Best Online Casinos

At Inside Casino, we run every online casino through a gauntlet of assessments to help players find the best from the rest. This process takes into account all of the factors that we’ve discussed in the previous section, and is tested by our team of dedicated reviewers who have years of experience both as industry insiders and as casino players just like you. It’s important to make clear that our reviews are completely independent. We take pride in our honesty and assess every casino in the interests of Canadian players and never the casino operators.


Find the Best Online Casinos at Inside Casino

The online and mobile casinos you can play today are the fastest and most convenient they’ve ever been in the history of digital gambling. The Canadian online casino industry only continues to get better, and now is one of the best times to experience online casino games from the best casino websites on the Internet. We hope that this introductory guide has helped you look past the flashy marketing to find the casino that fills your gaming fix exactly the way you want.

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